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romantic 2, 17, 29 for hibari.

Hibari - ♥

2.♥ When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?
- First it’ll cost a lot to him to accept the fact he has a crush on someone because it’s something that turns him away from his goals and makes him feel kind of weak, so before he’s okay with this fact, he’ll ignore you. Literally, if you talk to him, look at him, make a sign, he will glance the other side, and walk away, chin in the air as if you don’t exist.
- When jealousy stings his nerves everytime you’re around other guys, he’ll repress the need to act possessive, not directly, but you’ll realize he’s way more around you, don’t still try to speak to him though
- Finally, he’ll invite you subtilely to spend some time with him, expecting you’ll to get the hint and that you’ll do the first move [just the fact you sit very closely next to him on the couch will put him uncomfortable but it’ll show him the open door]

17.♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
- Someone who takes care of themselves but who’s not a Sissy, someone who’s not going to whine if they have to put their pretty little hands in mud [or blood.].
- A quiet and distinguished way of speaking, someone who articulate correctly and who’s not afraid of speak
- Someone who fidget with their fingers, it disturbs him but captive him at the same time.

29.♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
- He’s not really expressive but if you encounter any problem, just the fact of voicing it and he’ll take care of it as much as he can. Say you’re cold? you’ll find a blanket threw on your laps and warm cup of tea in front of you. Whine because you’re out of tampon? He’ll go to the nearest grocery store and glare at the cashier totally red with a box in hand and a single pack of mint candy.
- He would rather give you a tender kiss or nuzzle when you say «I love you» than saying it too
- Laying down with his head on your laps or your feet on his is great step of acceptance for him, he will even let you slip your hands in his strands or massage your foot arch while he hold his book in the other

Hibari does put his arms into his gakuran sleeves once in a while

Something I found out while re-reading KHR! from the beginning:

And that he drives a motorcycle.
And that he praised Tsuna for ‘shooting’ Moretti: “Good job. You got the heart in one shot.”

Gods above.

They should have shown that in the anime in my opinion, but target audience concerns won’t allow it, I guess.

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if you still do the character meme, can I request the vongola? ❤️

Sawada Tsunayoshi

  • what they smell like - Tsuna smells like one of those opens fires
  • what music they like - Like Lambo Tsuna prefers quieter music but he also likes pop music
  • something they collect - Manga books and headphones
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - Sometimes skips breakfast and lunch but when that happens Nana gives him a lot more dinner
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - Tsuna likes to practice his Italian by talking to Mukuro and Gokudera in it
  • their most prized position - Is his gloves because they help him protect his family

Gokudera Hayato

  • what they smell like - Cigarettes and gunpowder
  • what music they like - Rock and Alternative 
  • something they collect - Books about mythology and UMA’s
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - Skips meal occasionally to buy cigarettes or pay his rent
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - Likes to do crosswords and Sudoku to exercise his mind 
  • their most prized position - A folder of piano songs composed by his mother

Yamamoto Takeshi

  • what they smell like - The smell that comes after rain and raw fish
  • what music they like - Pop and Latin
  • something they collect - Baseball cards
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - Has a balanced diet but tends to replace water with milk a lot of the time
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - Likes to watch game shows like VS Arashi and Takeshi’s Castle
  • their most prized position - His mothers bracelet

Bovino Lambo

  • what they smell like - Candy and gunpowder
  • what music they like - Songs that sound like lullaby’s or with quiet music and a soft tune 
  • something they collect - Objects with cow print on it
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - He eats massive amounts of food and would probably also eat mass amounts candy as well if Nana didn’t control his candy supply
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - Lambo likes to colour pictures in a ridiculous amount of different colours
  • their most prized position - A locket that has a picture of his blood mother in it

Sasagawa Ryohei

  • what they smell like - Sweat and sports deodorant 
  • what music they like - Loud fast paced music that he can match his jogging speed to
  • something they collect - Boxing gloves and bios of famous boxers
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - He would forget to eat half the time if Kyoko didn’t get worried every he skipped a meal
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - Other then boxing he also likes
  • their most prized position - An old pair of boxing gloves given to him as a child by Kyoko

Rokudo Mukuro

  • what they smell like - Blood, irises and a tiny bit like fabric softener
  • what music they like - Heavy metal, rock and occasionally jazz
  • something they collect - Maps and postcards
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - He usually only eats lunch and dinner unless Chrome or Tsuna manage to convince him to eat breakfast
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - He quite likes games like risk or general knowledge
  • their most prized position - Probably his trident because it proves he’s alive and that he survived, that he’s awake and not dreaming about to wake up in that horrible place

Dokuro Chrome

  • what they smell like - Flowers with a small hint of anesthetic 
  • what music they like - Pop and love songs
  • something they collect - Eye patches, she likes the patterned ones the most
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - She mostly eats junk food and chocolate but Tsuna’s mother insists on giving her bentos for lunch 
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - Chrome likes flower pressing
  • their most prized position - An eye patch that Mukuro gave her

Hibari Kyouya

  • what they smell like - A faint scent of blood and cherry blossoms (which is extremely ironic)
  • what music they like - Rock or international 
  • something they collect - Hibari collects animal fact books
  • what their bedroom looks like -
  • their eating habits - He rarely eats junk food or meals without any meat in them
  • intellectual pursuits & other hobbies - One of his hobbies is watching birds fly around in his garden. He also enjoys watching animal documentaries
  • their most prized position - Their tonfas because his father gave them to him before he died

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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