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Hibari Kyoya Week(ish)!

Hello hello hello what do we have here? The second Hibari Kyoya week(ish) celebration!!! We all adore Hibari so this blog is for us to give him the biggest birthday bash!

I’m recycling old prompts from last year because I like them. But when will this birthday extravaganza begin and end?

May 4-7

Here are the prompts for the days:

Thursday May 4: Leader

Friday May 5: Birthday

Friday May 6: Guardian

Saturday May 7: Time/AU

Sunday May 8: Friends/ Your choice

Rules for the event:
- Anything is allowed for this. Edits, gifs, fanart, fics, etc.
- If you have created something but it is on another website, make sure the link works so we can be able to see it.
- What you created (mostly fanart/fics) must be yours. Anything reposted/stolen will be ignored.
- Ships are allowed.
- Let’s also keep it sfw.
- If you have any questions, please send a message/ask to this blog and not my other khr blogs.
- The tag will be “hibarikyoyaweekend”
- All the things tagged as such will be reblogged to this blog. Make sure to tag it or else I can’t see it or won’t know about it!!
- Have fun and be respectful!

A rival family has attacked and hospitalized Dino’s S/O while he was out of the country doing business in Japan. Dino finds out only a few days after the attack because a subordinate who is romantically interested in him withheld the information, hoping the S/O would die in the hospital from their wounds.

~admin Adelheid

Dino kissed you lingeringly as the both of you stood at the Vongola’s private airstrip and you could barely hold yourself back from crushing the lapels of his jacket as you clung to him.

He knew it was difficult for you with him leaving like this on Family business all the time. You never say anything but he knew he would never really put to rest all your worries and trepidations. You were brought up in a civilian family, after all. And the only thing keeping you from begging him not to go was the love you have your husband’s men had earned from you. You knew quickly that everything Dino did was for the good of the Famiglia.

“Sorry.” Dino apologized for probably the hundredth time as he leaned his forehead against yours; true regret showing in his golden eyes. “If this weren’t so important I would―”

“I know…” You replied in a whisper with an understanding smile. “I know.”

Dino clutched you to him tighter, burying his face in your hair. “Tell me again how I got so lucky?”

You laughed and Dino stored the sound in his mind, hoping to keep himself sane for the next few days while he was away from you.

“Call me when you get there?” you whispered in his ear, reveling in his warmth. Storing his scent in your memory to keep you company until he returned to your side.

“As soon as I’m alone,” he promised in a sigh. “The Family Boss I’m dealing with said he’ll be sending out his son to meet me at the airport so I might not be able to talk immediately.”

“I’ll miss you, Jackass.” You replied and teased in understanding.

Dino laughed and clutched you tighter to himself. God he really didn’t want to let you go. Before he had met you he didn’t mind being away from home so much but since he found you… he could never really come home fast enough. But this was a special favor for Tsuna and it would further strengthen their hold on Southeast Asia in general. If he seals this deal not only would they be stable in Japan for several generations but also the entirety of Southeast Asia would be at the Alliances’ feet. He cannot let his little bro down.

“I love you.” He whispered to you again in a hoarse voice.

You swallowed hard and blinked back your tears as you breathed out your reply. “I love you too.”

You forced each other to let go and Dino could see behind the brave smile you were putting on. He couldn’t help but allow his heart to swell with pride and yet it broke his heart a little that you had to put on such a brave face. He had promised he would protect you and yet here he was adding to your burdens at every turn. What he wouldn’t do to save you from suffering… What he wouldn’t do to be your knight in shining armor…

“Boss, we need to go.”

Dino didn’t even spare the woman behind him a glance. Instead it was you who gave the female subordinate an apologetic nod as you let Dino go. “Sorry, Laura, we didn’t mean to make you wait.”

Neither of your noticed the jealous sneer on Laura’s face since Dino decided it was a good time to bury his face in the crook of your neck. You rolled your eyes at him and struggled to laughingly push him away. “Idiot, you need to go.”

“I don’t wanna~!” he whined.

“Tsuna will be very disappointed if you don’t go,” you told him fondly as you ran your fingers through his golden hair affectionately. “And if that happens then he might consider telling Reborn and then―”

“He wouldn’t!” Dino sprang up straight in wide eyed terror, his eyes darting around like a frightened rabbit. “Honey, I told you, don’t say his name or he’ll appear!”

You shot him a flat glare. “He’s not the devil.”

“I beg to differ.”

The dead serious way he said that made you laugh and push at him harder. “Go!”

Dino pulled you in for another long, lingering kiss before reluctantly pulling away leaving you breathless.

“Romario,” Dino called his right hand man, his eyes never leaving yours. “Take care of my greatest treasure will you?”

Romario bowed low. “No need to worry about that, Boss.”

Dino walked backwards still staring at your face, understanding what Romario meant. You will be protected by the best the Cavallone and the Vongola had to offer. Tsuna had promised to send someone who will keep watch over the Cavallone household while he was away and they would meet with them at the Cavallone mansion as soon as they got home.

You asked to go shopping on the way home and got Dino a watch with an engraved message on the back.

Romario read the message over your shoulder with a laugh. “Ready to go?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

“I assume this little trinket is for the Boss?”

You hugged the gift close to your chest and nodded as the car began moving along main street. “Just to help remind him what time it is. So you won’t always scold him about being late.”

Romario laughed. “That would help me a lot.”

You both shared a laugh inside the car.

Then the SUV following behind yours exploded.

And all hell broke loose…




“Hello? Laura! Where’s the Boss?!”

“Romario?” Laura replied coolly as she took a peek at her watch. A habit she had developed when she was feeling disturbed. And Romario’s sobbing voice disturbed her greatly. “What is it? Boss is in a meeting.”

“Laura, listen to me! You need to tell the Boss that his wife’s been attacked! We’re in the hospital right now! The doctor said she’s in critical condition!”

“What?!” Laura’s eyes widened before glancing at the Dino who was now approaching her. She couldn’t believe it. This was her chance! The air-headed fool could die and then with that slut out of the way then… then she would finally have a chance with the Boss! “Right; I’ll tell him.”

Dino reached her as soon as she ended the call. “Problems, Laura?”


Laura smiled beautifully. “None, sir. Nothing at all.”

Dino knew something was wrong. He didn’t know what it was but he knew it for certain.

He had tried to call home several times but Laura had kept him busy. Before he knew it it had been three days.

“Laura…” he asked, tired to the bone and practically asleep on his desk in his hotel room. “Aren’t we done here yet? I wanna go home~!”

“Now, now, Boss,” his secretary and bodyguard crooned as she came behind him and started massaging his shoulders. “Just a little bit longer.”

Dino groaned in misery before standing up, forcing her to let go. He didn’t like that that Laura’s being too touchy these past few days. “Who’s next?”

“You are to meet with the head of the yakuza Family currently in power in Shinjuku.” She replied, reluctantly stepping back.

“Alright; better get to it. The sooner we get this done the sooner we go home.” He replied as he began walking out of the room.

Laura started to chase after him. “But, sir, if you’re feeling tired you can just rest; I’m sure we can reschedule―”

“No; I’ve had enough of this.” Dino replied coldly, his eyes blazing with resolve at his decision. “It’s either they want an alliance with the Vongola or they don’t. Whatever their decision is they’re making it today.”

“B-but, sir―”

Dino ignored Laura for the rest of the trip and arrived at the restaurant the yakuza Family owned. But as soon as he opened the doors he stopped and blinked at the sight before him.

Because right there in the middle of the restaurant, standing among the unconscious and bloody forms of the yakuza gang he was about to meet was Hibari Kyoya, still clutching at the yakuza Boss’ shirt collar, his bloody tonfas in his other grip.

Dino smirked and leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest. “I see we’re up to our old hobbies, eh, Kyouya?”

“Ah!” Kusakabe hurried to Kyoya’s side, his eyes on Dino’s. “Cavallone-sama! What are you doing here?”

“I was supposed to be meeting with those guys you just beat up.” Dino jerked his chin towards the Boss held in Kyoya’s bloody clutches. “So what did they do to irritate you?”

“This herbivorous fool thought it would be interesting to ambush and kill the Vongola representative they are coming to meet today. I was not aware that representative was going to be you.” The Vongola Cloud Guardian threw the enemy Boss at Dino’s feet, completely ignoring Laura who was bowing from behind Dino respectfully. “More importantly, why are you still here?”

“What?” Dino asked with a laugh. “Didn’t I just tell you?”

“I would have thought you would have gone running the moment you heard your wife has been critically injured after an enemy attack.” Kyoya replied, throwing his victim down carelessly. “Perhaps I was wrong.”

Dino felt light headed all of a sudden. As though things had turned white and all noise had turned into white fuzz. “What…?”

Kyoya stopped and stared at his former teacher even as Laura paled behind the blonde. “How could you not know? It happened a few hours after you left Italy.”

Dino stumbled. He didn’t even know he was moving. His stomach was cold and he felt like heaving.

“Boss!” Laura called out in alarm, running and reaching out to him but he shook her off.

With sheer determination Dino turned around and grabbed for his phone still inside Laura’s handbag and started dialing. “Hello? Romario?”

The voice on the other line could not have chilled him more than if it had been the devil himself who had answered. “Romario’s sleeping; I taught you how to figure time zone differences, didn’t I?”


“So you finally called.” Reborn glanced at your sleeping form, your heart monitor beeping slightly in the dim, quiet room. “Don’t worry, she’s in a coma. She doesn’t know you cared so little for her that you couldn’t even phone in to check on her when she got shot.”

“I’m coming home!” Dino snapped into the phone, his feet already moving. “I’m coming home rightnow!”

“Boss Dino, wait, please calm down―”

Dino pinned Laura with blazing, agonized eyes, his whole body trembling and Laura felt as though she had been pinned on the spot. “How can you possibly tell me to calm down?! My wife could be dying! How did nobody tell me about this?! Now book me the next available flight back to Italy!”

“Don Cavallone,” Kusakabe stepped forward and bowed in deference to the raging stallion. “If it’s transportation then let the Foundation help.”

Reborn and Romario were in your room when Dino arrived. Both of them watched the devastated expression on the Cavallone don’s face as he caught a glimpse of your broken form.

“It was a good thing Tsuna asked me to come over and give your wife some extra security or they would have taken her body with them as a souvenir.” Reborn said, pulling his fedora down over his face, hiding the expression on it as he observed his former student. “Sorry I couldn’t get to her in time to keep her unharmed though.”

Dino could have heaved out his insides at the thought of you in those bastard’s hands. What more could they have done to you had you been their prisoner. “Yes…”

“It’s not good, Dino,” Reborn frowned, now noticing the paling woman who had followed you into the room. “The doctors said that if she doesn’t wake up soon there might be no hope for her.”

Dino felt like the ground had fallen underneath him. He had to hold onto the back of the chair placed by your bedside to keep himself steady.

“About the Famiglia who had done this,” Romario, also bandaged from head to foot and leaning on a crutch, piped in. “They have already had a taste of the Vongola Decimo’s rage. The only reason why he has not taken out their Boss yet was because he thought you might want to take care of it yourself.”

“He’s right,” Dino replied woodenly as he stepped into the room, his eyes never leaving your form. “Tell my little bro thanks, will you?”

“Yes, sir.” Romario hesitated but then took a small, scorched box out of his pocket and handed it over to his Boss. “She… she bought this for you on our way home that day, Boss. Please take it.”

Dino did. As soon as he opened the box the sight of a broken, expensive watch peeked right out of it. He lifted it out of its cradle and turned it in his hand, his mind already imagining the expression on your face had you been awake to hand it to him personally. When he read the message you left for him at the back it took everything he had not to break down and cry right then there.

~I give you my Time. My Forever is yours. I love you, Dino.

“Romario,” the older man took a step back as his Boss’ enraged eyes pinned his right hand man in place. “Why did no one tell me about what happened to my wife?”

“What? I- I did call you! I called you the moment we got to the hospital! You weren’t able to answer the phone but I left Laura the message to let you know how she was doing every day.”

Dino blinked. The woman had been acting unusually almost as soon as they arrived in Japan. She had been too touchy, too intimate. And if he put two and two together…

“I-I’m sorry, Boss!” Laura cried out, reaching out to Dino with supplicating hands. She could still get out of this, she just knew she could! Dino was a kind Boss who would never lay a finger on a woman. Wasn’t the reason why she fell in love with you?! “I just thought it would be best not to give you any distractions while you were in those important meetings! I was only thinking about the Family!”

“You can stop acting, this isn’t my first experience with lying, deceitful women,” Dino replied, not even turning to look at his secretary. “The fact that you had failed to report something this important to me after three days and had kept me from completing my appointments as early as possible already proves you had a hidden agenda.”

Laura felt something cold skitter down her spine at his words. “B- Boss…?”

“It really doesn’t matter if she dies, Laura,” Dino turned towards the woman with a sad smirk on his face and his eyes looking like frozen gold in the morning light. “I still would never love you.”

Laura fell on the floor on weakened knees, realizing this was the end for her. She scrambled out of the room hoping for escape.


“Yes, Boss.”

“She knows too much of our affairs to let her go. Dispose of her accordingly and send her parents our condolences after her funeral. I don’t want to be dealing with her any longer.”

“…Yes, Boss.”

Reborn nodded, pleased at the way the blonde had managed to tie all ends of the matter. He decided to make sure his former student’s plans all fell through. “Don’t bother, Romario. I’ll take care of her myself. Just make sure your disposal unit’s ready.”

“Ah? Yes, thank you, Reborn!” Romario replied with a bow and followed the hitman out of the room.

Dino practically broke at the sight of you unconscious on the bed, your whole body bandaged up. His hand trembled as he reached for your hand but he couldn’t bring himself to. He felt unworthy to be touching you. Instead he sat on the chair he had been holding onto and buried his face in hands that were grasping each other as his elbows rested on your bed.

He had never felt this scared in his life. Was this what it meant to love? To fear more for someone else’s well-being than his own? Was it always meant to make him feel this week? To feel as though that he was this much of a failure?

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” he whispered into your hand as he closed his eyes and prayed. “I should have been here… I should have been from the start. I’m so, so sorry…”

Suddenly the familiar feeling of fingers running lightly through his hair made him stop mid sob. Half afraid that he was dreaming he looked up to see your tired but smiling face looking back at him.

“Crybaby… What are you crying about…?” you whispered as your hand lovingly touched his cheek. “Everything… is going to be alright…”

Dino let his tears fall as he pressed your hand harder against his cheek and stared at your face.

The Melone Base Infiltration Team

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