• Mukuro: Since I'm in charge of this mission, we’ll be using codenames. You can address me as "Owl 1."
  • Mukuro: Hibari Kyoya, codename is "Been There, Done That."
  • Mukuro: Sawada Tsunayoshi is "Currently Doing That."
  • Mukuro: Gokudera Hayato is "It Happened Once In An Illusion."
  • Mukuro: Yamamoto Takeshi is "If I Had To Pick A Jock."
  • Mukuro: And Chrome, you’re "Owl 2."
  • Chrome: Oh, thank God.

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Any headcanons on how the Vongola would react to their s/o wanting to do ballroom dance with them? Thank you!

Yamamoto, Ryohei, and  Mukuro would be down for it.  Yamamoto is eager to please and picks it up easily.  Ryohei is just enthusiastic and tries his best while Mukuro just wants to show off.  

Tsuna, Lambo, and Chrome are going to need some convincing.  Not much, just some puppy dog eyes or a gentle ‘please’.  Tsuna isn’t very good and is nervous of messing up.  Chrome doesn’t like being the center of attention and Lambo just doesn’t know how.

Gokudera and Hibari are going to need a lot of convincing.  Gokudera doesn’t have the patience to dance a slow dance or any for that matter.  Hibari, like Chrome, doesn’t like being the center of attention.  



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the!! final!! installment!! i got lazy about tracing the vongola emblem (yes i admit to tracing it, damn you amano for making elaborate emblems) and then got less lazy about making the rest of the pages look nice and neat, so the quality jumps from part to part haha. anyway. it’s done. aw ye.

KHR and elDLIVE....

So we’ve all seen elDLIVE’s pilot episode, yes?

Well, let’s talk about that scene where Vongola Nono is shown on the television while a newscaster is talking about a Japanese person being the future head of the Italian Mafia.

Sound familiar? That’s right, it’s gotta be none other than our own Tsunayoshi Sawada!

Well, @what-the-fuck-khr and I have a theory.
What if elDLIVE and KHR take place in the same universe?

Nono’s physical appearance in the episode is fair proof, but let’s remember dear old Checkerface.

Referred to as one of the “original humans”, Checkerface’s species was never disclosed. All we know is that he is not a homosapien.

Bronwyn mentions Mother (or, as she calls them, “space’s big fuck-off alien that’s in charge of shit”) and their lack of a proper physical form. Could Checkerface and Mother be of the same species? This explains the curse being placed on the Arcobaleno and the fact that Checkerface had the ability to do that.

Now, what about flames and SPH? Those can’t exist in the same universe, can they?
Think about it.
elDLIVE is set in space. There are lots of different species and technological advancements in space.
Could it be that SPH is a variant on flames? Perhaps an advancement?

Does Chuuta live near Namimori? Will we see more cameos to KHR in future episodes?

There is an alternative theory that we briefly covered discussing the possibility of elDLIVE being set in an alternate universe, for we know that the mafia and all would still exist there. However, we lack enough information on the parallel universes to know exactly how plausible this is.

  • Gokudera: Putting milk in the bowl first is divorce worthy.
  • Tsuna: “Or wetting your toothbrush BEFORE putting toothpaste on.” Wow, excuse you, maybe I like to soften the bristles first.
  • Hibari: Who the fuck doesn’t wet their toothbrush before putting toothpaste on?
  • Mukuro: Who the fuck does?
  • Hibari: I the fuck do.
  • Mukuro: What the fuck, man?
  • Hibari: Fuck you.
  • Chrome: This is how the civil wars are started.