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Tsuna dealing with a s/o that is too good with social gatherings and such? Like she has so many admires and some are just as powerful as him? What if, like him, she was a flirt? Loyal but still very flirty to others


The start shone brightly in the cloudless night as Pietro’s car pulled into the Vongola courtyard. For a small and new family like his, it was a great honor to have been invited by the Vongola to their annual ball held at the main Vongola mansion. Only the best of the best were invited, so Pietro had brought his best men and women to accompany him to this event.

Everyone knew there were two types of invitations to this ball - Don and Donna Vongola’s Invitations. To be invited by the Don meant that an alliance or agreement has been reached between families. The Donna’s meant that her husband was interested in bringing the invitee into the folds of the Vongola alliance. If there was one invitation every mafia boss wanted, it would be Donna Vongola’s.

She only sent out five invitations each year. The recipients were almost guaranteed an acceptance into the Alliance. It was not unheard of for families to fight over her inviations.

Pietro was escorting his youngest sister to the ball and accompanied by four of his most trusted subordinates. Her hand in the crook of his arm, the two did their best to imitate the other guests - heads held up high with a sophisticated air around them. The last thing they expected was to be immediately approached by a bubbly woman in a long, elegant evening gown.

“Ah, you must be Don Cerutti and his younger sister. I’ve heard so much about you and your family!” she greeted with a smile and she shook his sister’s hand and offered him her’s. “If my information is correct, and it usually is, your family began as a vigilante group?”

The flustered Don and his sister did their best to recover from her sudden approach. “Ah, yes,” Pietro stuttered as he kissed her knuckles lightly. Dammit, not even 5 minutes into the ball and already he’s making a damn fool of himself. Recover! Salvage the situation, you moron, he chastised himself internally before clearing his throat and giving the woman his brightest smile. “Yes, that is correct. We are a small group, just started two years ago but we are slowly gaining ground.

I am surprised you know of us, my lady. A beautiful woman such as yourself must have a lot of eyes and ears in Italy to have heard of us.” Pietro tilted his head a little, giving her a small and bashful smile.

It was returned. “Oh, you shameless flatterer,” she cooed as she playfully smacked his arm. “I only know of you because of your reasons for forming a family. You know, not many families have such a pure reason to form such as yours. It’s very similar to the beginnings of the Vongola.”

That was a fact Pietro took pride in.

The woman sighed, holding her cheek in her hand. “ Oh, it’s men like you that catch my eye, really.” She looked off to the side for a little before facing him and his sister once more, but mostly on his sister. “So, I heard you’re attending college sometime this spring? Are you excited?”

Pietro watched as his beloved sister and the woman chat excitedly about college. Amazing, really. Not a lot of people tried talking with his sister. In most parties they went to, it was always him that was pulled into a conversation. Not only was this woman talking with his sister, but she seemed genuinely interested in the conversation.

Go! Ask her for a dance, he commanded himself. Finding a small lull in their conversation, he opened his mouth to invite the woman for dance but was interrupted by another.

“Aha, so you were hiding away here,” a man a little older than Pietro ambled over with a easy smile. “Oh? Is this a new face I see?” he teased as he held his hand out to him. “Hello, I’m Don Ricardo Pisano. Pleasure to meet you.”

It took all Don Cerutti could to mechanically accept and shake the other man’s hand. Holy shit, he repeated in his mind over and over. Don Pisano was said to be one of the closer Vongola allies and to have met him here was something he’d privately panic about later after the ball.

He was in such a shock that all he could do was make hums and sounds of agreement as the new don watched the mysterious woman and Don Pisano exchange greetings and playfully flirted with each other. Pietro had yet to ask her for a dance.

Eventually, the woman had to excuse herself to leave the small group. She had seen someone and wanted to greet them, so with a goodbye and a kiss of the cheek, she left.

This had happened to fast that Pietro ignored his sister’s humming of disapproval and stuttered out an small, “Ah, wait, I wanted.. I mean, if you;d like, that is…” He violently flinched as Don Pisano’s hand landed on his shoulder with a hearty laugh.

“Some woman, that Donna Vongola, huh?”

Pale, Pietro looked at the man. “Donna?” He looked back at the flighty figure of the woman he liked as she bounced from guest to guest, greeting them hello and kissing their cheeks goodbye. “Donna?” he croaked.

Don Pisano gave a hum, completely ignoring the other man in front of him. “She’s a flirty one, but everyone here knows her loyalty belongs to one only.”

A loud, clear voice cut through the chatter of the ballroom. “Entering now, Tsunayoshi Sawada. Don Vongola Decimo.”

The man Pietro looked up to, who was no older than he himself, walked into the ballroom. His presence commanded all of their attention, he practically glided across the room as he made his way through the crowd. The woman (Donna Vongola, Pietro corrected himself, Don Vongola’s wife!) strolled to him before wrapping an arm around his. Don Vongola looked at her before pressing a kiss to the crown of her head.

With that, he looked back up with a polite smile on his face. “Thank you,” he projected out to the crowd, “for attending the annual Vongola ball. None of this would have been possible had it not been for the careful planning and overseeing of preparations by my wife.”

For the second time that night, Pietro wanted nothing more than to be safe at home right then and there. The third time would be when the Donna introduced her husband to him and the fourth would be when Don Vongola invited him into his office to quickly draft an alliance paper.

Don Vongola was an amicable man. Pietro has heard horror stories of his anger and his works. He was cruel but fair when necessary and acted on the needs of his family first. Pay attention, dumbass. Can’t you see he’s speaking to you?

“…wife was very impressed by you and your family. She insisted that she add you to the invitation list this year.” Tsuna handed him the paper and pen, the light in his eyes dancing with amusement. “I apologize if my wife assaulted you on your way in, she was very excited to meet you and the other newcomers.” 

There was an underlying tone in his voice, something dangerous that set off warning signals in Pietro’s head. These were the same warning he often got in bars when married women tried throwing themselves at him or his men.

Reading the papers carefully and signing his name, Pietro gave out a hopefully-not-noticeable nervous laugh. “She’s quite the character, isn’t she?” He scratched the back of his head as Tsuna gave him an amused smile. “She’s, uh, a lovely woman. You’re very lucky to have her, Don Vongola.”

“Tsuna,” he corrected. “We’re going to be allies now, so please call me Tsuna.” The Japanese young man read through the papers once more. “I realize how flirty my wife can be, so I apologize for that as well.”

“She loves you though!” Pietro blurted out, remembering watching her through the night. She may have smiled at every man and woman in the ballroom and kissed the cheek of many men, but there was something different in the way she treated Don Vongo- Tsuna. “She only has eyes for you,” he trailed off. Open mouth, enter foot.

Resting his cheek in his hand on the table, Tsuna gave his a lazy look that screamed ‘you damn right she does’. “Yes, well, she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t, now would she?”

Pietro refused to acknowledge the hidden meaning and focused on the face value of his words. “Yes, she wouldn’t have married you otherwise.”