We are launching our model management, Von By Travon Model Management, for freelance models that have little to no experience that wants to become a model. We will manage you under a 6 month contact where you will be introduce to casting calls, get an exclusive interview from our CEO, get photo shoot gigs, go to runway shows, learn basic skills of being a model and so much more. If you are interested, please send us your name, a picture, age, and a brief summary on why you want to become a model.


Email us at vonbytravonfashionstylingcompany@aol.com


Watch the Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear Womanswear Fashion presented in Paris Fashion Show right now. Stay Tuned for Von By Travon’s review on the pieces later on today. Enjoy!



This is a lot that I have to say, but further for most, I would like to thank everyone for the support you have given me to advance my career to the next level. As a Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Blogger, Marketing/Merchandising Specialist, Model Managing Executive, Vocalist-Songwriter, Freelance Model, Spoken Word Artist/Poet, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, and Activist, I have so much to give to the world and it may seem as if I am doing a lot, but my life of success has just begun.

First News: I will no longer be attending American InterContinental University Atlanta as of October 6, 2013 because I am switching schools to attend at Bauder College and switching my major from Fashion Marketing BFA to Fashion Design & Merchandising AA. I feel that Bauder College is more affordable, more industry-focused, and has more potential that it gives to it’s fashion students then AIU does. I enjoyed my times at AIU, but it is time for me to be at a school that I know that I can afford to go to and I know that I can grow on. Once I receive my Fashion Design and Merchandising Degree, I will continue pursuing my fashion degree at SCAD but for know, let’s focus on the present.

Second News: My business Von By Travon Wardrobe & Fashion Styling Company is coming out with it’s own video blog and we have a fashion blog that released two days ago on Tumblr at http://vonbytravon.tumblr.com. I am quite excited about the blog because I will be able to share fashion news, give you updates on the model/fashion industry, and I am going to be doing INTERVIEWS with lots of people I have in mind that works in the fashion, journalism, modeling, music, acting, entertainment, and writing industry. Since I have background experience, I thought it would be best to do something with journalism in my career.

Third News: Von Brace Photography is releasing it’s first photo campaign next year as early as February. I haven’t done any photography in a year and I am excited that I will be returning with new ideas and new creativity. Von Brace Photography will get it’s own website soon, but for now, I am going to be working on getting the campaign project started. Von Brace Photography is an affiliation of Von By Travon, now. 

Fourth News: I will be releasing video documentaries in November, where I will interviewing myself and answering some question that people may have. If you want your questions to be answered in the documentary video, please send your answers to vonbytravonfashionstylingcompany@aol.com.

Fifth News: My very first Fashion Show entitled “Von 4 Vogue Unisex Fashion Show” will be in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK in April 2014. Me and 36 others are excited and pumped about having this fashion show, especially in the dream city that I want to live in the next 2-3 years from now. More news will come soon about the fashion show.

Sixth News: I am now hiring for interns for Von By Travon. If you are someone that loves fashion and wants to learn about fashion in the fields of Fashion Marketing, fashion merchandising, trend forecasting, fashion journalism, wardrobe styling, and fashion photography, please send me your name, picture, age, college/school, and a brief summary on why you want to be in the fashion industry. DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31, 2013. Please email us at vonbytravonfashionstylingcompany@aol.com

Seventh News: I am launching the Von By Travon Model Management. This model management is for those who want to start modeling. You must have little to no experience in modeling. I will manage your career 6 months, you will have casting calls, photo shoots, and other modeling opportunities. If you are interested, please email me at vonbytravonfashionstylingcompany@aol.com

I hope you guys read through all of this great news that I am releasing. I just needed to tell you about the great, upcoming, and outstanding things that are coming my way. I want to be able to inspire others. No matter what obstacle you go through in life, God will always be there to help you achieve your goals.

BONUS NEWS: I also have more modeling gigs coming soon. So, be on the look out for my next modeling gigs/projects that I will have in store. 

Thank you guys! 

Proud to present my ‘Styled & Inspired’ Digital Collection again for New York Fashion Week. I want to thank The Fashionologists of NY Agency and Fashion Freeks for honoring me an award this upcoming event. This is truly a blessing. This will be my last time showcasing my styling work digitally in New York. New things are approaching for me.

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Introducing The Executive Members of Von By Travon Fashion Company, LLC.

CEO: Travon Bracey ( @vonmarkies )
Director of Social Media & Marketing: Victor Brown ( @niko_nars )
Director of Artistic & Fashion Visuals: Rashid Sanders a.k.a Egypt ( @egyptcollection )
Director of International Fashion Affairs: Juriel “Karison” Thomas ( @kar15on )
Director of Modeling & Styling Assistance: Josiah “Prince Isreal” Allen ( @pradaboy09 )

Via @vonbytravonfashions
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It is an honor for me to introduce this clothing line that I am coming out with next year. I been working on it for quite some time now without telling anyone. My unisex clothing line is called “Da'Von Vogue” and I couldn’t be any happier. My wardrobe styling business, Von By Travon Wardrobe & Fashion Styling Company is finally coming out with it’s own line. I will definitely keep you guys up to date on my new clothing line. Thank you and support, support, support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Kevyn M and Kevyn M Photography

Born Kevin D. Mines, Kevyn M is a successful entertainer in the fields of acting, modeling, music, photography, directing, and producing. Originally from Philadephia, Pennsylvania, Kevyn M has always been more than just a normal person. 

One can never call Kevyn M one-dimensional, or say he is afraid to step out of his comfort zone.  At 29 years of age, he has worn a many hats and accomplished things that those twice his age can barely fathom.  He is an actor, singer, model, choir director, producer, a minister and had a 8 year tenure as “Venom”, a gay porn star that has brought him the most notoriety.

Kevyn used acting and singing early in life to compensate for a life with a drug-addicted step-father, homelessness, low self-esteem, and feeling ostracized from family, church and school mates.  Being a performer with the ability to assume any role a production called for was the precursor for the creating of the “Venom” persona that has become synonymous with the sexually insatiable homo-thug.

  He has decided parlay his adult film “celebrity” into ways that will prove beneficial to those in need.  Kevyn created and host a weekly online show called The Kevyn M. Show. The Kevyn M Show made its debut on November 5, 2010.  In a short period of time, the show has amassed a constantly growing audience of males and females 17 – 45 years of age.  The hour long program has a “talk show” format.  To date, guests have included celebrity interviews such as Raz B, Carlton Pearson, Chrissete Michele, adult video stars, guest Co-Host and HIV/AIDS advocates naming just a few.  Mines still want to preach in the future, as he reconciled his religious beliefs with his sexuality and choice of career.  He truly believes his path was predestined so he would be better able to cater to those on a similar path. In 2012, Kevyn relocated from his home town of Philadelphia to Atlanta GA where he began to produce a very successful web-series entitled “Momma'z Boi”. Kevyn M has also worked with Reel 9 Productions based in LA (originally from Philadelphia) and for the tenure of 2 years filmed award winning documentary “The Way to Kevin” a feature length film that follows Kevyn’s journey attempting to create a porn company, his struggles with his spirituality and impact on the lives attached to him. The film was released to film festivals early 2013 and continues to grow in success across the country. Kevyn M continues his journey as a film producer since leaving the adult industry winter of 2012. He has taken up photography and is currently building his brand as a Photographer/Film Producer. Stay tuned for updates from this growing talent.

For more information on Kevyn M, visit his website at http://www.kevynm.com, go like his Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/kevynm and like his photography page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kevynmphotography and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/KevynM_84

What To Expect On The New 'Von By Travon' Fashion Blog

Thank you guys for supporting us on the start of our new fashion blog. In addition to this blog, we want to make our audience feel proud and welcome into the fashion world. Below is a list of ideas and things that we are going to be doing on this blog. We hope that you agree to these things and starting tomorrow, Sunday, we will put these ideas into place.

The BLog Ideas:

  • Celebrity Fashionista Of The Month: We will pick a celebrity that has been a major contribution to the fashion industry.
  • Outfit Of The Day: This will come from our Polyvore page. We been a little slow with Polyvore for a while now, but we are going to put Polyvore back into place by creating an outfit for you to get an idea of how to look good when stepping out of your door.
  • Menswear/Womanswear Exclusive: We will be posting pictures of designs from the latest designers. Most of the these outfits will come from New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week. So, be on the look out for that.
  • Life n’ Fash Interviews: This is an exclusive interview of where we will interview numerous of people that work in the fashion, entertainment, music, acting, writing, and journalism industry. These interviews are to inspire others and let the audience get to know those upcoming artistic people in the industry. We will also ask them about how they dress and how they feel about fashion, of course.
  • Fashion Video Blog: Coming soon, we will be posting fashion video blogs about the different things that happen in the fashion world and give our audience a few ideas on how to dress and how to look good. Videos will be shown on VIMEO and YOUTUBE very soon.

We will also be giving you updates on Von By Travon and how you get opportunities in the modeling and fashion industry. Thank you so much guys and we can’t wait to share the fashion world with you. MUAH! <3

Welcome To Von By Travon Fashion Blog on Tumblr. New and exciting things are coming your way, so please stay tuned and play close attention to the latest news and events presented on our blog. Website is coming soon, YOUTUBE VIDEO BLOG is coming soon, and you can follow us on twitter at @VONByTRAVON and like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/vonbraceandvonbytravon. Thank you, Fashionistas! MUAH! <3