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List of things I wished they would've included in Turn

-John Laurens
-Lafayette sucking at dancing
-Lafayette crying at John Andre’s hanging and Hamilton trying to defend John Andre by saying he’s too beautiful to be hanged
-Flashbacks of Ben and Nathan
-Lafayette and George taking a nap after the battle of Monmouth
-the duel between John Laurens and Charles Lee
-Baron von Steuben
-the fucking way Baron von Steuben came into the fucking camp like some sort of god
-Baron von Steuben falling in love with Benjamin Walker
-the time everyone thought Hamilton died and then he stood in the doorway dripping wet
-Scenes with Lafayette, Hamilton and Laurens doing things that actually happened like pushing their beds together or spending whole nights on the grass outside and just talking about politics
-just the three of them being besties

I mean there are obviously more things and probably more important things but this the stuff they easily could have included on the show.

Because this is important information that I‘m sure everyone is concerned about, I’ve put together a list of all the people I know (or speculate) that Francis Kinloch had a relationship with:

  • John Laurens (#confirmed)
  • Louis de Manoël de Végobre (basically #confirmed)
  • Miss Stephens (first girl he courted after breaking up with John; went to her five months [or fewer] after the breakup)
  • Johannes von Müller (basically #confirmed)
  • Mildred Walker (first wife, married in 1781; he was almost 26 when he married her, she was 15)
  • Martha Rutledge (second wife; Mildred Walker died in 1784, and Kinloch married Martha Rutledge just over a year later; Martha was 21 and Francis was 30)

(via Marymoor GP | Marymoor Velodrome - Redmond, WA | Andy Bokanev | Flickr)

What path the friendship between Hamilton and Laurens would have taken if the latter had not been killed in battle, whether the intensity of the emotional bond between them would have persisted over the years, whether and in what terms they would have hankered for each other if circumstances had led them to settle at a distance from each other we will, of course, never know. But another aide-de-camp in the Continental army, William North, did not fare well emotionally following the end of the war because, as he acknowledged quite openly, he missed the men to whom he had become so close. William North and Benjamin Walker had been assigned as aides-de-camp to the Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a Prussian career soldier who played a crucial role in improving discipline within the Continental army. The three men worked and lived together for roughly two years until Walker’s transfer to Washington’s staff in 1782. North and Walker were both clearly devoted to Steuben: “We love him,” wrote North, “and he deserves it for he loves us tenderly.” This was despite the frustrations caused by Steuben’s quite spectacular recklessness with money, which became an ongoing source of anxiety and embarrassment to the young men around him as they sought to hold off the Baron’s creditors and tried in vain to rein in the Baron’s expensive tastes. “I sometimes wish I had never seen or never loved the Baron,” Walker declared in a letter to North. “If he makes his friends happy by his goodness and amiable qualities, he also makes them miserable by his want of management and misfortunes.” But as North wrote, Steuben’s “thousand acts of kindness,” “his goodness of heart,” and “numberless other amiable qualities” eclipsed all his defects: “We both love the Baron and should love him if his foibles were a thousand times greater than they are.”
—  Richard Godbeer, The Overflowing of Friendship: Love Between Men and the Creation of the American Republic

anonymous asked:

can you link some of steubens correspondence? tyy


(you didn’t specify what type/from whom so I just made a list of some accessible ones that can hopefully lead you in the right direction!)

Letter from Baron von Steuben to Colonel Benjamin Walker, July 11, 1792

Letter from Baron von Steuben to General William North, April 14 [no year] [in French]

Baron von Steuben to George Washington, [26 October 1787]

Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von Steuben to Thomas Jefferson, March 26, 1781 (I know) 

also this, I didn’t finish reading it and you didn’t ask for it, but sometimes we just have to accept things

I hope that helped, if you still need anything feel free to send another anon or dm me, have fun researching!


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I, Frederick William Baron de Steuben, of the city and state of New York, do make this my last will and testament. Sufficient reasons having determined me to exclude my relations in Europe from any participation of my estate in America, and to adopt my friends and former aid du camps Benjamin Walker and William North as my children, and make them sole devisees of all my estates therein, except as herein afterwards is otherwise disposed of. In consequence thereof I bequeath to the said Benjamin Walker the sum of three thousand dollars, and the gold-hilted sword given me by congress. To the said William North I bequeath my silver-hilted [sword] and the gold box given me by the city of New York. To John J. Mulligan I bequeath the whole of my library, maps, and charts, and the sum of twenty-five hundred dollars to complete it. And to each of my servants living with me at the time of my decease, one year’s wages, and besides this to my valet de chambre all my wearing apparel; but I do hereby declare that these legacies to my servants are on the following conditions; that on my decease they do not permit any person to touch my body, not even to change the shirt in which I shall die, but that they wrap me up in my old military cloak, and in twenty-four hours after my decease bury me in such spot as I shall before my decease point out to them, and that they never acquaint any person with the place where I shall be buried. And lastly I do give, devise and bequeath, all the rest and residue of my estate, real and personal, after the payment of my debts and the legacies aforesaid to the said Benjamin Walker and William North, to hold to them their heirs, executors and administrators, share and share alike, hereby appointing the said Benjamin Walker and William North executors of this my last will and testament, and revoking all former wills by me heretofore made.
—  Baron von Steuben, Last Will and Testament, February 12, 1794

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