von liechtenstein

Guys, I’m so mad. You know how in A Knight’s Tale (probably my favorite ridiculous movie) Heath Ledger’s character’s pseudonym is Ulrich von Liechtenstein?

Ulrich von Liechtenstein was a real person, who actually wrote an autobiography about how many jousts he won for his lady. My mind is blown. I never knew, and I studied medieval history a fair bit. If I wasn’t currently obsessed with knights and chivalry, and if Amazon hadn’t sent me this recommendation, I probably would have never known.

Also, props on the title Ulrich.

F is for Fort de Brégançon

That small island off the French Mediterranean coast is a favorite of Assistant Curator Anunciata von Liechtenstein. Read our interview with her on Tory Daily here.

Anunciata Von Lichtenstein, wearing the Talisay embroidered dress, photographed at home by Billal Taright; stylist: Gianluca Longo; art director: Martina Mondadori Sartogo

Episode 29:

Percy begins emitting smoke from his body until it engulfs his whole person, Grog rips out a man’s tongue, Percy brands this man, and Grog throws this man out a window, Keyleth burns down a building using the de Rolo crest

Episode 30:

“Percival Museldorf Musketeer de Rolo iii”
“Percival Sanchez Lucario de Rolo iii”
“Percival the Niña the Pinta the Santa María de Rolo iii”
“Percival von Musel Gronola von Liechtenstein de Rolo iii”
“Percival Magneto de Rolo iii”
“Percival Fredrick von Stein von Musel de Rolo iii”

“I love you all so much.”