von hohenheim

a coming of age story about overcoming any obstacle, no matter what limbs you have!
features epic heroes such as:
-bean sprout
-bean sprout’s robot butler
-long yaoi
-the Hawk Eye Ball
-mister hoe
and nefarious villains, like:
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang
-Roy Mustang

Headcanon: Winry gives birth to her and Ed’s daughter and asks Ed what they should name her. Edward replies with “Hope. We should name her Hope.” So they name their daughter Hope Elric. At the christening Alphonse asks why they chose that name. Ed says “because Von means hope. And I owe our…dad…some gratitude.”


Fullmetal Neopets! (I don’t own or mean to infringe any trademarked or copyrighted things. All belongs to rightful owners.) however, I do own this art, so please don’t steal it.

‘The Alphabet of the Magi was invented by Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (also known as Paracelsus) in the 16th century. He used it to engrave the names of angels on talismans which he claimed could treat illnesses and provide protection. It was probably influenced by the various other magical alphabets that were around at the time and also by the Hebrew script.’

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: Von Hohenheim began his life as a nameless slave. He probably wasn’t given a choice to offer his blood to the dwarf in the flask. He worked hard to make something of himself, and as a result every person in his life was taken from him. He literally watched as everyone he knew died. Not only that, but he had to live with their voices screaming in his head for thousands of years. He listened to them. He was never alone! Not for one second!! And all he wanted to do was make it right again! He thought he never deserved happiness because of what he let happen in Xerxes, and he called himself a monster!! But you know what?! He met Trisha. And he loved her so goddamn much, but the years he spent with her were just a minuscule fraction of his existence. All he wanted to do was live and die by her side, but instead he had to save the world. He had to save the world, and as a result, he wasn’t able to see the woman he loved as she died, and one of his sons hated him for what he thought was a cruel abandonment of their family. And at the very end of Hohenheim’s life, he realized that he still wanted to live, but he also knew that it was enough. It was enough to have Edward and Alphonse recognize him as a father, and as a human, rather than the monstrosity he believed he always was. Point is, Hohenheim deserved better, oh my god, he deserved so much more……I just…,,dsfj

These scene still makes me cry

Translations are below the pictures. 

Hohenheim: Hi

Trisha: Oh. You’re already here? 

Trisha: You said you were going to grow old with the kids and then die. You broke your promise, didn’t you?

Hohenheim: Huh? Come on. You were the one who broke the promise first. 

…Ed called me Dad. And I shook hands with Al after he got his original body back.

Hey Trisha, you would have been so proud! Those kids got their bodies back by using a method that I never even thought of! Plus they have a lot of friends! There are even people who cry because they’re so happy for them!

Trisha: So you’re satisfied?

Hohenheim: Uh-huh. Our work is finished. 

Now this world will raise those kids into strong adults for us. 

She was still waiting for him. Even after she died! 

The Fullmetal Alchemist Cast as High School Teachers

For synderflames

This was supposed to be easy… But it began to get somewhat out of control, so the list has been narrowed down a bit since there were a few more classes than I expected. So this is just what our favorite “good guys” might teach at your typical American high school.

1. Chemistry - Roy Mustang

Roy would be that teacher who consistently caught his experiments of fire, leading to many an impromptu fire drill. Unsurprisingly, this makes him very popular with the students.

2. Biology - Izumi Curtis

A great teacher, very hands on. No one wants to know where she gets the stuff for dissection days. Coincidentally, lots of her students are afraid of her.

3. Math - Alphonse Elric

Because he seems like one of the few patient enough to calmly explain all the concepts and willingly be available to answer questions. This does mean he ends up teaching Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics, but…

4. Physics - Edward Elric

I’d originally considered giving him some other math courses but then I remembered how traumatizing math was without a genius teacher. Who would likely be very annoyed that his students weren’t up to his level. At least with physics, he’s teaching an advanced class, and can get away with doing cool demonstrations like lying on a bed of nails and not being hurt!

5. Amestrian - Riza Hawkeye & Winry Rockbell

I am guessing as to what they speak in Amestris, but I don’t think I’m too far off. But, I think these to would be the best to tackle composition, literature, and project presentation. Plus, they don’t seem like the type to take students not doing assignments well, so more work might get done in their classes.

6. Geography - Vato Falman

To be honest, everyone in the series seems to have a working knowledge of geography, but Falman outpaces everyone but an Armstrong with his intricate and detailed background knowledge.

7. Economics & Government - Maes Hughes

So he teaches a little. Definitely throws around lots of pictures. Maybe foments a little rebellion…

8. History - Von Hoheheim

Given how old he was in series, this was one of my easier choices. Plus he knows a lot of foreign history as well as Amestrian, and likes to teach, given his predilection for helping an entire country set up a system for alchemy.

9. Drama & Art - Alex Armstrong

He may rip his shirt off an awful lot, but he is incredibly enthusiastic about his students every endeavor. (Plus he’s probably using at least half the schools storage trying to save and collect every scrap of art work they produce.)

10. PE - Olivier Armstrong

There is no escape. For anyone. Which means the students get to be entertained when she drags other teachers out and makes them join in.

11. Computer & Drivers Education - Kain Fuery

Considering that these are both technical classes (does anyone actually drive in Drivers Ed anymore?) Fuery seemed like the safest option. Not only does he have a history of tinkering with electronics, but he doesn’t seem to do stunt racing like Havoc.