von brunk


“Robo Fett” - original creation and photography by Julius von Brunk

Exactly four years ago around this time, I dazzled the geek community when I first introduced my unique and original LEGO/Transformers/Nintendo mashups. And once again, I bring to you a new addition to my collection: Robo Fett, who transforms fluidly from a Nintendo 64 game cartridge of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, to robotic Boba Fett, and back! Thanks to the advent of Mixels ball and socket joints, I can make my LEGOformers much more articulated and compact.

-Baron von Brunk

First teaser photo of my forthcoming custom commission for Nintendo World Store – “Wii The People!”

I haven’t been very open about this on Tumblr, as I wanted to make it a surprise – but nonetheless, here’s the initial teaser of a grand project I’ve dubbed “Wii The People”. Background: upon the success of my giant LEGO NES controller, Nintendo of America contacted me and offered to pay me to build for them a promotional display to kick off the release event of LEGO City Undercover at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Plaza. For the past few months, I’ve been gradually working on this massive creation which uses several mosaic platforms and walls containing elements of Nintendo games throughout the years – from NES to Wii U. On top of the middle platform rests a 1:1 replica of a Nintendo Wii U system with controller, accompanied by several minifigures (not shown in this picture)!

Now that the final project is completed, in a few days I’ll be dropping this large display off at Nintendo World Store in Manhattan – and for anyone who wants to check it out, stop by on Saturday April 6th to see this display unveiled! I’ll be at the store signing autographs and handing out sharp objects for all of the little Brunkamaniacs.

-Baron von Brunk

“Hey! What what what is that thing on on on on on my leg!? Hey, hey… I, I I’m bleedin’! Ow, my head, ughhh. What’s that–what’s that thing on my leg!? It’s a… Piece of my head, ughhh.”

For the front cover of my forthcoming coffee table book on LEGO creations, I’m working on a full-scale replica of my own head. During the work in progress session, I took this photo of my head cracked open with blood spilling out! The final completed head sculpture will have electronic parts inside the cranium, so that the eyes can light up. This thing shall rocketh thy world.

-Baron von Brunk