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Hi there! Would you like to write a fic about Chuuya being sick and Dazai taking care of him? Whether it's before Dazai leaves the Mafia or after (i.e. when they are working together) is up to you :-)

Chuya’s favourite part about being in the Port Mafia was Mori’s business trips. Mori, as strategic as he was, always managed to slip in some sightseeing or shopping in between the many conferences he attended, so they felt more like a holiday than anything. This was until Dazai, Chuya’s literal partner in crime, was promoted to executive and began tagging along on these business trips, and soon they began to feel more like his hell away from hell. Before long, Chuya had learnt a valuable lesson: any place, no matter how luxurious, expensive or pleasant, was still hell if Satan was there with you.

However, it wasn’t Dazai that was making Chuya’s life hell right now. Dazai lay asleep beside him, breathing low and even compared to Chuya’s own shallow breaths. His stomach had been roiling and clenching for the last twenty minutes and it was almost excruciating.
“Dazai….” Chuya moaned, pushing against him weakly. “Dazai, wake up….”

Dazai moaned back, sleepy and disoriented. “What do you want….”

“My stomach hurts….” Chuya muttered, tensing up as a particularly nasty wave of nausea worked its way up his stomach.
“Drink some water.” Dazai responded, and almost immediately fell asleep again.

Chuya sighed miserably, but even the effort of sighing hurt. It almost felt as if the nausea was rising, working its way from his stomach into his chest. Chuya was growing increasingly distressed from the pain. He was confused by it and just wanted to go to sleep. Why couldn’t the freak beside him suffer like this instead of Chuya? He would have turned to Mori for help instead, except Mori had booked a separate room for himself (Chuya suspected this was so Mori wouldn’t have to put up with his and Dazai’s fighting). Thanks to this, Dazai was the only one who could help him.

Chuya nudged Dazai again, this time with more determination.
“Dazai…. My stomach hurts…. a lot….” Chuya moaned. When Dazai woke up, he rolled over and came face to face with Chuya. Inspecting him closely, Chuya noticed his eyes widening in alarm.

“Chuya, come with me.” Dazai calmly ordered. Desperate for some kind of relief from the pain, Chuya climbed out of bed and followed Dazai into the bathroom, where he switched on the lights and shut the door behind them. Chuya looked around, clutching at his churning stomach as he waited for a miracle cure to appear. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but what Dazai said next definitely wasn’t what he had in mind.

"Do you know how to be sick?” He inquired, his cool gaze fixed on Chuya.
“Huh!?” Chuya spluttered in surprise. He swallowed against the sour taste in his mouth before continuing to snap at Dazai. “What do you mean ‘how to be sick’?? Doesn’t it just happen!?”
Unless he meant sticking his hand down his throat, which was definitely out of the question, Chuya had no idea what Dazai was talking about.

"Relax. Just hear me out—” Dazai began, but Chuya wasn’t hearing any of it.
“No way!! I’m not going to be sick! I don’t want to be sick!”

At that moment, Chuya’s stomach lurched violently and he realised he didn’t actually have a choice. As Dazai was saying something about kneeling and positioning his head over the bowl, Chuya rushed to the toilet and leaned over it, coughing and gagging as his stomach finally brought up the product of his suffering.

"Or you could just do that, I guess.” Dazai muttered, rolling his eyes as though Chuya was simply folding a piece of paper wrong rather than being loudly sick right in front of him, from a height.

As Chuya coughed up mouthfuls of sour tasting vomit, he finally understood why his stomach was hurting. He had no idea how he had overlooked being sick, but it was apparent now that something had upset his stomach. He suspected it was the wasabi flavored house crickets Dazai had convinced Chuya to eat at a marketplace full of strange foods during the day. As of this unpleasant experience, Chuya wanted Dazai to pay him back for that waste of money.

Chuya tensed when he felt Dazai begin rubbing his back gently.
“It’s okay. Just get it all up.” Dazai instructed soothingly. “That’s it, well done.”
“Don’t patronize me, you bastard!” He choked in response.
“You should treat your savior more kindly.” Dazai reprimanded. In some way, Chuya agreed. If Dazai hadn’t taken him to the bathroom, Chuya would never have realised what was wrong and probably thrown up all over their bed. But still, it wasn’t nearly enough to repay Chuya for what he was going through.

"Dazai—” Chuya gasped, his throat scraped raw from the acid. “It tastes so— horrible—”
Chuya was cut off as his stomach heaved up another wave of vomit. With each lurch of his stomach he almost swore he could feel the burning flavor of wasabi. Chuya was never eating wasabi again.
“It looks horrible. Next time, please don’t be sick like this.”

Chuya coughed once more and then swayed as he straightened up. Immediately he went to the sink and began rinsing the taste of wasabi and house crickets from his mouth. Dazai flushed away the gruesome substance and continued rubbing Chuya’s back.
“Do you feel better now?” He asked with a small grin of amusement.
“I guess.” Chuya replied, finally getting his voice back. He actually felt completely fine now, and very drained from the experience. Now that his stomach was settled, he wanted nothing more than to go back to bed…. or murder Dazai in his sleep.

"How strange, though, that you were sick.” Dazai wondered aloud. Chuya swatted at Dazai’s hand and wandered out of the bathroom. “Maybe you ate some bad pork for dinner.”

Chuya spun around, hands balled into fists, twitching furiously. “ARE YOU STUPID!? IT’S BECAUSE YOU MADE ME EAT THOSE CRICKETS!!”

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Both Mikoshiba bros laid down by a messy stomach virus and their sister takes care of them

AN: Umeko is the name I’ve given to the Mikoshiba’s sister – she’s Momo’s twin in my canon, and has appeared in a few other Mikobros fics on this blog!

“No,” he whimpers, pressing both hands over his mouth. “Don’t wanna get sick, please…”

“Bro, you’re going to have to eventually,” Umeko urges, running a hand over her twin brother’s broad shoulders. “It’s a lot easier if you don’t fight it.”

A thick burp gurgles out of Momotarou’s throat, making him wince. “But… but I’m not sick…”

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A/N: After our collab  a couple of days ago, @avinsfu and I decided we’d do a second one! This is Part 1 (of probably 2) the next bit with follow another day! We hope you enjoy reading as much as we did writing it! 

Eden’s hands were trembling even as he pulled open the door of the room he and Jude were sharing. He tried to brush it off in his mind, the seven hour flight had been exhausting and he was probably just getting used to the time zone difference. As Jude closed the door behind him, they heard a familiar voice hail them:

“Eden! Jude!” Noc was waving at them from down the hall. He jogged over. “What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re on an exchange trip, like the one you did when you came across to Scotland!” Jude replied, indicating to Eden and himself with a grin. “We’ve just checked in.”

“That’s awesome! You’re gonna love it here. Let me show you around,” he was happy to see them again. They’d gotten to be friendly when he was abroad.

“Sure! That’d be awesome!” Jude nodded enthusiastically. “We don’t have any sessions until like 7 this evening, so it’d be great to get to see the area!”

“Great. Let’s go to Church Street. It’s kinda the only fun place to be that we don’t have to drive to. Or the waterfront. That could be cool…” He started babbling as he lead them down the hall.

“Wherever you think! You know Burlington best, so you take us wherever you think!” Jude agreed.

“Yeah, sounds good…” Eden murmured in assent; he was a little quieter than usual, but neither Jude nor Noc really thought it unusual.

They trekked down a hill and back up another one before arriving at a large church. They stood on the sidewalk looking down a pedestrian-only street lined with local stores and a few cafes. Eden watched Jude studying one of the boards outside one of the cafes.

“Hey - this place looks awesome!” He commented, pointing at the boards. “We should come here for food! What d’you think Ede?”

Eden was leaning against the side of the building as Jude perused each of the boards; his knees felt a little weak underneath him and the mention of food made him squirm. He still felt a bit uneasy after the flight, but was sure that the fresh air would help.

“Yeah, sure,” he agreed non-committally.

“Ooh, yeah, Skinny Pancake is great! A little expensive but great food. All local and organic,” Noc told them. “You have Ben and Jerry’s in Scotland, right?” He asked.

“Do we?” Jude laughed slightly. “It’s Eden’s favourite kind of ice cream - he can inhale a whole tub of Phish Food in about three seconds if you let him!” Eden swallowed uncomfortably, trying to force his face into a smile, but his stomach had made a weird flip inside him. He wished he had some water or something because the inside of his mouth suddenly felt like it’d been scraped with sandpaper.

“The factory is only a half hour drive. It’s so fun! We could go in on a Vermonster. 30 scoops of ice cream. Hot fudge, whipped cream, strawberries, sprinkles, gummy bears, pretty much any topping you can think of,” he started leading them down the street again. “Ooh! This is Ken’s Pizza. It’s my favorite pizza place in the city. I wish we had a Positive Pie though. Gotta go to Montpelier for that.” He was getting hungry thinking about it. “Holy shit have you guys ever had sugar on snow? I mean it’s the wrong time of year but I could probably figure it out…” He bit his lip in thought.

“Oh we should! That sounds like a challenge throw down!” Jude nodded; but Eden’s head had suddenly began to spin at the thought of pizza and ice cream and whatever else it was that Noc was talking about. “Wait - what’s sugar on snow?”

It hit him quickly that this wasn’t just discomfort after an early morning and a long fright, his stomach definitely felt more than a little unsettled… In fact he could feel the beginnings of a burp trying to force its way up his throat. He swallowed persistently, feeling his heart racing in his chest as he tried to draw in deep breaths through his nose to quell the churning, bubbling sensation in his belly.

“It’s warm maple syrup poured over snow. You eat it with hot cider, a cider donut, and a pickle. It’s a Vermont tradition. Normally we only have it in March but I’m sure I could make it work now.” Noc explained

“That is weird!” Jude exclaimed, his eyebrows knitted over his eyes in bemusement.

“Oh and Scottish food isn’t weird?” He asked, smiling a bit.

“That’s a given! Deep fry it, an’ we’ll eat it!” Jude laughed.

“Wait have you ever had venison?”

“Yeah! We once went deer hunting with the Scouts,” Jude said, “it wasn’t really my thing - but we got to eat what we caught!”

A strong cramp gripped Eden’s abdomen and he couldn’t stop but put both of his hands to his stomach. He took a few shaky breaths in, trying to block out the conversation about meat and sweet food and everything else that had turned his stomach; he felt his chest jolt as he gagged suddenly. He could feel a dampness at his hairline and his neck as another weak gag brought a taste of acidity up to the back of his mouth. This was bad.

Noc was staring at him wide eyed:

“Eden? You okay?” He asked nervously. Eden shook his head slightly, clamping one of his hands firmly across his mouth as another gag forced him to double over.

“Eden!” Jude was at Eden’s side in two quick steps. “Oh god, what is it?” Eden was struggling to swallow as his mouth had filled with coppery tasting saliva.

Hiccuuuurk!” Eden felt the liquid forcing up his oesophagus and suddenly his mouth was full of a bitter liquid that he couldn’t even begin to swallow back down.

Noc could only watch as a torrent of vomit poured out of Eden and splattered on the street. The thick liquid started filling the cracks in the cobblestones. Noc was frozen. He had no idea what to do.

“Oh Eden…” Jude had put his hand onto Eden’s back and gave it a quick rub as Eden continued to heave towards the ground; but the sudden reappearance of Eden’s lunch had caused Jude’s own stomach to lurch inside him. “Fuck…” Jude muttered, visibly swallowing himself.

Baauuurrhh - hgkuuuuh!” Another wave of puke cascaded from Eden’s mouth down into the street, unfortunately splashing onto his own shoes. “Oh…” Eden’s voice trembled audibly. “I really don’t feel well…”

Noc shook himself out of his shock and went over to them: “C’mon. Let’s get you back to the dorm,” he said. “Uh, we don’t really have public transportation. I’m sorry. This walk is gonna be hell.”

“I just wanna get out of here,” Eden whimpered, he’d closed his eyes and looked like he might be about to cry.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he promised as he started to lead Eden back to the campus, but Jude had frozen in place. “Jude?” Noc called back, turning round to look where Jude had gotten to. He was utterly shocked for a second as he saw Jude’s shoulders roll and there was suddenly another splattering of sick next to the mess that Eden had made.

“Sorry…” Jude jogged to catch up to where the shaky Eden and dumbfounded Noc were standing, he was wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “Sympathy puker… y’know?”


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Do you know if there is a blog that watches the episodes and posts common warnings? Like vomit, blood, bugs, jumpscares, etc.? I couldn't watch the episode today because of Rhett and Link making the crew do creepy things to them again because it reminds me of when I was sexually harassed by my boss. 🙁

I don’t know of one dedicated to that, but it sounds like a good blog idea for any fan that’s knowledgeable regarding those kinda topics and consistently watches the episode early.

If you want to salvage the rest of the episode for yourself, R&L do other stuff starting at around 8:30.

[Submission] Title: The Brief History of Us

Author: WatchingMeWatchYou

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, end of the world!au, Romance, see warnings

Warnings: Death, Mental Disorders, Vomiting, Bug Eating, Sex Scenes, Prostitution, Transgender Themes, Hate Crimes, Murder, Attempted Rape, Suicide. 

Summary: Chanyeol, a young college student, is rooming with a social recluse who tells him the world is ending in fifty-four days. There are loose ends to tie up, things to figure out about his roommate, himself, but most of all, the end of the world. 

Thank you perangtang for the submission, again! and for panic-in-paradise :))

[perangtang: I don’t think I’ve ever come across a fic like this before. The author does some really amazing world building and her writing of characters–baekhyun especially, but sehun also–is incredibly layered and complex. Chanyeol and baekhyun’s relationship is antagonistic at times but I really liked how as much as baekhyun tried to deny his very humanity, he still can’t help but crave this very basic, human thing: affection. I have to say that this is a complicated read that can be very dark, but, I think, it’s well worth it because when chanyeol says “I want to be human with you,” you want to be there for that.

panic-in-paradise: This has to be one of the best fics I’ve read recently and it’s a pity it doesn’t have many subscribers. The plot, the flow, everything in this story is so well written and captivating.]