All of my problems are vomit inducing.
I feel like I’m going to hurl.
What kind of escape exists in a life like this?
I want to run away.
I want to go as far as possibly from here.
God, where should I go?
What should I do?
I’m crying my heart out hoping for a way in.
But all the lights flickering tell me the only way to go,
is out.

i love the fact that bc celebrities are adamant abt protesting donald tr*mp’s presidency & openly talking abt how they don’t like him to their large platforms/fan bases it has created this dumbass fucking reaction where his supporters are like “celebrities! musicians! stay in ur lane and stop acting like you know anything about politics!!! i love you as an artist but stick to what you know!!!” like ? y'all know donald tr*mp was just a celebrity before this shit right? no real political experience. and also? u all are out here yelling your political opinions that nobody asked for and acting like you know what you’re talking about even though you let a literal super villain into the highest position of power in the united states so it sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black you vomit inducing cheeto supporting fucks

i wish CNN would broadcast election coverage in ASMR format like this vomit inducing information might be easier to take if it was whispered and anderson cooper was pretending to stroke my hair through the screen 

anyway harry and louis use their tattoos as terms of endearment like “harry, my sweet rose, could you pass me the salt?” or “lou, my brave dagger, there’s a spider in the bathroom…” or “excuse me sir just-a-boat it was definitely your turn to make the grocery list” or “well, mr big fat bird when’s the last time you did the laundry” or “i can’t ever be lost with you, my compass” and “well this compass is nothing without you, my beautiful ship”

If Gook Do has the time to make cryptic references about his feelings to Bong Soon, he sure as hell can make the time to apologize for his execrable treatment of her so far. I want to push him off a bridge rn and am side-eyeing him so much 

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Clerodendrum paniculatum is in the family Lamiaceae. Commonly known as pagoda flower, it is native to southeast Asia. Pagoda flower is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 6 feet tall, and produce a terminal paniculate inflorescence full of crimson flowers. The shape of the inflorescence of this species is the inspiration for the common name of the pagoda flower, and is also the reason it is widely cultivated around the world. Aside from its ornamental use, pagoda flower has a history of medicinal use in its native range where it is commonly used to make a tea to induce vomiting.


So I’m still filled with crippling, vomit-inducing anxiety and I’m desperately trying to throw some fluff on the wound. So how about this for an idea?

You know how awesome those “one person writes a paragraph of a story, another person writes another, etc etc” are?

You know how they also always turn into a super long dash breaking reblog chain?

Well how about this look here. It’s a Google Doc that anyone can edit anonymously!

I’ll start the story and anyone who wants to can add onto it and it’ll continue like that till its done at which point I’ll post it how does that sound?

Here’s what I put so far:

Mabel snuck through the museum of the Mystery Shack, stepping lightly as she could. Since Grunkle Stan had passed ownership of the Shack to Soos, the former handyman had installed a number of motion-detecting decorations–laughing skeletons and singing fish–in the museum. Said that it added “three whole new sensory experiences to the tour–sound, movement, and laughing!” At the moment though, it was important she not set any of them off. She didn’t want Grunkle Stan or Ford to hear. She didn’t want Soos to catch her. And most importantly, she couldn’t let Dipper know that she was creeping up behind him.

When Mabel had woken Dipper up that morning with the gentle, refreshing splash of a water balloon, she’d had no idea that she’d begun a prank war that would surely go down in the history of Gravity Falls forever. Dipper had retaliated by replacing her dance CDs with Prairie Home Companion tapes and Gregorian chants. She’d got him back by taking all his chewing pens and encasing them in a Jello mold. But Dipper had gone too far when he involved poor, innocent Waddles in this–letting him roll around in mud and setting him loose on her bed! Now it was personal. This time, she was going to get him back good.

Marijuana Toxicity in Pets.

This shouldn’t be a contentious issue, but in my newbie days blogging as a vet student, I once plainly stated that marijuana is considered toxic to dogs, and you shouldn’t give it to your pets. 

Surprisingly, I was promptly inundated with comments and messages from various cannabis enthusiasts calling me all sorts of things along a conservative right wing agenda (ha!) for daring to say that nobody should be deliberately trying to get their dog or cat stoned. These people also accused me of having a bias against cannabis for calling it ‘toxic’. Though it is the dose that makes the poison, marijuana is considered toxic to dogs and cats. So is chocolate, and panadol (acetaminophen) is highly toxic to cats, but nobody accused me of being politically opposed to those substances. 

Marijuana is toxic to dogs and cats. The veterinarian treating your pet, however, doesn’t give a damn how the animal became exposed to it, and only wants to treat your pet. That includes inducing vomiting if the drug was eaten. Yes, despite marijuana’s touted anti-nausea effects we can still make intoxicated pets vomit, it only renders apomorphine less effective. We have other ways. 

We’re also very interested in whether the pet ingested any chocolate to go along with that mull. As a profession with have no interest in your personal liberties, only the welfare and treatment of that pet. It may be that whatever your pet has eaten alongside or subsequent to the marijuana toxicity could be a bigger problem than the marijuana itself, because frankly they will eat lots of stupid things. Don’t lie to your vets. 

Animals progressing to tremors and seizures from marijuana will require hospitalization and sedation. This is potentially as serious as chocolate toxicity. 

“But wait!” you may cry. “Isn’t cannabis good for seizures?”

Well, that’s complicated. Marijuana is what pharmacologists may refer to as a ‘dirty drug’. That means it contains lots of different compounds which all do different things. Cannabidiol compounds appear to be responsible for the anti-seizure effect, and there are more than a hundred variants of those. The combination of cannabidiols and THC in the particular strain that the pet accidentally got into will vary, because there’s no labeling or really any quality control. It varies from plant to plant, from strain to strain, and even the conditions the plant was grown in. This makes marijuana plants currently useless in veterinary medicine, as we can’t prescribe accurate doses, and it’s still firmly on the toxic list, next to chocolate. 

Affected animals, in addition to tremors, seizures, urinary incontinence and vomiting, often display behavior changes which could be attributed to paranoia, anxiety or possibly even hallucination. 

Herein we find my primary problem with people that deliberately try to get their pets stoned. Some do it because it’s funny. Some do it because they think the pet ‘likes it’ when really the pet probably just likes being near people. Animals do not have a concept of ‘future’ like we do, and they attribute consequences to only very recent actions. It takes a fair amount of thinking to realize that what you’ve just eaten, or inhaled, it causing all these strange sensations in your brain. Pets don’t understand this, and become distressed. They also can’t consent to this. 

Think of dogs and cats as having approximately the same mental capacity as a 2 year old child. You wouldn’t deliberately attempt to get the child stoned, nor should you inflict it upon a pet. If for no other reason, you simply cannot explain to the pet what’s going on, or why you’ve done it to them. 

There is no good reason to give your pets marijuana. Whether you think it’s funny, whether you think the pet wants it, or whether you read on some forum that it’s good for treating ‘X’, the effects are to unpredictable. The side effects are too risky, and the distress you can cause your pet who doesn’t understand what’s going on is simply going to be cruel. 

There are a whole bunch of things in this world that are fine for humans, but not our pets: alcohol, chocolate, coffee, onions and certain medications. Add marijuana to that list. 

ok but man i love the being’s utter hideousness. i adore how positively disgusting and terrifying he is. i love that he’s eight feet tall with limbs that are a bit too long for his body. i love that he’s so emaciated and shrivelled that he looks more like a long-dead mummy than a living man. i love that you can see intelligence in his eyes. i love that he’s faster and more agile / flexible than any human could be. i love that he’s got a withered and deformed face with no nose and no lips and sunken eyes. i love that his skin is that disturbing yellowish-tan you see on mummified corpses and i love that it’s slightly different shades on certain parts of his body — you may not see the stitches themselves, as those are well-hidden, but you can notice that one hand is just a few subtle shades off from the other, and that second hand in turn is just a few subtle shades off from the face. i love that the skin is so thin that you can actually see the muscles and veins faintly through it. no image or drawing or CGI will ever really capture how utterly repulsive he is and i love? this character???


Sugar free gum is one of the most dangerous things for your dog to eat! Please, please make sure that handbags, jackets, shopping- anything you keep gum in - is way out of their reach.
Xylitol, the artificial sweetener in the coating, is very poisonous to dogs, causing liver damage, hypoglycaemia, seizures, and comas.
It is about 100x as toxic to them as chocolate-0.5g per kilo of your puppy’s weight can cause liver failure; and since the amount of xylitol varies indifferent brands, it’s hard to tell how much they’ve eaten.
Please call the vet as soon as you realise that your dog has eaten gum!
Lola ate 10 pieces of sugar free gum last weekend, she had to have vomiting induced, blood tests, iv fluids and glucose meals and was at the vets for more than 12 hrs. Luckily her blood sugar returned to normal, and while we’re waiting on tests, her liver seems to be fine. She was lucky but has obviously suffered a lot of distress. It was a horrible and scary time, and I just wanted to put this out there as many people I’ve told haven’t realised how dangerous it can be- please pass on the info if you know someone with a dog, especially one prone to stealing.

Kandriel Goes to Disneyland

Okay but there is nothing Kevin loves more than spoiling his boys. And Andrew likes to help catch Neil up on the things he’s missed on the run. So of course they visit Disneyland.

Neil manages to get Andrew to wear colors (Holy heck guys)
“Andrew it’s going to be like, 80 all day and we’ll be walking around. If you wear black you’ll probably pass out. Wear this blue hoodie and these tan pants.”

Neil gets those Mickey ears for Kevin, but Kevin will not put them on and and he refuses to bend down so Neil can do it. Cue Neil Josten jumping up and down with these ears, trying to get them on Kevin’s head.

Kevin does not like twirly rides. At all. Andrew does.

It’s not fair that Andrew eats the most sweets and vomit inducing food, but Kevin is the one who pukes

Neil likes the water rides, Andrew hates getting wet.

Okay but with the blue hoodie and the tan pants and the blond, unkempt, hair, Andrew looks like a short Jack Frost.

Now there is so kid running towards Andrew at full speed screaming about Jack Frost.

Andrew is /lost/ what? Who?

Kevin is shrugging. “Haven’t seen that one.”

Neil is nodding. “Matt made me watch that last month. This boy died saving his sister so now he’s like a winter god? Oh wait no, he’s just a sprite or something. I guess you do kind of look like him.”

Andrew doesn’t have time to answer because this kid is hugging him and he almost punched a 10 year old.

Kevin is about to die because Andrew is crouching down to this kids height to talk to him???

The kid, George, is ecstatic about meeting Jack Frost and he’s talking a million miles a minute and Andrew is just nodding along with a small smile. Neil is so proud.

“Who’s that guy?” George thinks he’s being quiet when he points at Neil, hes not.

Andrew humors him though, leaning in and stage whispering back, “That’s my boyfriend.”

“He’s really pretty. So is the other one. Who’s he?”

“That’s my other boyfriend. They’re both pretty huh?”

Poor George is about to die because Neil and Kevin are smiling at him. Andrew takes a picture with him and smile before leaving.

“Wow Andrew, that was the nicest I’ve ever seen you be with literally anyone.”

“Fuck off Kevin. You’re buying me ice cream. And Neil, you’re buying me cotton candy.”

Andrew ends up buying Neil a bunch of stuffed animals and Kevin gets a bunch of t-shirts

Andrew spoils his boys, don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

Kandriel never had such an appeal until @cabeswaterexy waltzed into my life