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Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.

Protected | Yixing X Reader AU Series | Chapter 1 |

Assassin!Yixing X Bodyguard!Reader

Genre: Action, angst, mystery

Warnings: Blood, violence, death, language

Word Count: 6,214 (holy sh*t what have I done)

Chapter 2 >>

The blood… it was everywhere

Your eyes felt like cinderblocks: Dry. Heavy. Unmoving.

The blood; was it yours?

As you tried to move your body, you were met with a painful realization: you were laying in a pool of blood, and, as you tried to gather any scrap of information about your surroundings, you found yourself to be utterly immobile. You collected every fiber of your willpower to pry your eyes open just long enough to scan your approximate area. Your breathing quickened and you fidgeted in panic once you saw something vertically, fatally lodged in your abdomen.


Your figure remained a solid brick regardless of your willful attempts to budge even the slightest. You felt a strange presence of heat to the left of your body as a faint light danced out of the corner of your vision.

Fire. There’s a fire.

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Similar Fighting Styles

Dottie Underwood (Real Name Unknown) | The Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
➡Agent Carter 1.04 | Iron Man 2

GET WELL SOON (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: the reader gets sick and clarke gives her all these instructions to get better and she doesn’t really follow them and bellamy (her boyfriend) gets really upset and starts crying and tells her that he needs her and that she has to get better etc and he like nurses her back to health :))) thank you i love your writing!!

A/N: hii i’m gonna make it sort of like s1 ep 10 xoxo thanks for requesting!!

Murphy lays on the ground covered in his own blood. You stand next to your boyfriend, both your eyes on the boy who was once banished. The room is blaring with tension yet no one made a sound until Murphy speaks up. “I-I was running from the grounders.” 

“Anyone see any grounders?” Bellamy replies, his voice unbelieving of Murphy. Who could blame him? The last time you saw Murphy was when he tried to hang Bellamy and kill Charlotte. The leader receives no nods of approval from the two boys who found Murphy. “Well, in that case.” He adds, raising his gun.

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Red Shoe Day // May 15 2016

Here’s to the young girl from Tanegashima, fascinated with her father’s swords and staffs. Here’s to an outing in the park so violently interrupted. Here’s to separation, wandering an unfamiliar city, clutching one red shoe.  Here’s to devastation. Here’s to everything being ripped away, and no one to turn to for help. Here’s to terror, and dread, and awe.

Here’s to a light in the darkness. Here’s to a Jaeger piloted solo, a saviour rising from the smoke. Here’s to wonder, a newfound family, and a promise. Here’s to grease, machinery and Jaeger restoration. Here’s to circuits and combat and cleverness. Here’s to perfect simulator scores and taking names in the training room. Here’s to our brightest and best, the rising star of the Shatterdome. Here’s to strength, to growth, all in spite of the past burning like fresh kaiju blue.

Here’s to the Drift. Here’s to friendship, admiration, belief and support. Here’s to standing strong in the face of adversity. Here’s to failure, to chasing RABITs. Here’s to trying, and trying, and trying until you finally succeed. Here’s to destiny and circumstance all coming together. Here’s to revenge, catharsis, triumph. But here’s to pitfalls, to finality, to sacrifice, to doing what must be done.

And here’s to resilience. Rebuilding a new world out of what’s left of the old. Here’s to that same loss all over again, but this time, with a family of rangers and technicians and scientists by your side. Here’s to not just surviving, but living and thriving and fighting back. Here’s to compatibility, and freedom, and hope, and love.

Here’s to Mako Mori.

mistress92  asked:

Okay I really liked that prank/retaliation ask you just answered! But lets see how these silly/sweet ending could have gone terribly wrong!(i like the pain of others heh)How about for the guys who successfully pranked s/o (ut!sans, uf!sans, uf!pap, and sf!sans) how would they react if their prank seriously hurt their s/o? Like uf!pap's trap made his s/o smash their mouth against the floor, knocking a tooth out. And the sans' food pranks caused a near fatal allergic reaction or choking. OwO

You.  I like your style.

You can find the original ask here.

Sans: Guess who just got a new tongue piercing.  It was supposed to be a surprise, you haven’t seen him since you got it done and the swelling is finally going down.  Usually a random hit of such intense spice would be.. unpleasant.  But with the addition of a new-ish sensitive hole in your tongue that discomfort is definitely real pain now.  Sans’ smile actually falls, the look on your face way worse than he was expecting.  ‘shit babe, what’s-”  It wasn’t nearly this bad when he ate it.  His eyes widen in understanding when you show him your tongue, already swelling back up.  “fuck, hey, here, try this.’  He hands you some ice, internally kicking his ass.  God, he feels awful.  ‘you ok now?  i am so,so sorry.  do ya.. need to go to the doctor or something?  heh, the look they give me’d be pretty piercing huh?  that sure is the hole truth.”

Red:  He was expecting you to be grossed out.  He wasn’t expecting it to actually make you throw up.  The hand he’s holding your hair back with is sweating because he’s just the fucking worst, holy shit, he can’t believe he made his S/O actually vomit.  ‘dollface, ya ok down there?  fuck I’m sorry, do ya want some water?  somethin’ to wash that taste out of your mouth?  any medicine from the cabinet gonna help?”

Edge:  In hindsight perhaps this was a bad idea.  Humans are so delicate, he should be more careful!!  On the way up the S/O conked their head pretty badly.  Edge immediately released them, pulling on a cord and catching his S/O in his arms.  “YOU MUST BE MORE WATCHFUL MY BELOVED!  ARE YOU HURT!?  LET ME SEE!”  He inspects the injured area closely with his fingers, still holding you close.  His chastisement can’t disguise the worry on his face.

Black:  Perhaps waving very spicy food all around your face was…. unwise.  Some of it got in your eye, and he immediately abandoned his revenge quest, shifting gears to take you to the sink.  He tried to help you splash your eyes but, alas, his hands are not conducive for water cupping.  He lets you take over, wringing his hands nervously.  Is he crying?  “NO!!  THESE ARE… SYMPATHY TEARS!  WAIT, NO, THEY ARE NOT!  THESE ARE TEARS OF RAGE!!”  What for?  “AT YOU FOR WORRYING ME!!”