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Have a sneak peek of what Yandere Jimin would look like

I’m posting Yandere Taehyung next just to see which one you guys like better. It might take a while. (The other boys have dere types already so I went ahead and put them in as those deres, and for Taehyung in this story, I gave him the one I think would fit him that wasn’t the Yandere.)

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I could feel his stare on me, for years now I’ve had a problem. Someone was stalking me. 

I would see a figure in the corner of my eyes seemingly no matter where I went and began to think I was delusional, but sure enough even my closest friends began to notice. 

I ask myself what I did to deserve this, but I can’t come up with an answer yet. I just want some peace and quiet.

It started the first day I began working with Bighit entertainment. Having a talent for giving makeovers, I decided to pursue a career in being a stylist. I hadn’t really found many opportunities but as soon as one opened up I went for it.

I was assigned to work with BTS as one of their stylists, but I mostly worked with the maknae, Jungkook.

I had never thought of myself as gorgeous, just average but the way the boys looked at me with such awe made me feel like I wasn’t giving myself enough credit. Especially Park Jimin. The boy watched me like a hawk the first day I came backstage to help them get ready. 

I really thought nothing of it though, considering I’d be wary of anyone who I didn’t know if I were famous. 

The boys all treated me kindly and I formed a sort of bond with them. 

Jungkook would always be shy around me, even when I first arrived. I was acutely aware of the blush that rose to his face every time I smiled at him and I thought it was adorable. 

Taehyung, the second youngest member seemed to harbor and interest in me as well, he always tried to make me laugh and did cute things just to make me smile. 

Jimin always did cute things too whenever I looked in his direction, giving me that little eye smile of his. I wondered what I ever did to be so lucky that I get to be able to call them all friends.

Namjoon had a strangely distant personality for the most part but as the days went on, he seemed to lighten up and smile more.

Hoseok always had a smile on his face whether I was looking his direction or not. He would tell me funny stories and just give me a lot of affection and attention without me even asking for it.

Yoongi was sort of an asshole at times, and his honesty was brutal to say the least. To be honest, I’m sure he’s even made me cry before from how harsh he can actually get. Deep down though, he was a really sweet guy and would apologize the second he had realized how bad the things he said really were.

And last but not least, Jin. 

The ever so lovely Kim Seokjin, was a diva to say the least. Of course, he was hilarious and a great conversationalist, but had a sense of superiority that was very evident in everything he did. You see, Jin doesn’t ask, he demands and at some points I feel truly bad for the poor soul that has to do his make-up and hair.  

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Here we see 90s-forever high on drifting. tell tale signs of a drifter high on drifting are as follows: dilated pupils, out of breath from say phrases such as “dude that was sick!” or “let me follow you this run”, tendency to make goofy poses in front of a camera, staring longingly at his/her vehicle, concentrated interest in far away vehicle noises, sweaty palms, arms spaghetti, vomit on his sweater already

I was terrified of getting close to the edge but I realllly wanted to sit on it so I could look down to the bottom so zach made me do it (my hands were sweating) and then he took this photo. And I am so glad he made me do it because, well, look at it. Moral of the story: if you’re scared of heights, sit on the ledge anyways.