vomit action

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It’s silent for awhile to Sam. No fancy light that people tell you not to
go into― that part kinda happened already, except no one was really
there to tell her in the first place― but just… darkness. Darkness and
silence as she moves across the universes. Not exactly walking, really.
Floating would be a better word to say it. Kind of like when you’re in a
car, or a train, or a bus, and the force of motion just pushes you back
and she’s really getting off track here and―

The thoughts stopped, and her eyebrows furrowed. Why did she smell
smoke? Rhetorical question, why was there smoke? Because smoke
could mean either something good, or something bad, and she really
hoped it wasn’t something bad.

Unfortunately, the screaming that was coming into hearing was a really,
really bad sign. And ‘bad’ wasn’t even enough to describe what she

A fire blazed in front of her eyes, smoke bellowing out from the top of
its flames and filling the air around her as it burned everything in its path.
It was huge― devouring the little shops lined up from side to side around
her from both the first and second floor, with no doubt making plans to
reach the rest.

But that wasn’t what made this scene absolutely horrid. No. It was the
boy standing in front of the fire, mere inches from getting eaten alive by
those flames.

So she ran― towards the boy, grasping his hand, then doing a complete
one-eighty to sprint towards the exit. She’ll shout at the watch later.