volvo tundra


Volvo Tundra was a concept car built and designed by Bertone in 1979. It was based on the Volvo 343. It was rejected by Volvo and a very similar design was instead sold to Citroën where it was produced as Citroën BX.


recycled concepts: Volvo Tundra => Citroen BX

Volvo Tundra was a concept car built and designed by Bertone in 1979. Bertone was told to do “something delicious” based on the Volvo 343. It was rejected by Volvo who thought it was too modern and difficult to sell. Bertone instead sold a very similar design to Citroen where it was produced as Citroen BX.

The car featured a digital speedometer and was powered by a 1.4 litre four cylinder engine giving 70 hp.

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