hopefully this is my last troll for awhile but i needed her so i could send vulgar things

Her name is Volvig Cicesh, a 5'4’’ fighter baby who loves any and all body types. You get in front of her and the first thing she’ll ask are when are your legs open.

Her lusus is a wild boar and they used to wrestle and bash their heads together when she was younger.

She extremely loud and brash, there is no filter on her mouth, even if you tell her to stop speaking her mind it will only last for 5 minutes. Although she is highly adaptable, if she wants to be on your good side she will do anything to get there.

Her favorite things to do are wrestling, kickboxing, and “admiring” the form and body of other trolls. She also loves to hang from things and sometimes will use her horns for this purpose, sadly she has also found that, that isn’t always the best way to hang, so she limits that to places she feels she can get out of.

She talks with an emphasis on certain words at random, and her O’s are replaced with ones with a dot in the center (im really lazy so im not going to find the symbol now)

Shes spunky and lives in a more dry region.

She discriminates against no troll, whether they are thick or thin, weak or muscular, she will just try to whip their pants down anyway.

Chumhandle: boxingBootaious

edit: also if she uses her strife they are brass knuckles

miraclegrowthtrolls asked:

✂✂✂✂ loeboe and Magnum :D


“Well, dere was da time I tripped an’ fell face first down'a'bog … Ahaha, mang, lemme tell you! Took me weeks to scrub out DAT kinda wreak, woooo.”

“I’m actually real pleased'da see how well ma little maggot is doin’ dese days, ahaha. We really had a rough'n'tumble childhood. I don’d'really have a thing for Kruvni no moar, naw naw. …. I do have a thing for his sprit, dough.”


“Okay okay. There WAS that one time that miss Viggles over there gave me a surprise titty-twister hard enough to make me rip a squeal, crack my voice and fall to my knees. God that … ” Slowly. Rest. Your head. In your hand. Cheeks yellow as an egg, sunny-side-up. “… okay that was actually pretty embarrassing.”

“I use women’s deodorant when I’m at home and not working up an awful sweat. That shit smells great, alright. Don’t judge me.”

rancidfantrolls asked:


There was this ʘne time that I was running arʘund with MAMA and she hʘʘked my shʘrts AND  I fell intʘ the mud~ She then jumped ʘntʘ me and my FACE  was cʘvered IN mud.

When I was YʘUNGER I tried to FLIP Maggy and he was already bigger sʘ I slipped and fell ʘn my ass. I PUNCHED HIM in the crʘtch after that~

I ATE tʘʘ much salsa ʘne time and had the SHITS for days. I didn’t REALIZE it thʘugh until I HAD shit my SHʘRTS

tantobus asked:

♥ ;3c


Kaakaa is so classy and strong. I look up to her and her nice chest~. I just want to touch her sometimes but when I do she sometimes yells….  

I just like being around her and shes super strong, I just wonder what she feels sometimes too.

(and have a Meng hu too)

“Ba She is mine clearly. I won’t let anyone else have him, he’s adorable to string along and I love to slowly press his face up against a wall. Sure I have to steal him away most of the time, but it’s even more exciting that way. To pull him away from his duties and make him forget everything he was doing~. Just wish he’d put down that damn pipe, but I can make him do that hah.”