volus are the best

So someone just dissed the volus in a comment on my youtube channel. I don’t know whether or not to educate their asses on the volus or if I should just ignore it. 

Probably best to ignore it, but…

Insulting the volus? On my youtube channel?

I’ll just leave my passionate defense of the volus here

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer races, according to their playstyles

Human: “We may not be the most powerful, but we can react to anything and still kick some serious ass!”

Salarian: “Let the others fight harder; we can fight smarter.”

Asari: “With our powers, we shall rend our enemies asunder! For Thessia!”

Turian: “Mobility and marksmanship are the way to victory, and control of the battlefield is the key to both.”

Quarian: “Technology and ingenuity are our way forward, in life and in combat.”

Volus: “The best squad-support system money can buy!”

Geth: “Deployable support systems and self-sustaining combat tactics will succeed.”