voluptuous miss

“Barely a teenager, Elizabeth Taylor was already more beautiful and voluptuous than Miss America. When she arrived at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for our magazine shoot, I was bowled over. I couldn’t believe she was only fourteen. She filled out a swimsuit better than I did. We did the pictures, including one shot of me teaching her to float. With that superstructure of hers, she floated just fine. What she couldn’t do was sink.-Esther Williams

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You must not read the Manga it seems. cause if you did, you would look way in shame for what you wrote about Hinata's Breasts and Naruto's preferences in cup size which was revealed in a Omake made by the Sp whom you are now currently insulting and not backed by an actually canon materiel and should be seen as fake as it was made up by a SP scriptwriter not Kishi. and on Hinata Breasts matter, how exactly do you know her chest size was increased when she cover's them with a thick jacket? Baka

Well you’re clearly not a Hinata-obsessed fuckboy, are you? Because if you weren’t you’d clearly know that Hinata’s boobalicious figure has been shown many times in both the anime and manga and was simply accentuated and emphasized in the anime.

What are those strange things on her chest? Possibly the elusive breasts I was referring to? Hmm pretty perky for a fucking 12-year old. But naaaah, like you said, she always swears a thick jacket and we can’t tell what size her boobs are. So they must be something else.

Waaaah what are those round thingies that are each the size of her head? It’s so hard to tell since they’re being covered by that oh-so-thick jacket….

What are those round exposed things in that last panel? They look a lot bigger than they did in that previous panel, and woah why are they so round when she’s laying down? Can’t be boobs right, boobs lay at women’s sides and flatten when we lay down unless they’re huge, right? They can’t possibly be those same meager mosquito bites from that first panel, right? Naaaahhhh. Probably isn’t even Hinata. After all she never takes her thick jacket off, right?

You seem to be mistaking my reply concerning the omake as calling it canon. I was not calling it canon, but it does coincide with the attitude Naruto exhibited in the manga, the attitude where he was head-over-heels interested in Sakura for 699 chapters despite her having a flat chest and he not once looked interested in Hinata despite her having these…what are these….these round things….idk, apparently they’re not boobs. As I recall he certainly didn’t go gaga over Tsunade, Samui, or any of the other big-chested women. Maybe there was a panel somewhere where he fondled his own sexy jutsu’s boobalicious figure and that totally declared his love for voluptuous figures. I must’ve missed it, stupid me.

Let’s compare Hinata’s totally average figure to Ino and Sakura, just for shits and giggles.

Hmmmmm not nearly as big as Hinata’s mysterious chest thingies. What about Temari?

No…still not as big…

Oh well, guess it’s a mystery what those things on Hinata’s chest that clearly grew in size are. Maybe they’re tumors.