To all you Christine Feehan Fans out there!

Looking for a real female lead!? Check out my fan fic cause I’m pretty over all her female leads, just saying!

Camille sat in the lobby of the esteemed Harrington Hotel pouring over one of philosopher David Hume’s shorter documents. She was starting to believe taking on this free lance essay thing was sucking. Green eyes flicked over at the clock…ugh…it had only been forty five minutes? Really? Nine thirty during the slow months could really creep by. She banged her pen on the counter pushing her bangs back though they were so short they fell back in her face immediately. Running a hand through her shoulder lenght, esspresso brown hair with its choppy layer and natural color differences she smiled. Her manager had nearly flipped over the feathers. Camille had gotten about ten of them just through out her hair all tiny little gold/black and white/black stripped. 

That’s when she felt it…extreme power…real close…as a matter a fact it was speeding toward the hotel. Camille leapt up, pressing herself against the wall as it got closer. She sent out a silent signal to her friends mentally, sending them her terror not that any of them could do anything about it.

Camille? What is it?! Kylie was the first to get back to her because she was the closest.

I have no freaking idea! Camille answered terrified as she felt the thing sort of materialize in the parking lot out of sight.


Aldric flew over the tiny city of Louisville as a faint mist through the night…seeking out those who chose the life of the undead in order to destroy them. The city seemed tiny compared to the cities he had seen through out his centuries of existance and vampire hunting. Aldric was a Carpathian hunter, centuries old, and lost to all emotion and color as was the curse of the Carpathian male without a lifemate. Life had become dull and pointless, the last emotion he ever remembered feeling was despiration toward the women of his race who were all the same.

Childishly tiny though looking weird with full curves, like their spines would snap under the weight.

Long hair…like past their butt long and it was all black for the most part. He new of a couple Carpathian/human conversions that had blond or red…but even those from America all had black hair. BORING!

Lastly they all had these huge eyes that made them look even more like children…it was creepy.

Aldric didn’t know what kind of woman he wanted but he knew he didn’t want anything being offered on the home front that was for damn sure. As the mist he surveyed the city noticing all the pink, blue and yellow lights, the red lights of the cars and green lights of the traffic lights–

Aldric was so shocked he shimmered back into his form to being falling out of the sky. Colors! Joy, elation, excitment rode him hard as he bust out laughing. Using the skills he had gained from the centuries he went into his mind and reached out in all directions feeling for her. She was here! He felt it, the pull. Very faint but there and he kicked it into high gear to get there to her. He felt her become aware of him and her terror rise as he latched onto her mind sending her waves of reassurance though she was communicating on some other path.

He stalked into the hotel and lay his own green eyes on her as she had herself pressed against the wall behind the high counter. She was perfect so far. Her hair was short, shoulder length and full of…feathers? He liked it, it made her look wild and different. As he approached the counter more of her came into view and she took his breath away. No childish figure here, this was a real woman according to him. He knew her breasts would be perfect for his large hands and her hips would curve easily into his palms. Aldric easily leapt the desk to press himself against her and pin her against the wall with only his body, looking down he was pleased that her eyes were a green to match his own. Her body was so soft against his and he couldn’t help a loving smile as he plunged his fingers into her feather ridden hair.

Aldric’s mind latched onto her’s, establishing their own personal psychic link to speak the ritual words in her mind as well as to her ears.

“I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare wil be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for eternity and always in my care.”

The woman’s brow furrowed with obvious fury, her mouth parting sweetly, “Mother fuc–" 

Aldric silenced her by claiming that full mouth of hers with his own.