volunteer work in thailand

“I’m studying writing, and I feel that I don’t have the life experiences that so many amazing writers have. I’m not getting meaningful life experiences just being at college, so I plan to spend the next year traveling abroad and doing volunteer work. Specifically, I want to go to Thailand and teach monks English, and to go to a chimpanzee reserve in Africa and help rehabilitate chimpanzees whose habitats have been torn down.” “Why these two things in particular?” “I’m fascinated by Buddhism, but I’ve only learned about it by looking at stuff online. And I guess I’m also tapping into my childhood love of chimpanzees. When I was ten years old, they were my favorite animal. I could name every single type of ape back then.”

Men play a popular sport called takraw at an annual competition near Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. Native to the Thai-Malay peninsula, the sport has spread throughout Southeast Asia and is traditionally played with a woven bamboo ball, three players per team, and operates like a foot-forward game of volleyball. Overhead kicks require remarkable agility and dexterity, abilities players are prided for demonstrating.

There are 91 volunteers in Thailand working with their communities on projects in education and youth development. More than 5,200 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Thailand since the program was established in 1962.