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bts in kindergarten
  • hoseok: the loud kid who is always happy and dancing; teachers often have to remind him to sit down and keep quiet; 11/10 times, the main character in school plays
  • taehyung: the little kid who is friends with everybody; everyone wants to join his weird antics during play time; received most paper hearts during valentines
  • namjoon: the kid who's already read the lessons for next year but still happily participates in class; 9/10 broken crayons are due to him
  • jimin: the one who would always volunteer to help the teacher out; stays in his seat, coloring silently; still lets namjoon borrow his crayons
  • yoongi: the kid who's always ready for music time; a bit of a smarty pants so he points out his teachers' mistakes; teachers forgive him bcos too cute
  • kookie: the kid who always makes other kids cry because he accidentally hurt them during play time; always apologizes and gives peace offerings
  • seokjin: has packed breakfast, snack and lunch (to eat while waiting for his mom); joined all the little pageants/contests in school, 9/10 won them
what the kids would be doing if they actually went to highschool, pt. 2

jane is a fucking DECA god: wins state and then finals at nationals in sophomore year, offers free tutoring in economics & math, uses her family’s money to improve school facilities like bathrooms and buses, basically strongarms admin into lowering the cost of lunches and SAT prep courses

roxy co-captains the robotics team when dirk isn’t there, (is better at programming than him tbh), sleeps through class but can explain anything better than the teacher can, volunteers at the humane society, publishes her short stories under a pseudonym in rose’s newspaper

dirk captains the robotics team but spreads himself so thin he’s rarely there; fences for his PE credit and brags about how it’s a “sophisticated sport”; diehard speech and debate kid; failing all of his AP classes despite being the smartest one in them

jake plays football, basketball, and soccer, somehow the best player on all 3 teams; has trouble paying attention in class & misses a lot due to sports, so his friends take turns giving him catch-up study sessions; joins the GSA when he thinks he’s straight and ends up coming out by the end of the year

Imagine your OTP...

Your OTP is in kindergarten and it’s Person 1’s birthday, which means they have to go to the front of the class while the entire class sings Happy Birthday to them. However, Person 1 is scared to go up there alone, and the teacher volunteers Person 2 to stand up there with them and hold their hand so they won’t be scared anymore.

In his hometown, there was a kickstarter to start a program that gives free skating lessons to children who’s family doesn’t have enough money to give them expensive training. JJ submitted almost half of the money that they needed for the kickstarter, which made them reach their stretch goal. JJ regularly visits the program as a volunteer teacher once every two months. The kids, and everyone who volunteers there, love him!

Hamilton High School Debate Club AU

Washington: High school teacher that volunteers to run the debate club (he doesn’t get paid enough for this) 

Hamilton: Talks too much. Starts fights with everyone (even when it’s not part of club activities). Teacher’s pet.  Runs the school newspaper and probably has a blog where he complains about his classmates. Desperately wants to be club president. 

Burr: Actually really good at debating, but constantly changes his opinion to try to impress Washington and gain popularity. A much less successful teacher’s pet. 

Jefferson: Went to France for like a month during the summer and hasn’t shut up about it since. Starts a lot of shit. Very vocal about his shitty opinions. Thinks he’s better than you. Him and Hamilton have ruined debate club on more than one occasion.  

Madison: Jefferson’s best friend. Surprisingly not a cheerleader. Definitely has a blog. He collabed with Hamilton once during junior year and still hasn’t recovered.

Angelica: The only girl in debate club. Will often go on feminist rants. She’s probably their best member. Last week she made Madison cry using only her words.

Eliza: Isn’t actually in debate club. She’s just here to support her sister and make friends. Everyone loves her. 

Peggy: Is also here to support her sister (thank you very much)

Lafayette: Exchange student from France. Loves his friends. Misses his family, but is excited to be in America. Jefferson may have a crush on him, but no one can tell if it’s because he’s French or if it’s because Lafayette and Jefferson look eerily similar (Angelica thinks Jefferson just wants to date a French version of himself). 

Laurens: Loyal to his friends, but extremely reckless. 50% debating and 50% physically fighting people who challenge his opinions or Hamilton’s opinions. Last week he made Charles Lee cry using only his fists (Lee isn’t even in debate club)  

Mulligan: Is actually a cheerleader. Disappeared for like a week because he was spying on another debate club. No one asked him to do this, but everyone appreciates his dedication.   

John Jay: [is still out sick] 

singledad!luke bringing his daughter to kindergarten open house, feeling immediately insecure around the dads and moms dressed up in fancy attire in his plain gray shirt and black jeans. their judging stares made his cheeks grow hot as she’d take him by the hand and show her all her adorable finger paint art and the sentences stapled to the wall that she wrote in her messy, five year old hand writing. with a swell of pride of his little girl, he’d bend down on his knees and give her a fist bump. “nice going, princess, these are awesome.” his butt would be wedged in a small, colorful plastic chair with his daughter on his lap, bouncing his legs up and down making her giggle quietly, when his eyes would trail around the room and see the gorgeous lady standing off to the side, fidgeting with a piece of craft yarn and her name tag reading “(y/n), volunteer, teacher assistant,” the same last name as the kindergarten teacher. luke would smile when you locked eyes and gave him a small wave at the end of the presentation, watching as parents approached you kindly and little kids hugged your legs. he almost forgot about the little ball of energy poking him in the cheek. “s-so, princess, how do i become a volunteer in your classroom?”

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seventeen as classmates

seungcheol: the class president who looks too sophisticated that the others find him intimidating

seokmin: the class clown whose smile never seems to leave his face

jeonghan: the quiet one who always gets picked first to answer a question

wonwoo: the one in the corner with headphones on and doodling skull pics

mingyu: the one throwing spitballs at everyone when the teacher’s not looking

chan: the one who always daydreams about what he’s gonna have for dinner

soonyoung: the kid who constantly makes sarcastic comments at every word the teacher says

hansol: volunteers himself first in every presentation and raps the whole thing

seungkwan: that one kid who always raises his hands every minute to ask a question

minghao: the calm and reticent kid sitting in the front and listens intently to the teacher then nods his head in understanding

junhui: brings an eye mask and always falls asleep in class

jihoon: the smart one whom everyone always tries to sit next to to cheat on during a test

jisoo: the kid who barely shows up to class and sits under a tree instead, playing with his guitar

A Secret Dance

Anonymous Requested: Hi! I’m ur loyal smut fan hahaha Just read ‘I’ll productive with you" wow that was super good! Ship+scenario+smut! Hahaha can I request too? I’m indonesian. 155 cm (very short). I’m quite around talkative but can be talkative around quite people. I’m secretly a dancer (my friends in school don’t know about this) and volunteering as a teacher at school in small village P.s : please ship me with hyung line coz i’m 94-er hehehe thanks before~

Thank you so much for your request! I had no idea that ship+scenario+smut would be a popular thing, but it makes me really happy that you requested it! Based off the description you sent me, I decided to ship you with Jackson. Jackson is a very talkative person, so I imagined you being a little shy and quiet around him. Eventually you would warm up to Jackson, and you guys would have a very comfortable relationship. He would love to talk, and you would love to listen to him. Plus Jackson is short too, so you guys would be super cute together. I hope you enjoy the scenario I came up with! :D

Summary: Jackson discovers your secret passion of dancing, and asks if he can join you. You guys enter a competition and win second place. To celebrate, you go back to Jackson’s place.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2003

After class you said goodbye to your friends and quickly scurried off, telling them you had a lot of homework you needed to get to. You really needed to practice for your dance performance coming up, and you couldn’t tell your friends about it. None of them knew about your dancing, and none of them were going to find out either. It wasn’t like you were embarrassed about your dancing. You actually thought you were a pretty good dancer. It was because of the style of dancing you were into. You loved doing covers of K-pop songs, but none of your friends at school even knew you liked K-pop.

You walked to your secret dance practice spot. It was at an abandoned skate park, so no one really visited, but it was a good, hard surface for practicing on with lots of privacy. You pulled out your iPod and started playing “Just Right” by GOT7. It was the song you had decided to perform at the competition. You started getting into the moves. You did a whole run through of the song and were a little worn out by it. You turned to grab a drink of water and froze. Jackson, one of your classmates, was standing at the entrance of the skate park just watching you. You wondered how long he had been there.

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Boggart (Ravenclaw!Calum blurb)

Imagine third year Ravenclaw!Calum being in competition with shy, nerdy Gryffindor!Y/N to be the smartest wizard of their year group. They constantly put their hand up to answer questions, volunteer whenever the teacher needs someone to demonstrate something in class and both can be found in the library studying whenever they’re not in class just to be the better wizard.
One day, during Defence Against The Dark Arts, Y/N doesn’t put her hand up to face a Boggart which leaves Calum confused but also curious so later on that night he secretly follows her to staff room where the Defence teacher keeps the Boggart. There he finds out that Y/N’s worst nightmare is in fact her mother Bellatrix Lestrange telling her she’s worthless, a Gryffindor traitor and that she’ll never be good enough and Calum suddenly realises why Y/N tries so hard to be the best at everything that she does, to prove her mother wrong.
And suddenly Calum doesn’t want to be the best wizard in the year group. He’d happily settle for second best if it means seeing Y/N smile and knowing she’s proved her mother wrong.

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Does this make me a bad person? 

SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF TL/DR: So I need to give you the backstory - I’m currently in the process of being certified as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. Classes started Jan 21 (which is why I missed the womens’ marches) and go through May, every Saturday 9-4. I’ve been a volunteer English teacher to local immigrants for 3 years now and I love it. I want my students to have the best possible experience so I decided to get a certification. Some of the classes take place near a Target I don’t usually go to. 

So yesterday I made time to hit this unusual Target before class, to see if they had an unblemished Blue Violet doll I could buy. Blue Violet had vanished from the 2 Targets closest to my house I normally go to ages ago so I had little hope but I figured it wouldn’t hurt. Lo and behold they had 2 at this odd Target I normally don’t go to!!!! I chose the one with the best hair (and yes I checked her lips to make sure they weren’t messed up!). So I intend to return the BV with blemished lip paint to Target. 

Does that make me a bad person? 

This Target charged $24.00 for this doll (!) - does that factor in to your decision? 

Be honest, I can handle it :) 

Back when I was in high school we did a production of The Little Mermaid. I was SM and my best friend was ASM so we would constantly be making jokes in between cues on headset; but at one point in the show she had to help move a certain rock onto the stage in between scenes. Thankfully we got this right every show except for the second night.

Keep in mind my best friend is about 5'4 100lbs and these rocks were made out of wood and foam insulation and about 5ft long. So my director, our 40 year old drama teacher, volunteers to help her out this night since he was watching from backstage. I didn’t know this as the SM and when I heard her getting back on headset I took that as our normal indication that the rocks are set, you can bring up the lights. After I called the cue, my friend is frantically whispering for me to stop, but it’s too late, the actors are walking on stage. Nothing looked wrong to me so I asked her what the problem was.

Long story short, my director spent the next 15 minutes curled behind a rock and scared the life out of our Scuttle.

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Children are such an interesting species of human. Over three quarters of Uganda is comprised of youth under the age of 15. As a primary teacher here I get to work with them everyday. These youth are Uganda’s biggest resource; if we can instill values, leadership, and ambition into this generation then this country will be well on its way to success, in the larger scheme of things.

On the smaller-scale? I love kids, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now. I love them because they are not jaded by the world yet. They forgive and forget, they laugh with you, they play, and they listen. They don’t judge me when I want to make crazy faces and do absurd dance moves. In fact, kids love them, mimic them, and become just as weird as I am. I cherish every moment I spend with these kids as (whether they realize it or not) they are my teachers, my friends, and my little guardian angels over here.

The first day I met these children they ran. Some of them cried. Many shrieked out of confusion and fear. They called me “mundu,” chanting it mercilessly whenever I was in eyeshot. It’s not easy being the alien, the minority, and it’s certainly not easy overcoming the cultural and language barriers. Patience, love, and laughter have created a friendship between us. They’re my neighbors, my confidants, and my trusty sidekicks. They cheer me up when I’m down and provide a sense of family for me each day. Most importantly, they have helped my house become my home here.

🎀The signs as Barbie Careers🎀

Aries: Marine Corps Sergeant, Rockstar, Fire Fighter, Hair Dresser.
Taurus:  Veterinarian, Baby Photographer, Tennis Player, Princess.
Gemini: Actress, Gymnast, Makeup Artist, Secretary. 
Cancer: Boutique Owner, Flight Attendant, Photographer, Swim Teacher.
Leo: Miss America, Executive, News Anchor, Cheerleader.
Virgo: Candy Striper Volunteer, Registered Nurse, Student Teacher, Paleontologist.
Libra: Ballerina, Computer Engineer, Babysitter, Yoga Teacher.
Scorpio: Surgeon, Sign Language Teacher, Army Medic, NASCAR driver.
Sagittarius: Police Officer, Wedding Stylist, Teacher, Dentist.
Capricorn: Ice Skater, Aerobics Instructor, Lifeguard, Ambassador for world peace.
Aquarius: Fashion Editor, Astronaut, Space Camp Instructor, Dance Teacher.
Pisces: Chef, Scuba Diver, Junior Designer, Pop singer.

Prayer With Cranes

by Janice Springer

We’ve decided to spend
In church.
We’re more immersion people,
Committing for weeks not hours.

Today we broke the Nebraska dawn
With a choir of one hundred
Thousand Sand Hill Cranes.

Next week we will be
Humbled at the base
Of Ancient monuments in Kansas.
Sand structures full of sea shells
And trilobites from
Baptisms long passed.

After that we will be
Brought to our knees
In Texas.
Where the heavy spring rains
Have triggered millions of
Desert wild flowers into bloom,

             Tell me, who is holy?  

Janice Springer is a nurse, traveller, poet, musician, photographer, disaster response volunteer, teacher, consumer of life.  

(Photo by Ariel Marinkovic/Agence-France Presse)

one time when i was like 14 (already my full height–5'7) i was asked by a theater teacher to volunteer for a carnival at a school a few towns over, and i was like… okay? 

i signed up for a 4-hour shift.

i thought i would be like serving punch or taking tickets or something.


as soon as i got there i was shuffled into a dressing room where a bunch of ladies sat me down and started complimenting me and putting makeup and wigs on me.

“you’ll be perfect! i’m so glad they sent you! what lovely lips you have!”

………then they glued a mustache and a beard to my face????

i looked in the mirror…….. i was jack sparrow…. in a jack sparrow wig and everything.

a bunch of ladies turned me into jack sparrow, in like 20 minutes flat, without me even knowing wtf they were doing.

then they gave me some generic ripped up jeans, boots, a pirate-ish blouse, and a fake plastic sword….. and they just kinda set me loose in this thing that was like a haunted house walk-through, but not very scary. (ie: jack sparrow instead of, like, evil scary pirates)

i just kinda staggered around awkwardly going “yarr… arrrrr…” for the next 3.5 hours. i guess when you’re jack sparrow it’s okay to be awkward. it just kinda blends in with the general weirdness and staggering around.

imagine showing up for some mystery job and being mystically transformed into jack sparrow with literally zero notice.

it was one of the weirdest experiences of my life.


21 years ago, when I was 7 years old, my mother led a hunger strike to save the public school my siblings and I attended in our Back of the Yards neighborhood. The Board of Education gave parents one week’s notice and based on the fact that the majority of the families were monolingual Spanish speakers from Latin America, many of them undocumented, did not anticipate push back.

The first day of class as parents arrived at the school and were told that their children would be bussed to a number of different schools on the south side, my parents suggested that they organize a boycott and strike against the Board’s decision. Dozens of parents who kept their kids at home but did not want them to miss out on learning organized a sort of “freedom school” in the parking lot of a church across the street from the shuttered school and a handful of teachers volunteered to teach kids throughout the school day.

Two weeks of boycotting got the media’s attention and put pressure on the Board of Ed to respond. They did respond: they began threatening parents with arrest, revocation of their driver’s license, cuts to their social services including food stamps, and even deportation. Some parents understandably stopped organizing for fear of deportation and arrest, but dozens of others stayed strong and on the third week, 5 mothers, including mine, went on a 5 day hunger strike in front of the Board of Education. Their demand: that a new school be built in our neighborhood so that students would not have to be bussed to other schools and siblings would not have to be separated.

On September 22nd, my dad’s birthday, the 5 mothers who went on the hunger strike and their spouses went into the Board of Ed to negotiate. At around 9pm that night they walked out victorious having won and secured a new school for our community.

I was just a kid back then, but there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that this was a defining moment in my life. One that would undoubtably help shape me into the person that I am today and which showed me first hand that when we fight, we win, and that el pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido. It also taught me that SIN LAS MUJERES NO HAY MOVIMIENTO. SIN LAS MUJERES NO HAY REVOLUCION.

My mother is still my hero, and every time I’m out there fighting for justice I am trying to fill her shoes. Te quiero mucho, Ama.

during preschool everyday during snack time a little boy would sit beside a little blonde girl and would refuse to let her sit by anyone else. So one day, I waited for snack time and ran to sit beside the little blonde girl before he could get to the table. 

when the boy saw me he started screaming at me and threw a fit. The volunteer parents and the teacher begged my dad to make me move to another spot but my dad, bless his heart, told them “she’s not doing anything wrong I’m not going to make her move.” 

but my dad told me that the funniest part about that situation was that while the little boy was screaming at me and the parents were begging me to move, I just ignored everything and sat there stone faced while eating cheerios from a bag. 

I literally did not give a shit about anything.