volumous afro

A ditadura do cabelo liso

Nasceu menina
Nasceu preta
Nasceu com cabelo crespo

Faz coque
Não deixa ver como ele é não

Deixa liso
Cacho bonito é só nas pontas

Cabelos padrão

É macumbeira
É desarrumada
É deselegante
É mal cuidada

Passa um creme nisso
Não sai com ele armado
Passa mais, menina
Deixa esse cabelo encharcado

Milhares de meninas
Pretas lindas
Tem seus cabelos alisados
Tratados com a química mais pesada

Preta, seu cabelo é lindo
Bagunça, põe volume nisso!

Júlia sartori
During the war years Spain sought, with considerable success, to divide Cubans along racial lines by portraying itself as the defender of white “civilization” and the rebels as black barbarians pursuing the goal of an Africanized, Haitianized Cuba. Once the rebels had been defeated, Spanish policy changed direction, making an open bid for Afro-Cuban support by gradually repealing the caste laws. Spanish officials did not act spontaneously but, rather, under pressure from a well-organized civil rights movement based in the social clubs, mutual aid societies, and civic organizations of the Afro-Cuban middle class. Under the leadership of journalist and political activist Juan Gaulberto Gomez, in 1887 these organizations formed an islandwide Directorio Central de las Sociedades de la Raza de Color to coordinate the civil rights struggle. Between 1878 and 1893 Afro-Cuban activists obtained government edicts outlawing restrictions on interracial marriage; segregation in public education and public services; and the keeping of official birth, death, and marriage records in volumes separated by race.

Afro-Latin America, 1800-2000

 By George Reid Andrews

from the chapter: The politics of Freedom

I just want to stress that although there wasn’t a mirrored Civil Rights Movement [as it was in the U.S.] in Latin American countries, there has always been Civil Rights MovementS throughout the regions. Afrodescendants have always fought for justice, human rights and right to life, but each country/region had their own historical processes. Very important to be aware of that.