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Hey fam! I need a new shampoo because i cant find one that works for me. I have dry ends but oily roots and my hair has no volume. Volumizing shampoos dry my hair out but moisturizing ones make my hair look limp. Any recs?

you need just a regular or clarifying shampoo for your roots when you shampoo your hair its for ur scalp and roots so only scrub at the top dont pull it all the way down when u rinse ur hair the shampoo will flow thru to ur ends when u condition ur hair only put it on the ends no need to weigh ur hair down with moisturizing components when u have a oily scalp and the hair closer to ur head is the healthiest.


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Which of your OCs do you find the most attractive? Which of your friends OCs do you find attractive?

Aaaaaahhhh!!! Of all my OC’s! Really hard to choose coz I looooove all of them! But let’s see, in TF2 that’ll be Little Kettle! I swear, I love the volume of her hair! She’s plump, cheerful and happy! I just love her. >u<
As for my own OC(out of fandom oc?), I find this guy really attractive,

He’s Shyarin Yuunten. Ah, they are one person, by the way. xD
He was in an evil gang, stealing stuff. But something went wrong, one of his teammate shot an important person. All of them hid. They then heard the bounty on their heads, god, it was millions. His gang made him surrender for they can have the money. Poor Shyarin was jailed. Well, he got out anyway, changed his looks, and got a job as a driver for a rich guy who just won a car. He ended up being an all-around butler for this Russian guy who he didn’t know, was the son of the man who his teammate shot.

Crazy crazy yaoi I made back in the days when I didn’t know what fandom is. I can see that I drew this last November 4, 2010! -screams!- 5 years ago? <xD And yes, Shyarin and the Russian guy fell in love which each other. Ahaha. >u>

As for my friend’s oc, that’ll be Max of my dear @proper-nice-that husband! /)////(\ Surprise, surprise! Ahaha. <xDc

Thanks so much for the ask, dear anon! ///>//v//</// Sorry it got long. /)///(\

All wrapped up...

Sparging and getting up to boiling took a little longer than I wanted, was hoping to be done half an hour ago but it is what it is. Still, barely more than 5 hours for a worknight batch, given my equipment I’m not going to complain.

End result, a hair under volume (I started a hair under as it is, but didn’t want to mash any thinner than I already was). Target gravity was 8.9°P at 5.5 gallons, at 5.4 gallons into the fermenter I was at 9.2°P. I hit it with a little filtered water up to 5.5 gallons as intended, bringing me to 9°P (my preboil measurement put me at 8.98°P at 5.5 gallons, so that’s definitely within margin for error with my refractometer). Close enough to call it numbers nailed. Oxygenated, pitched, and off to the races.