volumetric flask

Beware of the psyco

Dreifuss had heard Mr. McNamara had manhandled the doctor’s favorite guinea pig and after that his second in command had claimed the boy for week. So all that put together had caused Dreifuss get extremely angry. He knew he couldn’t do anything to Bellamy, and Keaton had made a run, or he was just avoiding Duncan, whichever the reason was, Duncan had no one to 
disassemble his anger to, hell, he didn’t have anyone who he could disassemble.

A terrible noise was coming one floor below the labs as Duncan was just smashing everything against the walls, yelling and cursing, kicking the chairs and tables, and pretty much everyone who worked at the lab and the floors below that had ran out of the way for their own safety. But when the doctor heard the elevator doors open he threw one volumetric flask towards the elevator with a loud yell of: “WHAT?!”

Emergency Shower

jikook | rating: g | prompt #110 | day 18 | inspao3

“I accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg, if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester”

An AU in which Jungkook is a clumsy freshman who needs to take general chemistry and Jimin is his smoking hot lab partner.

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The Signs as Things I've Heard at My Private "All-Girls" School
  • Aries: "SUCK IT TIM"
  • Taurus: "Do you want me to grab her boob? 'Cause I mean, I could..."
  • Gemini: "Why are there monks roaming the halls?"
  • Cancer: "Marti Hardy partied too hard-y"
  • Leo: "Nope, I refuse to touch you. Give me my shoe!"
  • Virgo: "I need to read about the Holocaust. Leave me in peace!"
  • Libra: "Can I make all the numbers ten?" "NO" "Can I make all the base numbers ten?" "...Sure"
  • Scorpio: "We're going to use a volumetric flask-" "Like the ones you use to cook meth!"
  • Sagittarius: "STOP STROKING ME"
  • Capricorn: "You DO need to sacrifice goats to enter Hale (Note: Hale is my name)!...wait shit I meant Hell"
  • Aquarius: "OH MY LORD JESUS" "...Rachael, you're Jewish"
  • Pisces: "Ok so YOU'RE North Korea"