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Criștioru de Sus. România. 2017 The entrance of the wooden barn. A beautiful wooden door was secured with a piece of wood. As the building ages, its walls are progressively covered by field flowers. A blue metal recipient for measuring exact volumes of milk hangs redundantly from a bent-nail hanger.

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Leo Valdez Headcanons

-Leo sets on fire whenever he gets flustered so one time Calypso was holding his hand in public and his nose started smoking
-He sets traps for Nico/Jason/Percy at random places to screw with them
-He gets really into Marvel
-Everyone in the squad loves Marvel
-Leo’s the only one that likes Nat and Banner together because “c'mon guys it’s canon and Clint has a wife” but the others are hearing none of it
-Nico knows morse code (a headcanon from another post, found here) so they have wars like who gets angry about what the other is saying first
-Leo wins
-Leo made a functioning life-size replica of the Iron Man suit and now he won’t stop using it all the time
-Piper had to charmspeak him out of the suit
-He also loves Transformers and builds little working figurines to help bring him his tools and deliver messages through camp when he’s too busy
-Leo sometimes sets things on fire by accident and one time he burned Calypso and he still feels bad about it and has nightmares about hurting her and the others
-He spent weeks tormenting himself about it and cried about it (Piper had to come in and calm him down when he wouldn’t let himself near Calypso for fear of hurting her)
-Leo once changed the Aphrodite Cabin’s shaving cream to sour cream (with the help of Piper)
-He and Pipes are bffs and no one can tell me otherwise
-He built an expansion to the Hephaestus cabin by himself for Calypso because she technically didn’t have a cabin
-Leo is not a leo and Percy is very aggravated by this
-He has a secret playlist of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Carly Rae Jepson, and Lady Gaga
-Leo has wired the Zeus cabin and the pavilion so that when Jason walks in “ITS ELECTRIC (boogie woogie woogie)” plays at a very high volume
-Leo and Frank hang out a lot as buds because they got past their differences
-Leo bakes brownies a lot because he REALLY loves the recipe he got from those underwater dudes
-Leo knows that Calypso loves the movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” so Leo recreated the scene where the large eagle lands and Dave asks the girl to have breakfast in Paris, ft Festus as large bird
-Calypso loves it
-Leo hangs out with the Stolls a lot
-Leo no longer beats himself up over his mom’s death
-Leo is happy and included

amighost  asked:

Papyrus spending time w undyne and they're being rly loud and he doesn't even notice how exhaused he is until he gets home !!!! Papyrus not liking Grillby's because there are too many people there and it feels like the grease gets stuck on his bones and ew ew ew!!!! Papyrus wearing the same outfit for weeks because the texture is really nice!!!! Papyrus not having any social skills so people assume he's stupid, but he is actually very intelligent!!!!!! Papyrus! Being! Autistic!

Papyrus having issues with volume control and hanging out with Undyne and being LOUD and enjoying it because no one’s getting annoyed with him!
Papyrus using special interests to get to know people, feeding them pasta or giving them puzzles!
Papyrus hating Hotland because it’s too bright and overstimulating and trying to follow the moving puzzles makes him dizzy, and he doesn’t use moving parts or flashing lights or any of that garbage in his own puzzles because he has standards!
Papyrus putting off sleep because he has to change into different clothes, and hang up his battle body in the closet, and turn off the lights, and brush his teeth, and get Sans to read him a story, and that’s just too many steps!

Random predictions after snk 80


My headcanons are unstoppable so I’d like to write them down…..

Snk 81:  

The goods on the back of the Dog Titan include chemicals which can turn SC into mindless titans. 90% of the new recruits will be killed. Beast Titan realizes the strategy of the SC and ruins Erwin’s plan. He then speaks to Erwin / Levi and they’re shocked.

Reiner has lost both his “soldier” and “warrior” persona after being attacked by the Thunder Spears, that he cannot control his titan form, providing an opportunity for Eren to use his Coordinate power to control the Armored Titan to attack Bertholdt.

While the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan are fighting, Armin decided to lead the other four to go to the Yeager’s basement and they find out Hange is also there, ALIVE. The door of the basement is locked, so they use the thunder spear to destroy the door….. 

Snk 82 (aka the last chapter in the upcoming Volume 20):  

Hange, Armin and the Squad learn something through observing the stuff in the basement. Yet, when they’re studying the basement, they don’t realize a group of warriors are observing them outside the Yeager’s house—–at the beginning, they don’t even realize there’re other warriors hidden insides the Wall. The squad are ambushed, shot by tranquilizing darts and become unconscious. The warriors take everything in the basement.

Beast titan has a special device to capture titan shifter (Eren) and bring him to the Hometown. The remaining Survey Corps members are also captured. Before the titan army leave, the Beast Titan using his special power to smash the crystallized structure Eren has just built to seal the hole. They go out through the new breach and take all SC survivors as prisoners and return to the Hometown.

Snk 83

The story will take place in Hometown, outside the Walls, and the Survey Corps are going to face the darkest secret of the world….

anonymous asked:

I have the attack on titan books , and you said that there wasn't a confirmed gender for hange. But in volume 5 Levi refers to hange as her/she ... ?????

Vol. 5 came out before Isayama sent us this instruction, so yes, there are one or two moments in the first run of that volume where Hange is referred to as she. But we’ve removed those for reprint, and there shouldn’t be any gendered references in Vol. 6+.

anonymous asked:

I really liked yesterday's episode. I love the fact that Felicity was so right and so on point. This woman does not want to be hurt again and again and again. I loved that they made her strong and not a desperate female. Although we absolute know as an audience she loves Oliver. She is the moral compass and I'm so glad that nothing (so far) could take that away (not even the supposed death of a beloved). This is what Ras and Malcom lack in their fight for "justice"

I absolutely loved Felicity last night. But you know what? I absolutely loved Oliver as well. When he finally appeared, it was like the heavens parted and the Angels sang. PRAISE THE LORD THE ARROW IS BACK TO HIS SHOW! And then when he stood before the crowd - his city and spoke to them as Arrow - yeah - it was a very cheesy Dark Knight-ish scene, but damn did it speak volumes. I was literally hanging on by a threat by that point in the episode wondering when he would appear and make it worth my while to watch.

So while I adored Felicity Smoak and the way she stood firm and continued to be the heart of the show and stood up for what she believed in and reminded Oliver of the dangers of dancing with evil, Oliver was just was amazing last night. This was Oliver choosing to unite with a man that set all of these things in motion. Responsible for the deaths of all of these people he loved. Yet, he’s trying to defeat a man intent on killing them all. He doesn’t want to find another way, he’s out of time. He’s been traumatized. He’s been bested. But he lived. Barely. Damn that, he’s coming back swinging.

So I present you with two people that reigned over Arrow last night: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. Both some badass boss bitches.

I love you

I’ve wanted to make this post for a while and I finally have enough evidence that I can. Whenever Clara says ‘I love you’ to Danny she doesn’t really seem to mean it.

1. The first time she says it in an episode where they breeze through the entire relationship so it feels rushed. On top of that it’s in an episode where she lied the entire time and she said it out of spite. I am convinced she only said it to annoy the Doctor.

2. The second time she says it, it’s actually meant for the Doctor. This has been confirmed by Jenna Coleman.

3. The third time is over the phone and it feels like Clara only said it so that she could hang up on Danny without having him worry about her. Again it was rushed and more robotic than emotional. Something that’s commonplace so you just do it because you feel you have to, not because you mean it.

4. Finally in this last episode, the one time I could have believed Clara because those words now belong to Danny and she goes to such lengths to see him again. And then at the end of the episode she says 'I love you means nothing right now’ which really speaks volumes. And she hangs up on Danny soon after he repeats it, effectively giving up all hope.

Compared to the Doctor who could never get those words out and yet does everything he can just to see Clara happy. Even after she betrays him, it doesn’t matter, he’ll still help.

And Clara to the Doctor, she’s only said it once when she was sure he was looking away. But she favours the Doctor over Danny-wanting his praise of Danny’s phone call, the Doctor was her first call instead of the children’s parents.

In this case, actions do speak louder than words. Someone else stated it but it needs to be said again:

Clara and Danny say 'I love you’ a lot. But Clara and the Doctor actually act like they love each other.