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You already know I love (even new) Mad Max, but look. at. this.

(Do not own any art here’s the link to where I found this one http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1111037-rwby) omg guys!! It’s coming VOLUME 4!! After what happened in volume 3 I really hope that these two end up together. Because in my opinion what Blake did was wrong, but she did it because she thought it would protect Yang if she stayed away. And I think that she was doing it out of love hahaha. I will be posting pics of RWBY ships for the countdowns so if you got any you particularly want then message me. DAYS UNTIL VOLUME FOUR: 27!

I have a half-finished ficlet about the secret never-before-uncovered Middle Earth origins of the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

featuring 3 different versions of the story from 3 different nonexistent historical eras and a long tangent on that late-4th-age hyper-masculine revolution during which the gender of Goldilocks was switched because the name was deemed too girly for a man, even if he was an elf, though elves don’t exist anymore, in fact they probably never existed, except for all those records in old books, some of which got burnt because they might give people strange ideas

am I doing this right


In One Piece party there are two omakes in the backs of the volumes with Kid and Killer. I wish there was more xD But they’re great. The portrayal of their characters is a little interesting, though.

In the first one:
Killer: *slurp slurp slurp slurp*
Kid: “STOP IT!!!”

And the second:
Killer: “Water seven” *pyuuuuu…….* “And then… ‘KNOCK UP STREAM’”
Kid: “STOP IT!!”