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Westallen Prompt #75 "“I’m going for a swim. Do you wanna join me?” Cause its summertime and we all know they would do this ;)

Iris pulled into the garage and rested her head on the steering wheel. It was the devil’s armpit of summer, the A/C in her car was going in and out, she was hot and sticky, she’d worked overtime chasing a lead that had fizzled to nothing, and she was pretty sure her period was coming.

Also, it had been her day to pick up the kids and make dinner. Three hours ago. Worst. Mommy. Ever.

Some days it just wasn’t worth getting out of bed.

She hauled herself out of the driver’s seat, slammed the door vengefully, and remembered her bag was still in there, with her laptop in it. She considered leaving it, but in the end, she opened the door and grabbed it, hoping she wouldn’t give in to temptation and smash it with a hammer tonight.

“Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” two voices yelled when she opened the door, and two small bodies slammed into her knees. She bent down to give and receive kisses, feeling some of the tension seep out of her body.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Mama’s home!” Dawn shrieked. Iris looked up to see her husband leaning on the kitchen island, watching them.

“Babe,” she gasped. “I’m so, so, so sorry. There was this lead, and it didn’t work out, and you had to go get the kids, and I’m so sorry -” She felt her eyes sting with tears.

“Hey,” he said, coming around the island and leaning over the kids’ heads to press a kiss to her lips. “It’s okay. It happens. I got your text, I got the kids, and I made dinner - “

“Grey Gramma’s recipe, Mama!” DJ yelled at ear-splitting volume.

“The macaroni and cheese?” Now the tears were for a different reason. Next to brownies, her Grandma Esther’s mac and cheese recipe was her all-time favorite comfort food.

“You bet. And if you want, later we can make B-R-O-W-N-I-E-S.“

“I don’t deserve you,” she said.

“You deserve everything good.”

She stroked his cheek. “You’re everything good.” She noticed something. “Why are the kids in their swimsuits?” She took in her husband. “Why are you in your swimsuit?”

“Well, it’s so sticky and gross today, I pulled out the pool.” He pointed out the window, where the blow-up kiddie pool had the hose snaked into it, running water. “We’re going for a swim while we wait for the mac and cheese to finish up. Do you want to join us?”

She dropped her laptop bag with a thud. “That sounds like the best offer I’ve had all day.”


i have to turn the volume off when a new video loads up bECAUSE OF THIS GOD DAMMIT—

my dad took my car to the dealership early this morning and was terrified when loud Japanese music started blaring from the speakers 

I Am a Cage, In Search of a Bird


His name is Franklin Nelson. He is twenty-eight years old, a lawyer borne of a fantastic university, and an associate of a very prestigious Manhattan law firm. His life, it seems, is incredibly put together: good apartment, good friends, good at what he does.

And then the dreams start. Vivid, visceral, would-be prophecies (if he believed in anything beyond the weight of a person’s actions and a pay-it-forward schema.) He tries everything- drink, doctors, drugs. The deeper the sleep, the more captivating the images– memories?– until he can’t deny it anymore. It is real, he is the pawn of some incessant game of divine chess. And he’s incomplete.

The impressions he sees of her are fleeting, connected by nothing more than a fire in her smile and the overwhelming sense of love he has for her (or, once or twice, him; the curse is unspecific, messy in its age and the complications only seem to amuse… whatever-they-are more.) The patterns that emerge, however, are clear: she is blind (another punishment-turned-quirk of their lives), she’s a warrior (whatever that means at the time), and she forgets. Where her punishment for their crime (what was it?) is physical, his is incredibly emotional– it is his job to find her, to bring her back to him, time after time.

In some lives, this is easy– they grow up together, face their world together, and die in love. In others, he nearly fails, finding her angry and wounded and having to fight for the privilege of picking up her pieces for her. (Which he does, time and again– will keep doing, if it means she stays.)

But now, he is twenty-eight, still alone, and coping with the though that perhaps this was the final straw. The world at large has moved on from curses and soul mates, at least the part he was brought into. Shouldn’t he have found her by now, wouldn’t he know–? He’s looked through every report of the people with powers in the news, done impressive research into all the instances of ‘superheroes’ that have made the news worldwide. None felt right, not even close.

He has no choice but to continue on and hope, however vague and desperate, that she finds him for once.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect the answer to come in the form of a living shadow, battling off a would-be mugger with tenacity so familiar it makes his heart ache. (The body’s male, so far as he can tell– a bad sign, for all he remembers, but the ache in his chest can’t be anything else, this is it. This is them.)

But then he’s leaving. “…Uh, hey, wait!” Sighing around a near-manic laugh, Foggy does the unthinkable and starts running down the alley in the direction of the fleeing shadows. He knew he should have started improving this body sooner– of course this would be another chase.

“C’mon, man, just– hear me out?”

Kastanir commented on Volume 2 of TotCatA with:  I have prompt, about a Earth 7 or whatever 76, 9. . Where Sara is the Flash and shockingly Leonard is her Reverse-Flash and they have the usual Archenemy relationship but also hints of a romantic relationship but that is a bit strained because rivals enemy, I am supposed to hate you is Destiny I am your Reverse. …etc, make it angsty or hopeful, your choice!

I’ve already done Flash!Leonard on Earth 4, I guess it was a matter of time for Sara to become the Flash on another Earth.


“Barry?” Sara called, stepping into the lab. “You in here?”

There was no sign of the CSI. Sara sighed as she walked over toward the desk and placed the files on it. A dripping sound made her look over to see the skylight in the lab was open, and rain was falling into the lab. Poor guy must have forgotten to close it, and he was always so finicky about his things getting wet.

“Oh, Barry,” she sighed, crossing over the room to pull up the chain to close the skylight.

As she did this, the power went out in the lab. Looking out the window, Sara saw the entire city had gone dark save for a golden light blooming from where STAR Labs was. It seemed to be pulsing outwards. Turning back to the chain, Sara hurried to pull the chain and shut the lab off from the outside in case some of that stuff found its way into the lab.  If STAR Labs had done something funky, she did not want to be exposed to it.

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