i love how nichijou volume 10 has these sort of “reverse brick jokes”, like you finish reading a chapter and it’s kind of funny?? but then you rewatch the anime or reread an old chapter, and suddenly the joke fully clicks and it’s the best thing ever

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i’m suffering please read good shoujo toasty

bad manga in general makes for great entertainment!  but don’t worry, I know what good shoujo looks like ^u^ b

L'amore è un film muto: togli il volume e concentrati sui gesti. L'azione che rivelerà il tuo intento vale più delle parole che dei gesti fanno scempio. Coi discorsi puoi ingannarti, coi discorsi puoi ingannare, ma convincere e convincerti puoi soltanto con l'esempio.
—  Massimo Gramellini

Ok but to this day my favourite moment in comics ever is from the New52 Justice League volume 1

And they have the plan of blinding Darkseid so he can’t shoot Omega beams

And my favourite thing ever is when the Flash is running up holding Aquaman

Barry throws Aquaman at Darkseid’s face and stabs him in the eye with his trident

Then Wonder woman laughs like a madwoman as she stabs his other eye

Like I find it strangely hilarious but at the same time it’s super badass


Ellen Jewett (Canada)

For Canadian artist Ellen Jewett, natural forms are a continual source of fascination and deep aesthetic pleasure. At first glance her work explores the more modern prosaic concept of nature: a source of serene nostalgia balanced with the more visceral experience of ‘wildness’ as remarkably alien and indifferent. Upon closer inspection of each 'creature’ the viewer may discover a frieze on which themes as familiar as domestication and as abrasive as domination fall into sharp relief. Over time her sculptures are evolving to be of greater emotional presence by using less physical substance: “I subtract more and more to increase the negative space. The element of weight, which has always seemed so fundamentally tied to the medium of sculpture, is stripped away and the laws of gravity are no longer in full effect. In reading the stories contained in each piece we are forced to acknowledge their emotional gravity cloaked as it is in the light, the feminine, the fragile, and the unknowable.”

Today Ellen’s work is achieving a vibrant internet presence and is featured in public and private collections worldwide. © All images courtesy of the artist

[more Ellen Jewett | via Colossal]

Here’s a media tribute I’ve made of RoosterTeeth’s animated series RWBY, making a chiptune version of Volume 1’s theme as well as doing a little animated graphic of the girls at Beacon Academy!

You can also find the chiptune animated on my Youtube, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z63ayfh5Mz4

Enjoy, and don’t forget to watch the show! (Shramper)


Kris Kuksi (b.1973, USA)

Kris Kuksi garners recognition and acclaim for the intricate sculptures that result from his unique and meticulous technique. A process that requires countless hours to assemble, collect, manipulate, cut, and re-shape thousands of individual parts, finally uniting them into an orchestral-like seamless cohesion that defines the historical rise and fall of civilization and envisions the possible future(s) of humanity. Each sculpture embodies the trademarks of his philosophy and practice, while serving as a testament to the multifaceted nature of perception – From timeless iconic references of Gods and Goddess, to challenging ideas of organized religion and morality, to the struggle to understand, and bend, the limits of mortality. None is complete without a final and brilliant touch of satire and rebuke all conceived in the aesthetic essence of the Baroque fused with the modern day industrial world. In personal reflection, Kris feels that in the world today much of mankind is oftentimes frivolous and fragile, being driven primarily by greed and materialism. He hopes that his art exposes the fallacies of Man, unveiling a new level of awareness to the viewer. His work has received several awards and prizes and has been featured in over 100 exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide.

[more Kris Kuksi | artist found at hahamagartconnect]