• (after watching chapter 11)
  • Rooster Teeth:So...what did you think?
  • Me:*takes all of the RWBY characters*
  • Rooster Teeth:Wait-
  • Me:*wraps them all up in a fuzzy blanket and gives them some hot cocoa*
  • Rooster Teeth:What-
  • Me:*gently places them all out of Rooster Teeth's reach*
  • Rooster Teeth:But-
  • Me:You can have them back when you learn to LOVE THEM and TREAT THEM WITH SOME GODDAMN RESPECT
  • bumbleby shippers:please let yang be the one to find blake !!
  • rwby, volume 3, episode 11:*has yang find adam and implies blake loves yang, but yang loses her arm in the process*

yang things

but imagine Yang in the time she doesnt have her arm (becauseshe’llprobablygetareplacementatsomepoint)

  • her team doing their best to help her adjust
  • Yang forgetting that she doesnt have her right arm anymore and kinda just bumping and dropping things because she still isn’t use to it…
  • her falling out of bed…
  • Her watching her team practice and spar without her for the first couple days they’ve readjusted-
  • but then her joining in again and relearning how to still fight and hold her own. .
  • Blake spending as much time with her because she blames herself for what happened to Yang-
  • but then Yang telling Blake, its not her fault- its all adams, and then they just take this one moment of peace to just relax and forget everything
  • Ruby drawing up schematics and designs for Yang- actually maybe working with ironwood a bit to get ideas and stuff
  • Ironwood probably giving yang stories and lessons about how his own loss and what its like having half his body gone
  • Qrow jumping into the stories too, maybe Tai if he was there also-
  • Weiss singing songs to Yang and making dumb arm puns with her
  • Yang making some dumb joke where she isn’t able to bear hug everyone anymore because her arms aren’t long enough 
  • Weiss helping ruby make Yangs robot arm
  • Yang coping with her loss- but still in the back of her head, its messing her up because she knows things wont be the same- thatwhateverhappensshemightnotbestrongenoughtotakeiton
  • Yang with her robot arm and then realizing its like she’s whole again, sparring like before- being able to feel again- to hold and touch-
  • being able to bear hug everyone again into a giant group
  • and making all sortsa dumb puns
  • blake holding Yangs haaaaaaaand 
  • blake apologizing again and getting teary
  • but then Yang makes it all light hearted and whatnot with a joke/pun
  • that ends with blake punching yangs arm
  • yeeeea

Folding human brain in 3D

The distinctive troughs and crests of the human brain are not present in most animals; highly folded brains are seen only in a handful of species, including some primates, dolphins, elephants and pigs. In humans, folding begins in fetal brains around the 20th week of gestation and is completed only when the child is about a year and a half.

Why the brain is folded can be rationalized easily from an evolutionary perspective; folded brains likely evolved to fit a large cortex into a small volume with the benefit of reducing neuronal wiring length and improving cognitive function.

Less understood is how the brain folds. Several hypotheses have been proposed but none have been directly used to make testable predictions. Now, researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences collaborating with scientists in Finland and France have shown that while many molecular processes are important in determining cellular events, what ultimately causes the brain to fold is a simple mechanical instability associated with buckling.

Source: Harvard University 

People Who Experience Rage Attacks Have Smaller “Emotional Brains”

Neuroimaging studies suggest that frontolimbic regions of the brain, structures that regulate emotions, play an important role in the biology of aggressive behavior.

A new article published in the inaugural issue of the journal Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging reports that individuals with intermittent explosive disorder (IED) have significantly lower gray matter volume in these frontolimbic brain structures. In other words, these people have smaller “emotional brains.”

“Intermittent explosive disorder is defined in DSM-5 as recurrent, problematic, impulsive aggression,” explained Dr. Emil Coccaro, the article’s lead author. “While more common than bipolar disorder and schizophrenia combined, many in the scientific and lay communities believe that impulsive aggression is simply ‘bad behavior’ that requires an 'attitude adjustment.’ However, our data confirm that IED, as defined by DSM-5, is a brain disorder and not simply a disorder of 'personality.’” Dr. Coccaro is the E.C. Manning Professor and Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Coccaro and his colleagues also report a significant inverse correlation between measures of aggression and frontolimbic gray matter volume.

The investigators collected high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans in 168 subjects, including 57 subjects with IED, 53 healthy control subjects, and 58 psychiatric control subjects. The team found a direct correlation between history of actual aggressive behavior and the magnitude of reduction in gray matter volume, linking both in a dimensional relationship.

“Across all subjects, reduced volume in frontolimbic brain structures was associated with increased aggressiveness,” commented Dr. Cameron Carter, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at University of California, Davis and Editor of Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. “These important findings suggest that disrupted development of the brain’s emotion-regulating circuitry may underlie an individual’s propensity for rage and aggression.”

volume I: milk and cookies

volume II: food fight

volume III: Ǫ̣̬̤̪ͅͅN̤ ̮̩̩̪̪̭S͇͞ĆR͉͈E͙̩E̟͉̠N͉͕ ̮̳͉D̵̩̳̝I̭̗̪͍͚͙͢ŞM̘̻̗͈E͈̺͕͙̫M̝̣͖B̧͉̘̯̥̻̜E̟͝R͚̘ME̗̥̜̜N͓̝̮T ̰͉̠̭͓̤A̴N͎̟̩D͔ ̭͕̬D̹͍̝̬͙͢EC̳̘͢A̗͖̳P͙͈̫̭̬̖͜I͞T̫̝͝A͍̖͖T͕͔͙̲̖̭͚͜IO̧͓͔̲̺̪̩̟N̥ ̭͇̭̩̠̼̳G͙̙̭̻͍̬A̞͡L̪̰̀O̵͉̩͉̼̞̮̹R͖̪͙̪̞͝Ḛ̺̩̖͉̰̼ ̣̼

Can we talk about Weiss’ character development for a second here?

The girl was worried about Velvet getting hurt; when two volumes ago I can guarantee you she wouldn’t be yelling at Coco for letting Velvet, a Faunus, walk straight into harm’s way. 

She straight up sprinted forward to protect Velvet, not sure if her summoning was even going to work. She was going to take the hit for Velvet. She didn’t even try to cast a sigil or use the Dust in Myrtenaster to strengthen herself. She threw herself in front of Velvet.

Weiss Schnee; heiress to the SDC, known for their mistreatment of Faunus. Someone who was more than willing to write off all Faunus as “miscreants” and “criminals”, who compared Faunus to trashcans and lampposts. Who cared more about how she felt than how she treated others.

Weiss has thrown herself into a lava plume for her teammate. She’s taken hits for her teammates. She was willing to lay down her life for her friend without a second thought.

Weiss Schnee has grown so fucking much and I am so proud of her character.

So I spent this morning doing the final pass on an upcoming volume, and here are a few of the highlights. I made myself sad. Because I’m a terrible person.
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