音無涼子プロフィール by ロンドゥ | Pixiv ID 13595432

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ダンガンロンパ3未来編の新キャラ(女子) by yuuki | Pixiv ID 16687270

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Is no one going to mention how Ryota is turning into a hope junko without him realising it? I mean, He’s not only trying to erase junko’s brainwashing with literally just more brainwashing, but he also used it to make asahina and the rescue squad do whatever he told them to (turning them into some sort of brainless slaves for unknown time)…

Just like a certain someone did with the reserve course and all of her followers…

He’s forcing the entire planet to be filled with an emotion through brainwashing…even if it’s a “possitive” feeling, it’s still literally the same thing junko did. He is turning into the person he hated the most.

And I think the saddest part about all this, is that he thinks he finally is doing things right and that no one is using him anymore, but in the end, he is still being used…just by different person (Tengan) this time.

Bumblebee: Adventures With Kitten

Yang walked down the hallways of beacon with her sassiest walk ever, pretty much doing it to annoy Blake. The kitty always got embarrassed when she did it, and that faint shade of pinky red blush that appears on the girls face always made Yang smile. She spotted Ruby and Weiss and pranced her way over to them, embarrassing Blake even more.

“Hey. Oh…uh Yang what’s with the strut?” Weiss asked looking at her skeptically.

“Can’t I just choose to be my sexy self,” she answered winking at Blake, who buried her face in her hands.

“That’s my sis! Hey don’t be late for Obleck’s class, he’ll make you do extra work!” Ruby told them before walking off to class with Weiss. She honestly didn’t feel up to going to class today, but the adventure calls to her. So…why not have an adventure. She grabbed Blake and ran to the class which awaited them, making the girl yell at her to slow down. Once they got there she sat in the back of the class, Blake choosing the sit one row in front of her. This would be fun.

“So class today we will be studying the difference in Grimm activities between Atlas and Vale. Please…” he went on for too long, Yang ruffled her blonde locks before looking forward at Blake, who was immersed in her erotic novel. A novel which she thought no one knew about, but Yang had found it the day they’d started sharing a room. As the professor went on she looked closer and closer at Blake, and her mind thought up all sorts of things. One just good enough to act upon. Carefully and gently she started to stroke the faunus’s kitten ears, the sensation obviously registering with the black haired mystery. Blake snapped her head back, a dark shade of red coving her face, and shot her a nasty look.

“Yang..” she whispered so that no one would here the slight enjoyment she got out of this. Yang kept going, petting Blake’s ears more and more, focusing on the tips of them before heading to the base. She loved seeing Blake so embarrassed, which some people would say is cruel, but she didn’t mind being a bit cruel once and a while. Blake purred which was a first, the sound bringing shock to even her. She moved to behind her ears, a more sensitive spot indeed judging from the reaction it held. Blake gasped making heads turn to the both of them.

“Are you alright Miss. Belladonna?” Obleck asked.

“Yes, I’m fine sir.” He went back to his story and quickly Blake looked back at her and glared.

“Yang, not here.” Blake turned away before she could get the chance to rebuttal the statement. Thinking quick on her toes Yang leaned in to Blake’s side and whispered so quietly no one but Blake would hear.

“Then later, kitten?” She added a purr to the end making Blake breath in awkwardly. When Yang got a chance to see her face the answer was clear as day, the blush almost red as a rose. She laughed and nibbled the girl’s ear before going back to ignoring class. Leaving Blake to hold back her purring.





Yuuko I understand that you steal merchandise from the Clamp multiverse but HOW DOES THIS ONE EVEN WORK.