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Mixed Up Call for Submissions! I am a bridge // I am not your bridge.

Mixed Up! A Mixed Race Queer & Feminist Zine: Volume 3
Call for Submissions!
Deadline August 1st


Our third volume seeks writings and visuals that address the societal projection of the mixed person as a BRIDGE. Some prompts:
-       What does the “bridge” expectation entail?
-       How do we, as mixed people, actually experience this role?
-       What is the difference between embodying liminal space and acting as a tool for others? Where is the choice/consent?

Or be the TROLL unda tha BRIDGE – A place to vent, share, laugh at the cruel and ignorant remarks you’ve endured, targeted at your mixed identity. You are not alone!

More details: facebook.com/mrqfzine & mrqfzine.tumblr.com
Send submissions to: mrqfzine@gmail.com

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Wait, wasn't Bear just born? Is what Liam's describing possible to do with a new born baby?

Yeah no not really. Basically he was saying that he’s super over protective. Really at that age the concern is the volume, not anything visual.

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How do you pace yourself and not leave everything to the last minute?

I generally start by highlighting and annotating the syllabus for each course and transferring all pertinent assignments/dates into my planner.  This allows me to manage my time well from the very beginning of the semester and identify where I can readily work ahead, when I should be starting projects or studying for tests, etc.  

Every Sunday evening, I look at my upcoming assignments, tests, essays, lab reports, etc. in my planner for each class for the next two weeks, as well as any other personal, athletic, or extra-cirriculuar commitments I may have.  I utilize this time to create daily goals and to-do lists for the upcoming weeks, which allow me to visualize the volume of work ahead of me, as well as the time commitment I’ll have to dedicate to my academics.

This method definitely comes in handy if I see I have a horseshow on a given weekend, followed by two tests on Monday.  If I plan out each day’s study sessions in advance, I’ve left myself enough time to begin preparing for the tests ahead of time so that I’m not scrambling later or feeling unprepared the morning of the assessments.  Consequently, I don’t have to cram material while at the horseshow or extremely late on Sunday night.

Another method that often works well for me is somewhat of a reward system.  If I meet all of my studying goals for a given week or month, I’ll reward myself with some nice-to-have that I’ve had my eye on.  When the school year gets into full swing and I couldn’t feel any less like studying, the prospect of an eventual reward usually motivates me to work that much harder.

For most individuals (myself included), time management and organizing your study schedule and habits is a series of trial and error - you’ll find methods that work extremely well for you, as well as ones that are more detrimental than beneficial.

If anyone else has any advice, please feel free to contribute!

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A F V for Ravi and Hyuk


A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

He’ll usually jump in the shower with you and help you wash up before you go to bed.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s not really loud. Mostly just sighs and grunts.


A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

Not huge into aftercare, will usually just kiss you and roll over and go to sleep.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He doesn’t think he’s loud but he can get loud. He moans and sighs a lot.

headcanon game

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Hi!! I'm so in love with your work, the consistence of the figures you draw and the dynamism in the poses! I wanted to ask tho, I'm having a really difficult time with foreshortening, so do you know any good books I could study that from?? Any advice on how approach the study?? Thank you so much from now on! Have a nice day :)

First of all, thank you! My whole approach is to try to apply animation principles to figure drawing. Line of Action, Clear Silhouette and Weight are some of the crucial elements of my approach. I try my best to approach life drawing as a tool that helps my ability to do my full-time job (storyboarding). That’s probably why I hardly do any longer poses. I simply have no patience for it anymore.

I will do my best to create a Tuesday Tip page about Foreshortening soon. The only thing I can help you with right now is to try to see limbs and body parts as volumes, and visualizing those simple volumes in space. The magic is to also apply a sense of simplicity and appeal to the foreshortening. I will approach this soon with visuals.

Also, there’s a few new books I’ve been looking at. I will post about them too.


A not-so-great review from Rolling Stone, February 5, 1998. They’re discussing Daft Punk’s set at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles from December 17, 1997 (the show that appeared on the D.A.F.T. DVD). The reviewer goes on to describe it as a “by-the-numbers appearance” “at ear-shattering volume” with “generic visuals,” though he adds that the audience loved it. 

Robot Bat Being Developed To Monitor Construction Sites

Are computer eyes, bat-like drones and worker movement analysis the steps that the construction industry will take before burly robotic builders invade jobsites?

While big, powerful disruptions like robots, contour crafting and supermaterials draw the most attention in any discussion of the future of building, the reality is that most of these technologies won’t hit the worksite in a major way for a while to come.

Some engineers are looking to inject innovation into the gap between now and then by creating or customizing current technologies to monitor work and improve jobsite efficiency. One team leading this charge is the Real-time and Automated Monitoring and Control (RAAMAC) group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Mad Max: Fury Road is an action masterpiece. The practical stunts, effects, and story (the whole movie is a chase, an army of bad guys…er, War Boys relentlessly pursuing a small group of women, including their leader Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and our titular hero Max (Tom Hardy). Our protagonists are trying to escape the grasp of the nefarious Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) who will stop at nothing to get his “property” back) will often leave you gazing at the screen with your mouth agape in disbelief. Like I said on my social media after seeing it a second time, this movie is a masterclass in editing and structure. It’s one I will be watching a lot over the next however many years I have left on this rock to not only relive that enjoyment, but to study George Miller’s brushstrokes as a filmmaker and artist. It’s that damn good.

If this movie was purely its special effects and action sequences, it would still be pretty great, one that would stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best action films out there. However, as I’m sure many of you probably know by now even if you haven’t seen the flick, it isn’t your run of the mill action film. This is a FEMINIST action film. And it’s time for the world to fuckin’ accept it and ENJOY it.


Let’s get this out of the way first: this is NOT “feminist propaganda.” The movie does not beat its feminist themes over your head in any way, shape, or form. The movie presents this silly idea that men and women should be equals and that everything functions better when we’re working together. Now, humor me for a moment as we look at the definition of “feminism.”

fem*i*nism - noun - “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” (via Google)

There’s so much more to the movement than that, but boiling it down to simple terms, women just want (and wholly deserve) equality. Honestly, at this point, we should all be well versed with the word and the ideas behind it. How is it then that I’m seeing a handful of non-M.R.A. (I assume) white dudes on my social media who are trying to deny its feminism? That’s right, ladies! There are some dudes out there who seem to understand the feminist movement better than you do and they say, “MAX SAVES THE WOMENS SOMETIMES AND WOMENS DIE THAT MEANS IT’S NOT FEMINIST.”

Holy balls.

If you didn’t like Mad Max: Fury Road (FREAK!), fine, but for men (again, to my knowledge, not M.R.A.’s) to come out and deny the film’s feminism is silly. Be it they feel they have a better understanding of feminist ideals or that they’re uncomfortable with the label for idiot reasons, I’ve seen this discussion pop up a few times since the film’s release. So, as ANOTHER WHITE MAN who believes these dudes are wrong, I’m taking it upon myself to possibly provide a little more evidence and talk about how my fellow men need to get comfortable with the word and theories of “feminism.”

(I must note that these ideas stem from numerous talks I’ve had with my partner anerdyfeminist and this is more a blending of the different things we’ve discussed together. She deserves as much credit as I for some of these thoughts.)



“The poster says MAD MAX,” you whine. “How is he not the hero?!” Yeah, we get it. Max’s name is in the title and he does play a key role in everything that happens, but this is Furiosa’s/Theron’s movie. Besides the opening, the whole story is about her arc. This is a woman who worked her way through the ranks of men, within a society built by men, and hopes to save other women to take them to a supposed promise land ran by women. She’s the ultimate feminist badass. Max, much like the purpose he serves in The Road Warrior, is simply here to help get her to her goal and that’s okay. Furiosa doesn’t need saving. She simply, no pun intended, needs a hand (much like Max often also needs a hand).

She gets as many badass moments as Max. She is a strong leader and fighter, proving to be an expert sniper (which Max must reluctantly acknowledges by passing her a rifle at one point in the film). She has no interest in romance and is never forced to take her clothes off. On top of all that, she gets the ultimate hero moment when she rips that mask off of Joe’s face, killing and defeating him for good.

She is Max’s equal.

That’s feminism.


There’s a running theme of compassion throughout this movie, something you don’t often see in the action genre. Under Immortan Joe’s rule, Nux (Nicholas Hoult) is taught to worship Joe and to fight for him with hopes of reaching Valhalla. He fails and Joe abandons him. When Capable (Riley Keough) finds Nux stowed away in their rig, hiding in a fetal position and crying, she simply talks to him as an equal, eventually laying down and comforting him. She shows him compassion.

The comfort she provides changes Nux. By the end of the film, he has sworn off the patriarchy built under Joe and is fighting for/with the women. His arc ends with him sacrificing himself, not because of promises of living again in Valhalla, but for these people he has just met. Feminism is about empathy, thinking about others and knowing their feelings and desires are just as important as your own. Nux doesn’t save the women by crashing into the oncoming traffic. He helps them, just like they helped him. It’s because of that compassion Nux sees the truth.

Under Joe’s rule, the men fight and the women have the babies (or have their bodies used for sustenance through breast milk, both against their will. Furiosa appears to be the exception). At the end, when it’s clear Furiosa is in charge of the Citadel, you can immediately feel a new found hope in its people. Seeing her character throughout the course of the film, you know she’s the leader they all deserve.

She’s compassionate and is going to help everyone, not just herself.


While watching the film, you’ll see the main characters mess up A LOT. Not just the men, but also the women. They’re human. You’ll see each of them try and fail to reach the goals they have set out for themselves towards the beginning.

Max is a loner who just wants to escape Joe’s prison and trek the wasteland on his lonesome. He fails.

Furiosa wants to take a truck full of sex slaves (”wives”) to a promise land full of lush green plants, food, and water. She (kind of) fails. (She helps them escape, but there’s no promise land).

Nux wants to “live, die, and live again” by stopping Furiosa and her war rig from escaping. He fails.

It isn’t until all three of these people, along with Joe’s escaped brides and the tough as nails women of The Vuvalini, start working together that they even get close to completing their goals. They need each other, everyone serving an important purpose by the end. They focus on one goal together that will benefit many and that helps them reach their individual goals. FEMINISM, YO!

The men save the women and the women save the men. People helping people. It’s, like, the real world or something (but, you know, with the Doof Warrior shredding his electric guitar in the background).

By the end of the film, the Citadel is under the rule of a woman and its people are celebrating. The mothers who were forced to provide milk for Joe’s babies via mechanical milking devices free themselves from their constraints and turn the water on…for everyone. Once again, these women provide, but not against their will. This visual speaks volumes and it’s a really powerful moment.

There’s a new hope in the Citadel and that’s because Imperator Furiosa and Max Rockatansky came together as equals and worked together.


So, we’ve covered how the film’s a feminist action film, correct? Then, why can’t we admit it? Why are we so afraid of calling it exactly that? Why am I seeing so many people trying to dance around it or refusing to acknowledge it? I can’t help but feel it’s the word feminism itself. Let’s break it down.

Do you believe that men and women are equal and should be treated as such? Yes? That’s feminism!. Do you have a mom or a sister or an aunt or a grandmother or a cousin or a close friend who you think shouldn’t be treated any differently than a man? Are you a just plain good person who believes that women should have the exact same opportunities that men have had and continue to have? Oh, yeah?

This. Is. Feminism. And I know many people (Aziz Ansari recently) have said similar things and I don’t want to retread, but let’s call it what it is.

What’s that? You consider yourself more a “humanist” because feminism sounds like you’re excluding men? Do you think calling people as a whole “man” and not “woman” is any different? Isn’t the fact that some people are so uncomfortable with the idea that the word feminism sounds feminine or “girly” the reason why feminism is even a thing in the first place?!

Women aren’t weak. Women are powerful. Feminism should be seen as a fucking positive and powerful word. I am a FEMINIST. I am a FEMINIST ally. We should be proud to say these sentences.

Mad Max: Fury Road is not afraid to say these things. As a feminist/feminist ally and a fan of action films, Fury Road has skyrocketed to the top of my “best of the year” list and I can see it holding on through December. Hollywood, take note. Not just of the amazing practical effects, but of the progressive symbolism this film embodies.

More feminist action films, please!

DAY 2645

Jalsa, Mumbai               July  9,  2015              Thu  11:11 pm

Birthday wishes for Ef Jasbir Singh Cheema … all our wishes for a lovely day for you and the family .. may you celebrate this day each year, after year, after year eternally …

The DvD of PIKU is released this evening and the great pleasure of its inauguration with the team .. Shoojit, Ronnie, Sony, Reliance, Irfaan .. and the absence of two very major players .. the two ladies Juhi Chaturvedi and Deepika .. they being out of town ..

And in a message to me by the writer Juhi ji .. how beautifully it is put by her for the film DvD : “ … a book on life .. literature … without the pages ..”

Simple yet so effective and pertinent …

DvD’s though have lost some of their aura, though they still reflect a most valuable element of our technology. Imagine and remember the day when we got our first film video to see within the four walls of our homes .. the excitement and the joy of bringing the cinema house inside your own .. the inviting of friends, to witness this phenomena .. the casy gathering of the family around a small tv set and the delight in operating the machine, to astonished viewers .. and the sense of great pride and the showing off in the possessing of such instrument .. being able to stop a film whenever we wanted to rewind what we wished to see again and again .. to put volume and visuals within the control of our fingers .. to have the freedom to see what ever we saw repeatedly ..

And now .. a few punches on the mobile and there it is with you .. moving about in a freedom of time and space …

The advancement of technology within the last few years has been so rapid .. its comparative study needs no great mind to decipher the happening  ..

The DvD has become our permanent companion .. we could safely say we brought our film out of the cinema hall into our home - secured and shelved in deep regard and respect .. mounted on racks that adorn living areas .. some with pride in the most visible sections .. our bedrooms our drawing rooms  … 

I remember on occasion, on a private visit to the house of the great Kishore Kumar, he took me to his bedroom to show me his collection of DvD’s … massive .. and how he so proudly explained and described his valuable possessions …

There is now the paucity of space and storage .. of the volume of these extraordinary possessions being transferred to hard discs, to hold hundreds in one casing .. to utilise the space for more essential goods .. like BOOKS !!!

Books .. ! they shall never be shelved away .. they shall remain .. there is a magical quality about them … yes I could keep them ‘kindled’ but somehow the charm of holding the pages of a freshly printed book, the writing of our name for its possession, the almost divine manner in which they are kept not too far away from us .. ah .. such a remarkable habit .. such attachment and such wealth .. with us .. 

A home without the exhibition of valuable books seems so bare and ignorant .. they convey the character of those that abide in the home … their nature, habits conversation, likes and dislikes .. all ….

If music, as I said yesterday, be the soul of our being, books, are the educators of our soul  …

There is belief among many that I read a lot … nonsense .. I do not .. I merely respect those that do and live in their reflected glory .. that too is a limitless attribute .. so long as knowledge keeps swimming about you in waves, soft and gentle .. life is calm and ethereal .. !

Life needs stimulation .. needs the desire to acknowledge happiness and achievement .. needs others to be around in the glory of friendship and togetherness … 

Anger, rebuttal, disrespect, violence, discrimination, accusation, falsehood … need to be buried for good .. leaving the hemisphere free from any encumbrances of negativity …

I pray for that each day .. come pray with me …

Amitabh Bachchan


Faces of Africa – Images of nearly extinct tribal dress, customs and celebrations in Africa

Faces of Africa: Thirty Years of Photography
by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher
National Geographic
2009, 360 pages, 6.2 x 6.7 x 1 inches
$11 Buy a copy on Amazon

One of my favorite books for reference and inspiration remains the two-volume visual feast entitled African Ceremonies. But it is huge and expensive. This smaller one-volume digest version by the same two photographers delivers much of the impact in a more affordable package. You get a gallery of images of nearly extinct tribal dress, customs and celebrations in Africa. These ways are exceedingly distant from us now (and from most Africans!), and gain their power from this widening difference. All in color and immediate, this book is a great bargain if you’re looking for something way outside our box.  – Kevin Kelly

February 5, 2015