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Seriously. When Death Note first came out, when the first volumes were released in America, my friend bought it. We were just getting into the whole anime thing - because DAMN is that some good animation - and he was grabbing anything he thought looked interesting.

Of course, I was then forced to read it, too.

Lo and behold, I got hooked. I wanted to see Light get his comeuppance, before L even came on the scene. I got so involved that, between this series and my grandmother’s wishes, I chose to go into the Criminal Justice major when I started college.

…I switched to English after a year-and-a-half, but that’s okay. What to do in a hostage situation and the knowledge of what a brain looks like when it meets a shot gun blast at close range I’M SURE will come in handy later in life. Most definitely.

Anyway, I watched the anime. I watched the movies in theaters. All three of them. I bought the novels. For years, these characters were my home.

…So, forgive me when Netflix goes, “Here’s more Death Note to sink your teeth into,” and I’m left with a bitter taste in my mouth, going, “Who the fuck is THAT?” …To, like, the entire cast.

Didja even try, mate? Plenty of Asian American actors out there. Could’ve at least got the three mains accurate. But, naaaah. Only been, what, a decade? Surely the fans of the “old” series have forgotten that Light was an immaculate dick who was more metrosexual than he was any other kind of sexual and definitely not some kid who looks like he needs a bath and an eternity of sleep.

…That was more L’s schtick.

I just. Mmm. No.


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54


There’s been some talk about the amount of lines every character in RWBY has had over each volume, so I thought it’d be nice to put it into something visual for ease of use. The last chart is just the top 20 characters with the most lines, obviously there are more characters than that.

Some observations:

  • Volume 4 is the first volume where male characters have collectively had more lines than female characters. This has been an overall trend across the series however the swing was dramatic come vol 4
  • Ruby had the lion’s share of lines in volume 1 and 2 but tends get the same as other characters come volume 3 and 4.
  • Ruby, Weiss and Yang have had less lines every volume whilst other characters fluctuate depending on the plot.
  • Had it not been for Ruby’s monologue in the final episode of volume 4 she would have been in 3rd place for that volume.
  • Volume 2 is the only time that team RWBY has held all 4 top spots.
  • Father figures such as Qrow, Taiyang, Li and Ghira tend to speak more and have bigger roles than mothers like Kali, Raven and An.

A bit of background behind how these numbers came to be under the cut.

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let me help you fall in love with tanaka’s character (i’m gonna cut some parts from the first volume of the manga).

this is tanaka ryunosuke. he appears for the first time in the manga on vol 1 . he’s a second year and as you can see, he’s got that delinquent boy look going on. oh, and you’re gonna see that facial expression a lot, it’s his signature. it’s meant to intimidate people, but, no, just no, it’s hilarious af. 

guys, guys, guys, tanaka is a dork. we love dork characters, right?

he’s so simple minded. he’s just like bokuto. i’m dying.

whether you’ve watched the anime or you’re reading the manga, you probably know that the weird duo knocks off the vice principal wig, leading to daichi kicking them out of the gym. this scene is right before any of that happens. daichi is trying to talk to hinata and kageyama, but they’re just too absorbed in arguing that they do not hear him. tanaka is scolding them because daichi san is talking. he respects the third years a lot and wants the first years to respect them as well. we love respectful characters, right?

and here is the part where i start talking about how good of a senpai (and a person) tanaka is. this guy wakes up at 4 to let those two practice in the gym without daichi knowing (heh). this is obviously not the only time tanaka looks out for his kouhais. there are so many scenes in which you can see tanaka taking care of the kids. my favorite one? it’s probably the one from the OVA. if you still haven’t watched it, go watch it, because if you still think that tanaka’s nothing more than a funny gag, you’ll understand that you’re wrong. so wrong.

he is such a caring person. karasuno, his teammates mean so much to him. when hinata and kageyama don’t pass their exams, they need to re-do it, but in order to practice with the others in tokyo they need a ride. in the OVA you see tanaka asking his sister if she can do this favor for him, at first she tells him no because it’s an at least four hours drive, but then she sees her brother counting his savings. guys, guys, guys, here me out, tanaka’s willing to use his own money for hinata and kageyama. unfortunately he doesn’t have enough, but do you know what he does to provide a ride for them? he kneels in front of his sister and begs her. and he did not tell anyone how hard it was for him to provide a ride for hinata and kageyama. y’know, he deserves being called tanaka senpai by everyone everyday of his life, tanaka is the man

but this, this is probably what i like the most about him. this is just an example, okay? here we have tsukishima, telling them about kageyama’s nickname. tanaka has never liked people talking shit about others. look at his expression, he’s mad. he’s gonna scold tsukishima, but daichi stops him. this happens not a lot, but a shit amount of lots. tanaka is always ready to shut up people who belittle others. he steps up for kageyama, he is always there for hinata, he’s always ready to say “no, don’t say that you’re great” whenever someone is self depricating or he’s ready to fight whenever they talk shit of his friends. he’s such a good character, guys. 

(oh, and have i already told you how strong this person is? when oikawa’s targeting him he puts himself together. all by himself. most players wouldn’t be able to do that, they’d be so down because they’d made a lot of mistakes, but tanaka? not tanaka, bitch. tanaka is stronger than that. tanaka is better than that. tanaka slaps himself and receives that powerful serve.)

tanaka is in my top 5 favorite haikyuu characters and now you kinda know why. i think there’s so much more i need to say, but this post is getting too long. but please, give a little love to tanaka ryunosuke. call him tanaka senpai. he deserves it.

so i grabbed the official scans of these pages from my volume b/c the first image is cut off in scanlations for some reason and i wanted to point this out

Kouda, super shy Kouda, moved from his seat to talk to Tokoyami.

Kouda and Tokoyami are friends and Kouda actually talks to him 

anyway i just wanted to point out this adorable little detail

Not sure if you guys heard yet, but after its second week of sales, the first volume of the Yuri on Ice DVDs and BluRays sold 62,673 copies total.

That’s like a 12k growth in one week.

And yes, it is still absolutely insane.

It’s basically twice as much as the best-selling volume of Free! (the other best-selling sports anime) sold (think their best result was 33k).

YOI is going strong in Japan and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up anytime soon.

I’d be looking forward to that second season official announcement if I were you.

Do you guys also think that the cover of the first volume of the YOI BDs/DVDs is foreshadowing of their eventual pair skating or is it just me?

I mean, the way Yuuri throws his arm back? The way Victor supports his waist? Their leg placement? There’s a very limited amount of situations in which this position makes sense.