volume nine

  • Rocket: Hey Peter, we found Yondu!
  • Peter: Oh great. Well, um, we're sort of in the middle of something but yeah, welcome to the Guardians of the Galaxy, dad.
  • Everyone: *stares*
  • Peter: What?
  • Gamora: You just called Yondu "dad". You said "Welcome to the Guardians of the Galaxy, dad."
  • Peter: What, no I didn't, I said "welcome to the Guardians of the Galaxy, man."
  • Yondu: Quill, you see me as a father figure?
  • Peter: Of course not! If anything I see you as a bother figure because you're always bothering me!
  • Drax: Quill, how dare you speak to your father like that.
  • Groot: I am Groot.
Balkan Road Trip
  • Croatia: spread out over the whole backseat and complains about people being in his space
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: spends all their time finding new things to throw out the window, including the map
  • Slovenia: tries to be the boss of everyone and threatens to turn the car around but no one listens
  • Serbia: somehow starts World War 3 by sneezing
  • Montenegro: hides in the passenger seat the whole time listening to 80's pop and doing dot-to-dots
  • Kosovo: in the middle row asking continually if they can stop because he has to go to the bathroom again
  • Macedonia: the late night driver who is totally in control of everything and likes to keep the radio on at volume nine billion
  • Albania: gets his fingers slammed in the door by Slovenia and starts a huge fight in the CBA parking lot
  • Greece: finds a snail and secretly keeps him in a McDonald's cup, feeding him dandelions and cucumbers
  • Turkey: discovers Greece's pet snail and sets him free in the forest at 3 am, replacing the snail with a rock
  • Romania: puts himself in charge of all the money and "loses" it
  • Bulgaria: makes the whole car smell like cigarettes along with Serbia and has the incredible ability to find a liquor store anywhere
  • Moldova: sits up in the front with Montenegro and helps him with the dot-to-dots and cries a lot

I don’t get crushes.
That is a line from Jughead Volume Two issue nine.
You know what else Jughead says in Jughead Volume Two (issue eleven page ten if you wanna get real specific)?
“I don’t go on dates, Sabrina. I don’t like people that way, you know?
He didn’t say “I don’t get crushes on girls” or “I don’t like girls that way”. He said he doesn’t get crushes, period. He said he doesn’t like people that way. That’s just about as close to saying “I’m aromantic” as you can get without actually saying “I’m aromantic.”

So in conclusion: Jughead is canonically aromantic and I have the proof on my fucking bookshelf and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Continually Unexpected (2/3)

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PART 2: Middle 

Cassian and Jyn were having a fight.

It could be worse, Kay supposed. They could have been fighting out in the lounge, which would have meant that Kay, Kes and Shara would all be stuck in the kitchen with absolutely no way of getting out without interrupting. At least this way, the two were contained to Cassian’s bedroom and there was no chance of accidentally looking at Jyn in just the wrong way to make her explode. They’d had fights before, of course – usually because Jyn had watched ‘their show’ without him, or he’d bought the wrong type of mayonnaise again – but Kay had to admit that they’d never really had a fight on this scale before.

They once again turned up the volume of Brooklyn Nine-Nine just a bit louder.

“For the record, I told him not to tell her,” Kay helpfully put out there.

Kes and Shara both looked at him like he’d grown a third head. You know, people actually looked at him like that quite a lot.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” Shara cried. 

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Discipline - James March x Reader

REQUEST:  Can you do an imagine where modern reader swears near James and he wants to “punish” her ? :3 btw they are together. Thanks ^^ — sent by anonymous
Hi ^^ I’m the one who asked for the James x reader where reader swears. Could you make her listen to (hard) rock music at the same time ? And James finally has enough of her not acting like a proper lady ? :3 thanks


You were in your room, relaxing by yourself, since your boyfriend James wasn’t around, having told you that he had important matters to attend to. You sighed and flicked your cigarette in the ashtray. He had a tendency to do this, disappear for hours and leave you to your own devices. Which normally was alright, but for some reason this time you felt a little under appreciated. You felt like he wasn’t paying attention to you much, which sounded a little bratty. You decided you needed to do something to get his attention, good or bad, it was better than nothing. 

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I recently bought “Fragments of Sappho” (translated by Anne Carson) and I was reading the introduction, where Carson states that out of the nine volumes Sappho produced, only one poem survived in its entirety.

How did we manage to reproduce and keep the text of men like Aristotle and Sophocles, but out of nine volumes we only have one poem by Sappho?

As Virginia Woolf said, “For most of history, anonymous was a woman.”

I wish we could put more time, effort, and money into recovering works by women of the past, whether it is in science, math, arts, poetry, or any other field…