volume 7 cover

The collector’s edition of the novel. There are 18 volumes and one volume is released every month. Currently there are 10 volumes which cover around chapter 900+ of the web novel. It also comes with a poster and different freebies for each book. 

Volume 1-  Ye Xiu Cover. Comes with Happy web cafe notebook, ‘special’ receipts (lol)

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anonymous asked:

Where is the bottom left of your Bakugou icons from? I don't recognize it from the manga and was just curious! Thanks!

Icons? I’m assuming you meant my wallpapers? Lol it’s from the volume 7 drama cd cover!

[From the author] Hello, it’s been a while! Today I had a business meeting with Wazawa-sensei. Usually we upload an illustration, but today we’re at our physical limit! So please forgive us with this scrapped rough draft of Volume 7′s cover. From Sensei, “Abeno looks too out of place so he was scrapped!” were Sensei’s exact words. We both had a laugh at that through the phone! Well then, that’s all for this month!