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I can see the dead.2

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Requested by followers to do a part 2!

WARNING: Love letters and well wishes.

You looked at the letter in your hand, a deep red envelope with the Volturi crest holding it closed. Your brother informed you of what you were to Aro, you knew how a vampire’s bond works. However, you didn’t expect you to have such a bond with the leader of the Volturi. You opened up the envelope and slowly read the beautiful hand written letter.

My dear Y/N,

I hope that your travel back to America was safe and pleasant. I must be honest, however for I have no reason to lie to you and I do wish to be truthful about my feelings. I did not wish for you to go, it pained me to see you leave without me and from me. However, I knew that keeping you here, when you were so scared and frightened of me, would not be right. I knew it would hurt me more than it is right now.

I truly hope and wish for you to write back to me. With the wish that you will know, I do deeply care about you.

with all the love I can give,


You held the letter close to your chest as you sat at your desk, even though that thread of fear still tug at your heart you felt like you needed to write back to him. You stood up from your desk and went into your walk-in closet. You took out a box that had a clasp on the outside of it to keep it shut. Opening it, you placed Aro’s letter back in the envelope and into the box, closing the clasp. You placed it back up on the high shelf and walked back to your desk taking out a piece of paper and pen.


jessicanjpa  asked:

I'm still looking for ideas as to what rooms and special features might be down beneath the Volturi's castle... any ideas?

O, goodness. I am sorry for taking so long on this ask :c.

I have this headcanon that to access the various corridors under the castle, you need a key card to “badge” in through the heavily reinforced doors. For convenience, I think each Volturi crest is calibrated with access codes, depending on the rank of the vampire. I tend to think the higher guard has a few special areas that they can access that the lower guard cannot get into. This is just one example of the perks associated with having a more advanced rank. 

As for the rooms:

Caius totally has one of those stereotypical hunter rooms with the huge fire place. But instead of bear rugs and mounted deer heads, it has werewolf pelt rugs, mounted jaws, and pretty much anything else he can manage to mount and displace. He takes a lot of pride in it. 

I’m sure there are holding cells under the castle too, which tends to be popular in the fanfictions. The cells look like typical jail cells, except of course the bars are reinforced and unbreakable to vampires. Although, I am not exactly sure on how they go about strengthening the metals. I know adding carbon will strength iron because it distorts the crystal lattice,  but once it reaches some point, it will start to get brittle. I think you can also add aluminum and copper to strengthen metals. So, I’m sure they have some weird combination of metals that they have discovered to be unbreakable to vampires. I also still like the idea that Children of the Moon venom/saliva can “weaken” vampires, so it be interesting if they used that to weaken vampires so they could be held more effectively. I’m sure in close proximity to the holding cells are various rooms used to torture vampires that will not give up important information. 

Also, there has to be some sort of room that is used to dispose of the human tourists, executed vampires, and such. I think in the guide it states that they use some sort of acid to dispose of the human bodies. So, I think there is probably a “garbage disposal” room, where the humans and vampires are destroyed by acid (possibly hydrofluoric acid, which is highly corrosive and can melt glass) and fire respectively. Usually a lower guard is responsible for these types of duties, but occasionally, a higher guard will be “punished” by making them perform the less ideal tasks of the castle such as this.  

All of the bedrooms for the guards and coven are below the castle too. The temporary guard and high guard each have their own separate corridors, which are well spaced out to allow maximum privacy. The higher guards have more privacy and spacing in between their rooms because of their rank, but mostly because there have been numerous complaints about the noise levels of certain extracurricular activities.  

Some other more general ideas I have include: a miscellaneous room (with valuables and treasures the Volturi coven has collected over the years), various recreational rooms (complete with billiards, air hockey, various video game consults, giant movie theater-style projector, etc), and swimming pools. 

To be honest, I think the Volturi castle is pretty up to date and probably a really neat place to live.