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Request: Jealous and Proud (Demetri Volturi x Reader)

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You quite literally got on with everyone, no one had a bad thing to say about you.
You seemed to just fall into place within the their world.
You caught on quickly to everything they taught you.
Your bright personality and intelligence even …lured…unwanted attention from people who wanted more romantic relations with you.

“Look what Jane gave me!” You danced into the room with…a Volturi crest around your neck.
Who the hell gave you what now!?” Demetri instantly turned to you.
“Jane gave me my own crest! She was happy when I got excited. Even let me hug her!”
“…our Jane?”
“Uh huh!”
“I don’t know what to make of this…” Jane rarely gave new guards a crest, when she did she would throw it at them and leave as quickly as she came. This time she stuck around to actually hand you it! Not to mention - you had made her happy.

“Not to alarm you but your mate nearly tackled Santiago and successfully pinned him.” Felix said.
“By themselves!?”
Felix nodded as Demetri sat totally stunned. Santiago was twice the size of you and several centuries older than you. How did you catch him off guard and pin him down!?

Demetri had barely caught the handwriting in the letter as you opened it to toss it without even a look. He caught the name of the sender. “Stefan!? From the Romanians!? Give me that!”
“Hon, ignore it. I do. I don’t care to know what it says. The first one was enough.” “There’s more than one!?”
You nodded in dismay. Demetri quickly read it. “This is him confessing his love for you!? HE KNOWS YOU’RE MINE. Everyone knows that so WHY DO THEY CONTINUE THEIR ADVANCES!?”
“Demetri, you’re now jealous…”
“I’m not! I don’t know how to handle this! I am angry yet so proud.”
“No hon, you’re jealous and proud.”

Imagine Alec giving you your Volturi crest

“Hey Alec.” You smiled.
“Good evening (Y/N).” Alec smirked. “How are you doing?”
“This place is huge. I’m still getting lost every two minutes.”
Alec chuckled. “You’ll learn.”
“I hope so for the amount of times I hear it. I just got out of my newborn years and now my newest challenge is my geographic location.”
Alec laughed. “You amuse me so.”
“Good, I need to be good for something right now. If I get lost in this place and die from starvation then at least I get to say that I was funny to the mighty Alec Volturi…put that on my gravestone.”
“You’re so silly.” Alec grinned. “I have something for you.”
“…wait like a present or a nasty punishment?”
“I’d say a reward, you’ve earned it.”
“…a slap to the head?”
“Okay, okay, I’m done.”

Alec moved you in front of the mirror, but didn’t let you look, he kept you facing him. He brushed your hair from your neck and face. He dug into his coat pocket and you saw a glint of gold. You inhaled sharply as he took the crest and placed it on your neck. “Wow…” He then connected it at the back before adjusting it. “It’s beautiful…”
“It fits you.” He said quietly, trailing his fingers from the chain, over your shoulders and down your arms, turning you around holding you in place. “You should be proud.” He said, looking at you through the mirror his fingers still wrapped around your wrists.