voltron: legendary defender - season 2 bloopers and behind the scenes

there it is!! second part of my voltron actor au! i know pidge, allura and coran deserved some love here too but i promise that in the s3 post i’ll give them hugs and kisses - and drawings of course

and the last one with hunk: his laughter was a blooper but it was so cute they decided to leave it in
Shiro - You're Welcome (Moana) | The Voltron Cast
So many of you have been asking for a musical episode, so I got some of the Voltron Cast together to make this song happen. Let's hear a big "thank you" for ...

It’s my birthday but I have a musical gift for you! #YoureWelcome
Thanks so much to Bex, Neil, Kimberly, and AJ and my wife Elizabeth for having the idea to do this in the first place. Enjoy!