voltron texts

the fact that nobody on my dash is talking about net neutrality is baffling like? if net neutrality is removed, IT WILL AFFECT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. the internet will no longer be free, just imagine having to pay a LOT of money to use websites and things like tumblr, google, twitter, youtube, facebook, amazon, instagram, snapchat, skype, discord, gaming services, ALL social media platforms, email, etc. it will completely demolish our internet freedom. imagine the poor artists, bloggers, photographers, and other content creators will be making things into a complete void where nobody will see anything because we wont be able to afford to. you will end up paying a ton of money for slower internet and far less privileges, IF you are able to afford it. we all lose big time with this and nobody seems to care.

  • Hunk: Lance, why are you posing?
  • Lance: Google Earth. Always taking pictures.
  • Keith: We're not on Earth.
  • Lance:
  • Pidge: If he cries, it's your fault.

so in episode 2 of season 4 we get these four snapshots of the holt family:

and if you look closely at the first two, in the background you’ll see two figures, shiro and keith

now I think it’s really interesting that they decided to put them here, in a scene which is about two siblings! matt and shiro both even have their arm around the younger one!! if this isn’t broganes foreshadowing I don’t know what is

dreamworks please dont skip over the fact that keith almost sacrificed himself please show the paladins loving and caring for him and showing him how hurt everyone would be if he had gone through with it. you showed us their group hug before he left, please give us another showing how relieved they are that hes back and safe with them, his family

Matt: … Pidge?

Pidge: (breathless) Matt?

(In unison, they both slowly rise to their feet, never breaking eye-contact. They stand apart for one moment before collapsing into each other.)

Pidge: (crying) Oh, my gosh! Ever since the Kerberos Mission they- they said that you were dead, but I knew you weren’t! I knew- I never- Mom and I never gave up hope, I swear, we never stopped looking for you- Matt.

Matt: (voice catching) I can’t believe you found me. It doesn’t- it doesn’t seem possible. I… I missed you so much, Pidge I can’t believe you’re-

Pidge: (tasers him with her bayard)



  • Shiro: Keith, keep an eye on Lance today. He's gonna do something to the wrong person and get himself punched.
  • Keith: Sure. I'd love to see Lance get punched.
  • Shiro: Try again.
  • Keith: I will stop Lance from getting punched.
  • Shiro: Correct.

I laugh at “shiro wanting to die” jokes as much as the next person but in all seriousness I don’t think there’s a character in this show who fights to live more than he does