Feels Bad 😂😂 I’m going to try to doodle more often! I noticed doodling helps with my anatomy and builds on overall skill 👍 Also currently working on the next WUAS update! I start college again on Tuesday 😭 but I’ll do my best to keep drawing and be active!

20gayteen is a blessing

1. Bert and Ernie are gay

2. Bubbleine is canon

3. Ruby and sapphire got married

4. Shiro is confirmed gay

5.Bunsen and beaker are confirmed gay.

6.Ilia from RWBY admitted to being in love with Blake.

7.Runaan from TDP has a boyfriend

8. Toni and Cheryl from Riverdale are girlfriends (and also are living together according to delete scenes)

9. Poison ivy and Harley Quinn were confirmed.

10. Love Simon.

11. India is starting to accept homosexuality

12. Hayley kiyoko

(Let me know if there was more)

What a time to be alive.

( can we get that klance??? Mabey???)