Lance: Truth is, I only know one truly platonic friendship.

Keith: You and me.

Lance: Don’t make me laugh, Keith. You wanna hit this so hard.

“Lance’s Harem” is going to be a thing even if I have to fill the tag by myself.

Watch me as I make the whole fucking universe fall in love with Lance.

Fucking everyone will be pining hard when I’m finished.

  • Lance: so you in the mood to spice things up a little bit
  • Keith: you know I can’t eat spicy foods
  • Lance: i meant in the bedroom
  • Keith: i can’t eat spicy foods anywhere

Recently, there is a video going around of proclaimed “leaks” that were supposed to be season 8/deleted audio files (some were from the VA game lmaoo), but some of Lance’s “lines” in particular are are from a video game series called “Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series” in which Lance’s VA (Jeremy Shada) voiced young Peter Quill. If you compare the audio of these two videos, some of the lines are the exact same:


If it wasn’t for Bex’s comment, I would think Josh talks about Allura and Lance. But now I’m confused and I don’t really want to speculate but I can’t avoid thinking this might be about Keith and Lance, and I say this as no Klance shipper!


『Lance would know, surely, just how much it can mean to have someone believe.』

He’s a special character to many people (me included) for many reasons, so I thought Lance would definitely want those people to know they’re special to him and he’s cheering for them too ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾ Tiny puppet Lance wishes all his fans the very best!

(Pierrot/counterpart animatic: link)

Then Sadness

Date: 19/08/18

Words: 1848

Warnings: Langst, Shance, eventual polydins, Lance’s Harem, pining disaster gay!Shiro

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Part 2: SOON

Based on this post.

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I’m here to talk about a serious thing, please read and don’t judge me.

All of you should report the “new reboot ” of Voltron

The name of the reboot is Voltron: New Age

I’m not doing this thing just because I hate Klance, no. I’m doing it because it’s incorrect and wrong for the others who worked so hard at the original series. Klance shippers please, if you really love this series and you’re not watching it just for a ship, please report this thing rn to Lauren, Dreamworks and Voltron.

It makes me angry knowing it the fans are rebooting Voltron just because their ship will never be canon, man, are you a true fan? I’ll ask you, you’re watching Voltron just for a ship? Or you’re watching it for the characters and the story?

It’s unauthorized illegal and immature

Don’t be angry just because you’re ship will never be canon, I’m really sad and disappointed in this fandom, everything like this thing makes the fandom more toxic than it used to be.

Plance Headcanon #1

Pidge can play the piano. She learned it because she got bored one day.

Okay so one day her and Lance stumble across a music room in the Garrison. Pidge sits down at the piano.

Lance asks if she is just going to beat on the keys and call it a song. Pidge laughs and plays the most beautiful song Lance has ever heard.

This could either go two ways

-One way is that Lance says that’s why he loves her and Pidge blushes

-Or Lance is completely dumbfounded and Pidge sees this and says Now that’s a song.

I’m just questioning about the fandom rn. Y'all called 2 girls racist bc they aren’t Hispanic bc they change lance name into leandro for au, but when the vld crews change lance last name into Serrano. Y'all don’t mind it, btw most of the crews aren’t Hispanic but I may be wrong tho. I bet Y'all are complaining bc it’s klance au, just saying.

Lance: Do you think Keith would put on a choker for me?

Shiro: He’s so whipped he’d put whipped cream on his head for you.

Lance: What? No way.

Shiro: Try it.

Lance: *Calling Keith into the room*

Keith: Ya babe? What’s up?

Lance: Can you put whipped cream on your head for me?

Keith: hm? Sure *Walks to the fridge*

Lance: *Tackles Keith to the ground* Keith! No! I was joking and that will ruin your beautiful hair.