Favorite headcanon? That Keith and Lance are both absolute dorks who would go on a competition to see who can find mothman first.

(They’re both headcanoned as conspirasists and as “rivals” sooo)

One day they find out that they both believe in Mothman and Lance boasts, “I’ve looked up possible locations, and, if I had the time, I would have already found him.”

Keith scoffs and says, “You? Lance, you can barely find your own clothes.”

Lance shakes his head in disbelief, “Nuh-uh.” It takes only a few seconds of Keith’s critical gaze for Lance to speak again, “Well, I don’t see how you would beat me, Mullet.”

“Oh yeah? Watch me.”

“You’re on.”

[Cue mischief, madness, Hunk’s conflicted back-and-forth of Hunk, help me beat Keith and Lance can’t win, please help, Coran’s and Allura’s confusion of what exactly mothman is, Shiro’s slight amusement of these events, and Pidge’s insistence that Mothman is not real]

Man I just want to lay on Hunk and listen to his goddamn heartbeat while he wraps those beefy arms around me UGHH 😭💫💕

  • I feel like Hunk runs a high body temperature
    • There are pros and cons to this
    • Pros: He’s really fucking cozy
    • Cons: He’s so cozy you keep dozing off during cuddling sessions and drooling a bit on his chest
    • He insists he doesn’t mind but you’re a little embarrassed
  • He smells really fucking good
    • It varies depending on what he cooked that day but it’s usually either something similar to vanilla or more herby
  • Don’t be fooled by his thicc™ appearance, that boy works out very frequently to keep up the strength needed by a paladin
    • That is ALL muscle
    • Still, he’s soft™ and very comfortable to either lay your head on or your whole body if you so desire
  • He likes to talk when you two cuddle
    • Don’t worry if you can’t find anything to talk about, he’ll talk more than enough for the both of you
    • As long as you at least give an occasional hum so he knows you didn’t fall asleep yet, he doesn’t mind if you’re quiet
  • If you do fall asleep, he’s not above waking you up
    • He usually only does this when he can’t fall asleep
    • If he has to suffer, so do you
    • Any other time, he’ll resign himself to just play with your hair, listen to you breathing, maybe watch you sleep if you two are in a position that allows that
      • He just thinks you’re really cute ok??
      • Even if you’re drooling on his shirt
  • When you fall asleep on him, he will not move a muscle until you wake up
    • He doesn’t want to disturb you
  • Typically he likes when you lay on top of him in some way or next to him
    • He’s got this irrational fear that he’ll crush you
      • It stems from his own internalized fatphobia unfortunately
      • You two are working on it
  • Sometimes when you two sleep together, you’ll wake up in a position where you’re spooning him
    • Hunk highkey enjoys this and might pretend to sleep for a few extra minutes just to stay like that
  • Hunk really enjoys having you close to him
    • Whether you’re sitting on his lap when you two are chilling
    • Or when you lazily wrap your arms around him and watch from over his shoulder when he’s working with some of his engineering stuff
    • So cuddling is 100/10 in Hunk’s book
  • If Hunk is having a bad day, one of the best things you can do for him is just cuddling with him
    • It’s a really good way to boost his mood no matter the situation
  • And if you’re stressed or feeling bad?
    • Cuddling with Hunk is guaranteed to be a cure
    • You two could just sit down and cuddle in the middle of a battlefield and after just like five minutes it’ll feel like you just got back from a week long vacation
    • Logically you two wouldn’t do that but you get what I mean lmao
  • I feel like Hunk gets kind of giggly when he’s tired and just finds everything a little funny
    • It’s vv cute and you have a small collection of videos of him talking in this mood that you keep for yourself
    • Not only do they boost your mood but also you use them as evidence to show Hunk what a dork he is when he’s tired

headcanon that lance can hear both the blue and red in his head and they both have wildly different reactions to situations like they’re the angel and the devil on his shoulders

•blue gives advice on how to delicately handle situations while red just goes for the something violent

     -blue: go to shiro and explain to him that what he said hurt you

     -red: punch him in the throat

     -blue: no !

•sometimes they agree, like when the training robot accidentally cuts lance arm

     -red: i will rip that robots wires out and throw him into the nearest dying star

     -lance: don’t you think thats a bit extremely? it’s a robot, and it didn’t even hurt that much! blue, back me up here

     -blue: …

     -blue: fucking destroy it

•the only thing blue and red completely disagree on is how to handle keith

     -lance: *sees keith*

     -red: *growls*

     -blue: *purrs*

     -red and blue look at each other

     -red: why’d you make that noise?

     -blue: why’d you make that noise?

     -red: we’re angry at him

     -blue: no we’re not we like him!

     -red: !?!?

     -keith: uhh lance why are you making that face…?

     -lance: hnnng

allura on earth headcanons

- she likes the most overdone jokes earth has to offer. keith has lost the count of how many times she woke him up via phone call just to ask if his cooling machine is still running.

- lance’s mom: “how are you enjoying your stay darling?” allura: “it’s been wonderful so far!! i’m especially fond of your air spitters.” lance’s mom: “our what now.” allura, pointing at a hairdryer: “air spitters.”

- when they go grocery shopping she points at the man on a can of pringles with an immense amount of joy and asks hunk how humans had managed to find those pictures from coran’s old modeling gig.

- lance: “princess that’s not how a surfing board works. you can’t just ‘do a flip’ on your first try.” allura: “ok, but consider this: i’m gonna.”

- she most definitely owns multiple pairs of glittery light up skechers. when she got her first pair she stomped around the room the entire day until the battery drained out.

- shiro: “allura…please stop collecting random rats you see on the street.”  allura, while hiding five new rats under her coat: “i have no idea what you’re talking about.”

- two days after the team watches wonder woman during one of their movie nights hunk walks in on allura pretending her bayard is the lasso of truth and quoting lines from the movie.

- buying an ice popsicle, eating the entire thing in three bites and then watching everyone’s terrified reactions quickly becomes her favourite hobby

- lance helps her pick a sparkly lush shampoo and whenever she washes her hair she spins in circles until she’s dizzy, watching as it flies around her. (“why are you doing that?” “i believe lance calls it self care.”)

- she sends the paladins at least one student athlete meme a day. they’re not quite sure if she knows about the meme or if that’s just who she is as a person.

- pidge: “you are literally a magical alien princess who pilots a giant, sentient lion. why does this freak you out so much?” allura, flipping one of those baby bottle toys upside down for the twentieth time that morning: i don’t understand. where is the milk going? where is it coming from??“

- allura, wearing a pink party hat, children’s glasses and heelies while blowing bubbles in her strawberry juice with a straw: “i love earth culture.”

mmmm adhd lance

  • lance: “i’ll be real with you i stopped listening like 5 minutes ago”
  • he gets like suuuuper hyperfocused on missions
    • guns are great weapons for him because they let him block everything else out and just look through the scope but are also stimulating because bad guys keep showin up
    • like you could leave him on a perch shooting robots for hours once he gets in the grove
  • coran, on the paladins’ first day in the castle: “-and all the rooms in the castle are soundproof so you won’t have to worry about noise at night! not a peep!” lance, already pick-pocketing pidge’s bag for her headphones: “oh awesome”
  • “hunk. huuuunk. my man. my dude. my guy. the hunkeroni to my cheese-” “what do you need lance?” “………..i can’t remember"
  • impulsive flirter
    • [sees pretty girl] [reflexively breaks out finger guns]
    • which,,, same
  • honestly just an impulsive talker in general. talks a lot. talks so much. used to be embarrassed about it but honestly he just likes talking to people too much to stop
    • lance, when he was younger: “maybe i should be quiet more maybe they think i’m weird…”
    • lance, now: “hello random stranger i am here to rescue you and also tell you all about my many feelings”
  • doesn’t matter how tired he is or where they are, he has to do some sort of skin care routine before bed “to maintain some semblance of order in my life pidge
  • lance’s hyperfocus stresses hunk out. like. he can go hours without drinking? or eating? how can you just forget to-
  • stims by kicking his feet and jiggling his legs and wiggling his toes
    • he’s a leggy boy
  • keith: [impulsive idea] lance: “no” lance’s shit brain: “…but what if-” lance: “no

✨Little Lotor✨ Headcanon: When Lotor was a kid, he tried to impress his father and tried to be like him. He even used Zarkon’s color in everything he had! But the centuries pass and he noticed that his father wasn’t the best example to follow…

When Lotor was a preteen, he started making little changes. He let his hair grow and change the color pallet of his clothes and armor. He even started to question everything about the empire and make his own judgment. But the bigger step he did to change everything, was his research on the Altean history and his “lost” mother.

🎏 Young Defenders AU

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Lance: Pidge, you know how you’re good with tech stuff? Can you hack?

Pidge: Of course. Why?

[Later on]

Allura: The galra are attacking!! Sound the alarm Coran!

Coran: Right away princess! [pushes a button]

Speakers: Some-


canon klance things
  • pidge: “bet you i can prove that the roswell conspiracy was a cover up for galra crap” keith: “no way” lance: “bullshit, show me.”
    • 5 hours later, surrounded by cork boards and diagrams
    • lance: “and that’s why that weird alien metal they found was obviously from galra armor” keith: “okay but what about the teeny ass not-galra bodies they found, dumbass, explain that to me”
  • there’s a droid in the training room that lance nicknames “keithbot” bc it twitches and sparks like a crazed animal when you overwork it. 
    • keith: “oh well there’s a ‘lancebot’ in the corner except it’s broken bc i stabbed it in the throat” lance: >:o
  • after the lion switch when their relationship improves, lance insists on making keith go on the official three-day-long “Lance McClain Friendship Retreat” and keith is low-key horrified
    • hunk: “keith you’re so lucky! the icebreakers are the best part!” pidge: “careful with the trust falls they increase in danger as you collect more friendship tokens” 
  • they both sneak into the observation deck whenever shiro is training because it’s kinda like watching renaissance art in action it’s beautiful the two of them geek out about it and cheer when shiro gets a good hit in. 
  • sending these two on missions together either goes amazingly or terribly there’s literally no in between it’s a constant gamble
    • the balmera mission? a rousing success. highlight of their career.
    • sweeping an abandoned galra base? they got into a fistfight bc keith said lance was scrawny and they accidentally set off the base’s self-destruct sequence
  • they oscillate between not being able to be in the same room to developing these strange symbiotic relationships where keith gives lance his shirts to sew up and lance asks keith advice for why his punches don’t have any power. everyone else kinda smiles and doesn’t say anything.
  • keith: “i’m not getting into anymore dumbass debates with you” lance: “water is not wet” keith: “bitch how the fuck is water not wet it’s water–”

anonymous asked:

It's Keith's birthday! got any headcanons?

happy birthday keith!!!!

  • shiro: “you’re the leader of voltron now and you’re going to have to accept that” keith: “wanna bet”
  • if keith’s glaring at you he probably has something to say to you
    • his thinking face just looks like his angry face
    • hunk: “oh no lance keith seems mad did i do something wrong” keith, thinking: “how do i tell him he did a good job?? do people just go up to people and say that-”
  • coran and keith are the Go To Bed Fully Clothed Club
  • kolivan: “this mission requires stealth, you can’t be seen” keith, walking through the corridors and slicing sentries in half: “what”
  • lance is secretly jealous of how cool keith’s marmora outfit is
  • allura, playing keith: [anime rival voice] “tch
  • speaking of, he kept up with the voltron show tour in between missions
    • like if he had free time he would check on what the team was doing through clips
    • and uh… yeah. they were. certainly doing something
    • keith: “is something wrong with allura? she looks mad during most of the shows” pidge: “lol yeah she’s playing you” keith: >:o
  • keith: “how did you find me?” lance: “oh i saw a big explosion and wondered ‘now who could that be?’”
Keith and Krolia Headcanons
  • Keith is really upset at first
  • He hugs her for a long time anyways
    • “Why didn’t you want me?”
    • Krolia’s heart breaks and she has no words
    • She hugs her son ever tighter
  • Keith is very distant at first and doesn’t call her mom
  • He still feels betrayed
  • Keith and Krolia end up going back to the Castle of Lions
    • Krolia is stoic around everyone and it takes a while for her to warm up to everyone even though they instantly love her
    • Lance hates her hair though
  • The first time Keith calls Krolia “mom” is when she finds him crying in his room
    • “Keith what’s wrong?”
    • “It’s all so overwhelming mom.” Keith whispers, his voice cracking.
  • Keith and Krolia train together
  • Krolia lets her little boy win sometimes
  • Krolia nudges Keith whenever Lance is around and gives him a sly look
    • “Moooooom”
  • “My son is not going into that. That is too dangerous.”
    • “MOOOOOOM!”
    • “My word is final Keith.”
    • Cue Keith pouting
  • Krolia and Keith both being insomniacs and sitting across from each other in the kitchen sipping cups of coffee at 2 am
  • “Team Bad Haircuts”
  • They take trips to the spacemall and Krolia buys Keith so many new clothes
    • Keith can’t break Krolia’s heart even though he doesn’t like them at first
    • He grows to love it
  • Krolia talking to Lance
    • “Hurt my boy, I will hurt you.”
    • “Yes ma’am.” Lance fears for his life even though he would never
  • Keith and Krolia do a head tilt thing exactly the same when confused
  • They definitely have more than just looks in common

-Mod Rae  


  • “I see your father in you, not just in looks, because you look so similarly to me, but in actions. I don’t know how much you remember of him, but he was a good man. I loved him almost as much as I love you.”

klance bedtime headcanons

time to be soft™ bc this fandom is going wild rn and this was in my drafts so why not

  • keith “i don’t like physical contact” kogane ?? the cuddliest sleepy boy
  • likes to bury his nose in the crook of lance’s neck and just kinda breathe in real steady bc lance always smells good (he smells like home & cinnamon and coconut shampoo and boy)
  • lance gives so many little sleepy kisses..,,,kissing keith’s forehead and his cheeks and his eyelids and his nose !! boop!!
  • before bedtime lance always has to do is nighttime routine and one night he’s doing his face mask and Keith is like “what the hell is that stuff anyway” and lance gasps like !!! why keith…,,you must experience this
  • so lance takes keith through his whole nighttime routine and keith finds he actually….,,really likes the self care, it’s super calming and gentle and he likes the texture of the face mask on his skin it feels smooth and gooey and cold and he likes it
  • side note: keith’s skin begins to clear and glow beautifully bc he’s now doing the same routine as lance and lance is so proud of himself like “yeah, that’s my pretty boyfriend, look at this, i did that”
  • obviously keith has a plushie hippo but also have you considered lance having a plushie shark …,.they both need their buddies to get to sleep
  • one year for lance’s birthday pidge made lance a device that could simulate like calm nature noises so sometimes they’ll fall asleep to the sound of the ocean or rain and it’s bittersweet bc it’s so calming but also makes lance a little homesick. mostly though it just helps them both fall asleep
  • keith snores and not even in a cute way it’s loud and obnoxious but lance doesn’t give a shit he loves every single thing about keith so he learns to live with it and maybe turn the ocean sounds up a little louder flsoskdlsmsksj
  • they both love to spoon and switch off with big spoon and little spoon pretty consistently. some nights keith really needs to be held, or some nights lance really needs to be held. either way they just love being close together
  • lance is a blanket hog and it’s Rude™
  • sometimes after long missions they both just collapse in bed right away and curl up together and knock the fuck out
  • also sometimes in the morning lance will wake up with Keith’s entire leg slung over his stomach and he looks over to see keith somehow ended up laying horizontal on the bed and what the fuck keith
  • lance usually wakes up first and sometimes he tickles keth to wake him up and keith giggles but is also like “i hate you, you heathen” and throws a pillow at his head
  • sometimes when keith has nightmares and can’t seem to calm down or fall back asleep lance will hold him and hum something sweet and his voice is really pretty and keith will just. knock right out seconds later
  • baby boys they’re so cute bye

I love Takashi Shirogane

Just look at him 💞💕❤️💓😍✨😍❤️💗💓💞💝💕😍❤️💞😭😍✨❤️💝💞💓💕❤️✨💝😘