there’s been a lot of requests for amazingly embarrassing older brother shiro teasing keith about his crush on lance, so here you go

lbr keith was probably the kind of kid who’d threaten to run away from home all the time to live in his own little desert shack for the dumbest of reasons but never actually follow through on it

Voltron Release Time PSA

Netflix releases things across the USA at the exact same time. So no, the East Coast will NOT be getting season two first. It’ll be released once the entire US (Excluding Hawaii and Alaska) are on January 20th. So they go by PST (West Coast time)

Release times are as follows:

  • West coast (PST): Midnight. 12:00am PST January 20th
  • Mountain Time (MST): One in the morning. 1:00am MST January 20th
  • Central Time (CST): Two in the morning. 2:00am CST January 20th
  • East Coast (EST): Three in the morning. 3:00am EST January 20th

Time’s I’m not 100% positive on:

  • Alaska (AKST): Eleven at night. 11:00pm AKST January 19th 
  • Hawaii (HST): Ten at night. 10:00pm HST January 19th

If the time releases for Hawaii and Alaska are incorrect please feel free to correct this!

I’m also not sure what time Netflix releases things in other countries, if anybody knows please feel free to add onto this post.