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Interviewer: steven, what are you thoughts of voltr- Steven, moving in so his lips are touching the mic: no

someone: can you talk more about vo-

steven yeun: have y'all watched the latest episode of the walking dead yet? good stuff.

someone: yes, yes, but can you talk about your part in vo-

steven yeun: oh man i LOVED being part of the walking dead. really grateful for the opportunity.

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why is the voltr//on fandom specifically so horrible like why did so many nasty people latch onto this series

I honestly dont know. A lot of people in the VLD fandom who are awful tend to be people who were in the SU fandom which does explain a lot but at the same time IDK why specifically people from SU took an interest in VLD so much


(All examples used: widowmaker, mei was a personal project, finger guns tracer, beach tracer, sad zenyatta, chibi living doll, stark girls, kubo, joseph and dadsona)

Been meaning to make this post for a while now but here it is! As my followers are aware, my situation at home isn’t the best. I am unemployed and living with a family who don’t understand that I cannot survive in the world as best as they thought. I have a phone bill that’s only going higher and I owe rent to my parents. Not to mention I cosplay as a hobby and that isn’t free.

Yes, the prices are fairly low, but I’m hoping this will draw some traffic so I do better in the long run!

Commission details: if you do want something from me, please give me the character you want drawn (if it’s an oc, i ask that you provide a ref sheet), a possible outfit and pose. If you do not give details, I may not do the commission or do my own thing if the inspiration sparks.
For digital, I will send you the file via email so you get the full quality and you have full consent to do what you want with the image as long as you credit me. I will post it to my tumblr as an example for others.
For traditional, I will scan the image and make minor tweaks to the image. Nothing more than fixing the contrast and brightness for viewing sake. If you do not wish for it to be edited in any way, please state so in the request. If you want to image mailed to you, that will cost $4 extra (stamps aren’t cheap).

Things I will draw: Overwatch, OCs, Ships, One Punch Man, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), Marvel, Disney, Dreamworks (and studio laika).
Things I WON’T draw: NSFW, detailed backgrounds, animals, detailed robots (like transformers, sorry), voltr/on.

If you are interested in a commission from me, please email me at: s_l_mcdowell@hotmail.com. Please include your tumblr url in your sign off of the email.

Also! Please allow for a couple days to pass before expecting your commission. I work slowly and may update you regularly on progress or delays.

i’ll be ecstatic if all/urance or kl/ance become canon, and i am definitely not a fan of ka/llura (and am pretty indifferent to pl/ance), but the only way i’ll be angry about it is if it replicates the usual voltr/on love triangle situation.

i’ll still enjoy allu/rance even if it doesn’t become canon, and i won’t be a jerk to fans of other ships if it does become canon. because, y’know, i’m not an asshole. i hope others extend the same courtesy to me. 

i don’t think i’m delusional for considering canon all/urance possible though. it makes way more sense to me than ka/llura, given the existing interactions, particularly in comparison to each other. i’m not too optimistic though, because that was also the case in previous installments of the franchise, and look how that turned out… eh. 

i wish i could make my case for canon all/urance without it seeming like a ship war invitation, but this fandom doesn’t seem capable of appreciating that. 

team 10 meeting team vol/tron bc they want to join up to save the universe and all

all/ura: this is voltr/on, defender of the universe!
paladins:  8))))
sure jan
kevin: my team and i saved the universe 6 times already and we didnt need some giant robot to do it for us
al/lura: where are these formidable warriors of yours?
ben: *in the distance, hanging upside down in one of the lion’s mouth*
ben: gwen!! gwen list– GWEN LO.. JUST LISTEN! LOOK AT ME GWEN! it looks like im being eaten by a lion tAKE A PICTURE I WANNA SEND THIS TO JULIE
gwen: caN U GET dOwN f R oM ThE R e DOooFuS! STOP TOUCHING SHIT!!
idk them, my team isnt here.

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Shiro: TRON!! *clears throat, looking around to make sure no one heard*
Lance: TRON! *looks at keith expectantly*
Pidge: tron? *raises eyebrow, unamused*
Hunk: TRON!! *smiles, curing cancer around the galaxy*
Keith: *gets overwhelmed by all the yelling and panics* V-VolTr-TrOn!!

How do y’all into Voltr on take that Shit seriously like this dude name is Keith his fucking name is Keith fucking Keith y’all dedicate entire blogs (and my entire dashboard) to Keith his fucking name isk ei t h I’ve had to read the name Keith more times than i have ever wanted to in my life bc of y’all his fuckign name is Keith holy shit it’s Keith

(I just come to tumblr to share my cosplays anymore…. i ve lost as a tumblr queen)

no jk xD love all teams but spark is the most precious leader ever !
AS you can see I m cosplaying my teamleader candela ♡ (werd sie auf der gamescom tragen trifft man sich? :))

I nearly finished candela and THEN my laat sewing machine needle broke… skkaksksw so i gotta wait till Monday to finish her Dx

and thrn i ll start with spark! a friend of mine (no i didnt FORCE him to cosplay with me what are you saying pfff )

however, here is a wip! are there any other candela cosplayers on here?
if you have a question ASK ME I LL HELP YOU OUT SOMEHOW (only if you r on team valor tho. JUST KIDDING XD ♡)
i also have question!
as you can see i m too pale (for life) for candela. i sometimes really feel weird to put on darker make up for darker skinned character but at the same timr i dont wanna “white-shame” a character
but Then cosplay is for everyone xD
(my question was: darker make up yes or no?)

(if you are wondering what i still wanna add:
her weird… jacket bracelets… sleeve ends…. idk how her outfit works ok dun judge me.
i d want to add voltres to the back!
and i wanna detail the shoes a bit ♡)

hope you like my wip ♡