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Interviewer: steven, what are you thoughts of voltr- Steven, moving in so his lips are touching the mic: no

someone: can you talk more about vo-

steven yeun: have y'all watched the latest episode of the walking dead yet? good stuff.

someone: yes, yes, but can you talk about your part in vo-

steven yeun: oh man i LOVED being part of the walking dead. really grateful for the opportunity.

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I wasn't sure so I wanted to ask, would you be alright with saying the URL of your main blog? This is actually the one I found first, but I know it's supposed to be more of a secret so if your uncomfortable with handing out your URL that's perfectly fine. (by the way your art is gorgeous! The way you draw lance is so amazing! <3)

Actually I don’t know how did you find me… like… I don’t tag my works………… at all, I even tried not to typed anything with voltr*n or ship names (if you noticed it) (I want this blog to be my secret something blog)

But since you found this blog and want to know my main blog…. you could see from some of my reblog posts or you can try use this username backward, (I really am an innocent girl there)

I feel comfortable here to draw my sh*t, so please… (like in my head profile) …. don’t do something I’ll regret.

** edit *** Oh no… I don’t mean that to you only . (I love you and my beloved followers but I just want to post my warning I forgot that this is your ask !!! Sorry!! I typed and got lost in my thought lol ) Love you 😭💕🙏

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Ok so I heard someone talking about Gasolina and I feel the need to talk back(sorry): I am emotionally attached to that song, not only for dirty laundry (even tho it now just adds more emotional attachment) it was a big part of my childhood as a Latina girl, yeah it is kinda bad, and the lyrics are so not the best, but also not that bad is you want to sing ut with your friends and have a good time💙❤

thank you smooth, this is a great point 💜

@aura3700 you are more than welcome in the fam lmao!!!! you are great and we all love you already! ✨⭐️💜

@little-tiny-peridot hahah ur name is plart, my dear 💜 

@rockyroadkylers yayayay!!! i’m hype thanks for sharing! 💜


@leftwastelandexpert YES!!!! UR NAME IS TIZZLE NOW 💜

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Name: Kathryn

Nicknames: Kat, Ryn, KitKat, Kitty Cat, Katie

Zodiac sign: Aries

Height: 159cm (5′2.6)

Orientation: unsure???? probably ace panromantic but who knows i don’t

Nationality: American

Favourite fruit: Mango.

Favourite season: Autumn

Favourite book: Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book

Favourite flower: Bleeding hearts

Favourite scent: i love garlic and also fruity things

Favourite color: Purple or orange or darker golden yellows

Favourite animal: Bats

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea

Average sleep hours: 5-7 hours

Cat or dog person: Both i guess but i like cats slightly more because they’re easier to take care of

Favourite fictional character: Asami Sato

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 but i have no less than 3 pillows at all times

Dream trip: send me to hell, meet me in the pit.

Blog created: april 17 like 4 years ago

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  1. Sucker For Pain - Lil Wayne (and others)
  2. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
  3. Cold - Maroon 5
  4. Solo Dance - Martin Jensen
  5. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd (and others)
  6. Despacito - Luis Fonsi (and others)
  7. Home - Gabrielle Aplin
  8. Old School - Urban Cone
  9. Making All Things New - Aaron Espe
  10. Dirty Old Town - Craig Cardiff

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Shiro: TRON!! *clears throat, looking around to make sure no one heard*
Lance: TRON! *looks at keith expectantly*
Pidge: tron? *raises eyebrow, unamused*
Hunk: TRON!! *smiles, curing cancer around the galaxy*
Keith: *gets overwhelmed by all the yelling and panics* V-VolTr-TrOn!!

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Hey I've seen you around. I've been away for awhile now. I can see there's a lot of commotion with 'Antis'? Could you explain what that is at all?

Hey there, I’ll do my best to explain!

The term anti can mean a lot of things, it can mean ‘anti K/il//ing Stal///king’ because the manwha promotes homophobia, ableism, and abuse. It can mean ‘anti o/ta/y/uri" a ship from the anime Yuri//on///Ice between a minor and an adult. It can mean anti sh/a/l/adin, which is a group of several ships from Voltr//on Legen//dary Defe//nder that are also between minors an adult. And many more things.

An anti is someone who is against these things because of the problems that come with the normalizing and romanticizing of pedophilia/abuse/incest/fetishization. Antis are generally minors and or csa survivors who have experienced how harmful this kind of fandom can be. They can also be an adult, like me, who have in the past contributed to the problem either through complacency or active participation; and who have witnessed the resulting damage.

The ‘drama’ revolving around antis come from shippers who take 'hey maybe don’t ship pedophilia’ and take it as a personal insult. They then resort to attacking antis in retaliation all the while pretending antis are making the fandom unsafe through “negativity”.

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please tag your voltron....

thats a pic of nico from pj.o, not an actual vo.ltron character, so i didnt know if i shouldve or not?? (they were just comparing him to a voltr.on character i guess, idk) but ill definitely tag even mentions from now on no worries

(tbh i blacklist vol.tron too so honestly.. i Get It)

(I just come to tumblr to share my cosplays anymore…. i ve lost as a tumblr queen)

no jk xD love all teams but spark is the most precious leader ever !
AS you can see I m cosplaying my teamleader candela ♡ (werd sie auf der gamescom tragen trifft man sich? :))

I nearly finished candela and THEN my laat sewing machine needle broke… skkaksksw so i gotta wait till Monday to finish her Dx

and thrn i ll start with spark! a friend of mine (no i didnt FORCE him to cosplay with me what are you saying pfff )

however, here is a wip! are there any other candela cosplayers on here?
if you have a question ASK ME I LL HELP YOU OUT SOMEHOW (only if you r on team valor tho. JUST KIDDING XD ♡)
i also have question!
as you can see i m too pale (for life) for candela. i sometimes really feel weird to put on darker make up for darker skinned character but at the same timr i dont wanna “white-shame” a character
but Then cosplay is for everyone xD
(my question was: darker make up yes or no?)

(if you are wondering what i still wanna add:
her weird… jacket bracelets… sleeve ends…. idk how her outfit works ok dun judge me.
i d want to add voltres to the back!
and i wanna detail the shoes a bit ♡)

hope you like my wip ♡

“So come ti senti.

Probabilmente non mi crederai, forse penserai si tratti della solita frase fatta che si dice quando ci si accorge che qualcuno sta male.

Ma sto parlando a te, che stai leggendo.
Proprio a te, dal mio cuore al tuo cuore.

Ehy, asciugati le lacrime.
Asciuga anche quelle che non hai versato e che ora ti stanno allagando dentro.
Liberati di tutta quell’acqua salata che ti appesantisce, impedendoti di rimanere a galla.

So come ti senti.
E no, non è banale.

Ti si stringe il petto.
Spesso non provi niente, alle voltre provi anche troppo.
Perché si, funziona un po’ così, tutte le sensazioni che si annullano in un determinato momento, va a finire che poi esplodono tutte insieme.
E creano confusione.
Un vortice caotico e incomprensibile di emozioni e sensazioni.
E non ci capisci più niente.

E non ti riconosci più.
Ti guardi allo specchio e non sai più chi sei, o forse non lo hai mai saputo.
Hai sovrapposto così tante maschere -incorniciate da altrettante bugie- che adesso non riesci più a liberartene. Ne togli una, e sotto ce ne sta un’altra.

Crolli, seduta sul pavimento del bagno, in classe, all’allenamento, in camera tua, il luogo non fa differenza. Semplicemente ti senti sgretolare piano piano, come se fossi un vaso caduto a terra.
E, infatti, cadi.
E ti guardi attorno, speri in un aiuto.
Ma per te, ci sarai sempre e solo tu.

E ti abbracci, lotti e ti ricostruisci.
Ti guardi di nuovo allo specchio, e adesso non ti riconosci davvero più.

E poi, all’improvviso, succede un qualcosa, e crolli di nuovo.
Ma questa volta rimani a terra. I pezzi non combaciano più, la colla è finita. Vorresti abbracciarti, ma non ci riesci, ti sei persa, crollando.

Adesso, alza gli occhi.
Guardati attorno.
Prendi in mano la tua vita.
Rialzati, perché puoi farlo.
Ricostruisciti, perché puoi farlo.
Abbracciati, perché puoi farlo.
Guardati allo specchio e amati, perché puoi farlo.
E asciugati di nuovo le lacrime, aspira la polvere che le macerie hanno fatto, stringi i pugni e comincia a vivere, che sopravvivere -ormai- non è abbastanza.

Tu, tu, puoi farlo. ”