Alright, since my coworker offered to go half-in on the subscription fee, I can set up Netflix again! Hey, maybe I can finally watch Voltr–

– Or maybe I should just go catch up on Ever After High. Yeah, that sounds like a plan…

core-chara  asked:

Vixi, people who are telling you to not use icons or the au are just being butts. Even if Voltre were a problematic person, the au is cool. Not using it would be like not usong electricity because Edison stole this idea from Tesla. So be safe ^^

I mean… I understand the tagging ordeal but… the NSFW nonsense has been a thing since the very beginning of UT… Why are we getting our panties twisted over the same thing happening to almost every AU out there? IDK.

Thank you, regardless, Addy. I appreciate it.