Voltalax or Voltalaxis

The only survivor of the actual attack on the Voltalaxis is Dalton Virgil however resently he has been able to reporduce a direct copy of his race in Aurelia Hypatia Wey who is technically the daughter of Dalton and Kria Terraina who allowed Dalton to via sperm donation get her pregnant. 

The Voltalax (plural Voltalaxis) are a kind and intelligent race, they all have kind hearts and have the ability (from birth) to change their form into anything, or make themselves even invisible. They grow slowly in normal conditions but their mental state grows at a tremendous rate even at birth. They had a council of elders that would control the whole planet and they were happy with this. The majority of their days would be to meditation and learning. They very rarely ever got into wars, even if they were involved. However, though it was rare for them to fight they were ranked as one of the best and able fighters among the galaxies. 

Their demise was one of the most shocking occurrences in the galaxy. They were unsuspecting of this attack, but a rogue group of aliens (still unknown at this time) who the Voltalaxis had ‘wronged’ and they just… blew up the planet, no warning at all and the galaxies lost one of their most valued races. No one was aware that Dalton was still alive and still, only a very few are privileged to the knowledge.