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Yukkin being Yukkin
天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad
Yukkin being Yukkin

He starts off as such a hot headed guy popping up to fight Masamune (talks briefly twice) but then he immediately gets shy as soon as he realizes he broke the MC’s hairpin.

I love listening to how quick the tone of his voice changes from confident warrior to embarrassed child

@otomesanada i’m just gonna tag you for Yukimura related reasons (^-^ “)

Dual Personalities Duel During Interview
  • Gory Gazette: So, there are rumors you two are coming out with a special album release that represents your two sides.
  • Jackson: I will not confirm or deny the accuracy of this rumor.
  • Holt: That would be wiiiiiiiild if you ask me! Oh yeah!
  • Gory Gazette: Does that mean its happening?
  • Jackson: If you don't mind, I'd like to talk about something else.
  • Gory Gazette: OK. Tell us about your relationship with Frankie Stein!
  • Holt: Heck yeah! That girl is miiiiighty fine! She and I have a date next we--
  • Jackson: This is not a good topic either.
  • Gory Gazette: Jackson, what would you like to discuss?
  • Jackson: Well, I was in the creepateria the other day and was really excited to see something normal on the menu for once. It was actually my favorite food, macaroni and cheese! There were no eyeballs, or dragon scales, or brain crumbs. I think my "Normie Food" petition to Headless Headmistress Bloodgood finally got through and I'd like to take this opportunity to say tha--
  • Holt: Dude, you are soooo boring! Get a life!
  • Gory Gazette: How do you two keep interrupting each other? Aren't you the same body? This is the most bizarre phone interview I’ve ever conducted.
  • Jackson: Unfortunately, our annoying neighbor keeps changing the radio station. I wish he would just leave it on Cupid’s talk show, but he seems to want to—
  • Holt: Paaartay!
One Game To Rule Them All : Love & Poke

So the other night as I was randomly searching the app store for new otome games I came across this app and I have been fangirling for straight 48 hours now.Orz 


Basically, this is an all voiced otome game where you “poke” the guy and he talks to you! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

There are 14 HOT guys that you can choose:

And as you can see they all have: 

different art style = different artist = different stories

all this + awesome voice actors !

I will talk about the guys in a separate post cuz I have SO much to talk about them! o<~<

  • The game was apparently first released in 2015 but from what I’ve gathered they just recently started updating most of the characters. Some parts of the game like their profiles has yet to be translated in English but all their voiced conversations have English Subs.
  • The game is rated +17 because of “ Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity” and I do highly recommend my -17 friends to stay far far away from some of the routes which I will talk about later on my blog!🙊
  • There are some voiced parts for free and some available for purchase and they cost about $1-2 CAD which is decent in my opinion.

The coolest thing about this app is that they have used ‘Dummy Head Microphone’ system to voice the guys! 

In case you wondering wth that is:

What this microphone does is that it makes their voices to be super realistic if you use earphones/headphones!! You could literally feel the guy is right next to you! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Fun story: There is one part where one of the guys blows into the left ear of the mc and I jumped 8240 meters cuz I thought someone is next to me !!🙊

This is all the basic information about this AWESOME app!

 I haven’t played all the routes yet but I already know what I’m gonna be doing for the next few weeks:

Happy playing!


-ii- yeah… as I was saying, I love this man sooo damn much ❤️❤️❤️

Sub-story: forbidden pleasures (voice story) <— I gave up on Eisuke so I could have Soryu because lets face it, the mobster is my real husband

Pd. Happy Halloween everybody!!! 🎃🎃👻👻☠️☠️

Shigezane's Intro
天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad
Shigezane's Intro


No one asked for this, but I couldn’t… just…. not share this. He speaks with such a playful, carefree tone it makes me want to jump & hug him through the screen~ I think I like his voice best, actually.

And his cute little “ Hmmm ~ ! ” towards the end (*≧∀≦*)

The Holt Sessions: Graveyard Smash Exclusive Interview

It’s not everyday a monster scores a sit down with one of the hottest musical groups to haunt the charts for centuries! When I found out I nabbed an interview with the epically awesome Graveyard Smash, I couldn’t help but flame out (just a little):

HH: HUGE thanks for agreeing to this sit down, guys! I have to admit; I’m a pretty epic Smash-head.

GS: That’s great, Holt. We’re more than happy to oblige. It’s not every century we meet a die-hard fan like you, especially one so young.

HH: So most of your fans are older… like, ancient older?

GS: When you’ve been around the graveyard as many times as we have, you end up with an interesting population of monster followers, young and old.

HH: You have a coffin load of fans at Monster High! Your creeperific music is always on fire at every school dance!

GS: Well that’s freakishly brilliant then, isn’t it? What song gets them moving most?

HH: Mosh Mash is a pretty hot request. Can you explain the story behind it?

GS: We wrote that song eons ago… back when we were still fresh corpses on the scene. It’s really a quite simple song about falling in love with music at your very first concert.

HH: It’s scorchin’ – definitely one of my all-time favorites! Tell me, do you listen to any new acts on the charts today?

GS: That DJ Death Breath is rather deadlightful, I’d say. We listen to his music on the bus between gigs.

HH: HOTT! If I gave you some sizzling new jams by an up-and-coming new artist, would you be willing to listen?

GS: Who’s the bloke?

HH: Holt Hyde, baby! If this music doesn’t make you want to partaay, I don’t know what will get you moving!

GS: For one of our biggest Smash-heads? Anything.

Kiyoharu's Voice
Kiyoharu's Voice

True Love Sweet Lies - Kiyoharu’s voice

Note - I think I missed one of his lines in either his main POV or Season 2 POV sorry.

Credit goes to Voltage Inc.

A Stitch in Time with Robecca Steam


In an exclusive interview with new ghoul, Robecca Steam, the MHGG staff sought to pull out information that was previously locked tight in the catacombs. Like clockwork, Robecca opened up and shared a few things even we didn’t expect to hear!

MHGG: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, Robecca. I hear you can be quite a tough ghoul to pin down. 

Robecca: I will admit – I’m known to run a little behind from time to time. It’s an internal clock issue, so I hope you can forgive me for being late. 

MHGG: Of course! I think every guy and ghoul is dying to know more about your ultra steam punk rocket boots. Care to divulge?

Robecca: I’m a total scaredevil.  I get it from my dad.

MHGG: He was a mad scientist, right?

Robecca: Yeah, a wicked awesome genius. I share his love of scary-cool tricks and treats. I get a total kick-start when everyone stops to watch me do stunts high above the crowd. 

MHGG: How riveting! 

Robecca: I truly love to perform.

MHGG: I’m glad we got a chance to take a look at your inner workings, ghoul. Thanks for the sit down!

Robecca: I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. 

Butler Voices
Voltage Inc.
Butler Voices

Prologue Movie

Here’s what the 5 butlers from Midnight 0:00 True Face of Butler sounds like.

They do talk more, but I only recorded them introducing themselves.  

Credit goes to Voltage Inc.

Ieyasu Voice Clip
天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad
Ieyasu Voice Clip

Okay, his voice actor is Yuuki Kaji, so Ieyasu already won me over that fact alone.

@fooljshgirl I know you like him, so I uploaded this with you in mind~

*literally screaming right now*
Soryu got voiced in Voltage new game “LOVE スクランブル” (LOVE scramble)!!!!!!! CV by Hiroki Yasumoto (The seiyuu of Germany in Hetalia). You can hear the sample of his voice for free. Ehh, his voice reminds me a lot of Scorpio’s ~♪(⌒∇⌒)ノand much deeper compared to Eisuke’s.
This game is currently only available in Japanese store so you need to have an account in Japan region to download it (I use IOS so I’m not sure with Android). Might try to upload the sample.

Yuma Akagi - A Butlers Kiss
Yuma Akagi - A Butlers Kiss

Butler Until Midnight - Yuma Akagi - A Butlers Kiss

Butler Until Midnight - Yuma - Room Full Of Secrets

Scorpio’s Voice - If You Were  A Goddess / Halloween Greeting / Main End Movie / Holiday Greeting /  Signs Of Love On A Holy Night Part 1 / Signs Of Love On A Holy Night Part 2

Other - Kiyoharu (TLSL) / Sakuya (TLSL) / Kyohei (Halloween Greeting) 

Credit goes to Voltage Inc.

Sorry about the bad quality.