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He could’ve called her ‘Pouty Sweetie’ or 'Pouty Darling’ or 'Pouty Honey’ (LOL Saeki pun XD) to sound more convincing, maybe =P Oh well, Yamato. You tried! 

P/S: Sorry for taking long! I got to making this just about 20 mins before leaving the house for my doctor’s appointment so hope this isn’t lame even though done in a rush @.@ But I don’t want to make you wait long so here it is! Hope you enjoy this! <3

justascoolasmegan-deactivated20  asked:

Can you please do a text where the guys from LLFTX are trying to ask MC to have a 'fun' night???? PLEAASSEEE!! I will love you forever if you do!!

Sure. Here it goes. Hope you like it.

PS: @Sunnydewdew, I’ve taken the ideas of Takkun’s sms from your last text if you don’t mind.

Needless to say that the boys really regret that!!! XD


How this was inspired? A random group conversation I had on whatsapp with 3 of my friends andddd I was thinking ‘What would the other Black Fox guys do to poor nice Kenshi if they were bitter about losing a poker game to him…Hmm…’


Again, sorry it’s lameee XD I was also thinking of doing something new like making a group convo text screenie so…I hope it’s okay XD Enjoyyy? 

I’m sorry for being pretty uncreative lately too ><; lots of things happening irl so I’m kinda..everywhere. Yeh. Much love for you guys! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿


Kuni to the rescue! XD Sorry, I wasn’t sure where and who she was staying with at this point so I decided to randomly pick Yamato (and give the other guys more reason to pick on him) I’m not sure if you meant by as ‘group convo’ or seperate/indivual MFW guys with the MC personally but I thought I’d do a group convo first since I’m not too sure…? 

Hope you like and enjoy this! :3 


……….Nobody won in the end :D BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And I can’t help it XD an idea came to me and thought ‘Omg what if Ryoichi fits in here!’ So taadaaa! 

P/S: Chiapeto was the first to say she was looking forward for a continuation and then followed by other peeps inbox me for a continuation so…here it is! ^^; Sorry if it’s senselessly random and ummm…yeah XD I just had to add in Ryoichi for the heck of it LOL! >< Sorry if it’s lame but…yeh, but in a slump for a while so I’m getting my gears running :'3 Enjoy!


Later Roberto found out that Raine knew all along it was just a silly prank made by the gang of princes XD but she decided to play along until it got way too far… Poor Roberto XD oh well 

P/S: ;_; sorry this took so long, bubu. I really was hitting writer’s block too hard but I didn’t wanna let you wait too long so I decided I’ll just come up with anything randomly so here it is ;_; I’m sorry if it’s so lame…Meeep. *hides* Still, Enjoy!


I want to personally thank riichany for her kind words and giving me the encouragement to try and continue making these voltage inc smses T_T;; this is my first attempt in a longest time so I hope this is…good. I also wanna dedicate to xetijelut and commanderrin because mainly these two people have really kept me sane for some time when I’ve been on hiatus (as well as off hiatus) on tumblr and they’ve been there for me in, out and throughout ;___; I’m having such a horrible time with my intern and I hope it ends really soon because *cryyyyyyyy* So I hope this attempt of my…2nd? BMP sms cheers them up too XD 

I dunno how I got this inspiration but I was playing through Claude’s route in ‘June Bride’ special when I got off work and this came up XD random lol. Stopped by at the mall to get my hot cafe latte and had to put this to act so XD hee~ Hope you guys enjoy this! 

*I’m still on hiatus so requests are currently unavailable. I’ll only check back time to time >w<; thanks for bearing with me a while more..