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Switching Places Chapter 14 : The More The Merrier

Title: Switching Places Chapter 14
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru
Summary: One more person is going to join the “party”

Background: If you don’t know what this series is about, here’s a quick summary and reference links. MC Mika is the twin sister of Mia- original MC from KBTBB who’s now unconscious in hospital after an attack, Mika who works in MPD goes undercover and soon discovers about the black market auction plus a series of “troubles”-
Eisuke forces himself on her / Walk into Soryu masturbation / Fun time with the boss Kirisawa / One night stand with creepy doc / Sleeping with lazy Mamo & Eisuke’s fantasy  / Or going on a date with Eisuke? / Drinking game with the bidders

Notes: The last and this chapters are the ones I needed time to plot in order to connect the dots. I thought for a long time what to do BEFORE Mika got kidnapped, originally I planed 3 rescuers for readers to pick (Kirisawa, Mamo or Soryu) but at the end, I gave that up because I couldn’t write 3 extra POV / chapters that wouldn’t mess with the main plot lol sorry for those who love the options :( Maybe next time

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Chapter 14: The More The Merrier

Waking up to find yourself in an unfamiliar room with the cold concrete floor touching your bare skin, Where the hell am I? What’s the last thing I remember? You think to yourself by trying to recall your latest memory but your head hurt from sitting up as you look around the place for a means of escape until a giggle comes from above. “You’re not getting out of here dearie.” You look up to see cameras and speakers on all four corners, “Who are you? Why am I here?” You shout.

Another voice coos, “You don’t know us but we’re going to have so much fun, Mia.” You back away into one of the walls, “Who’re you? How do you know my name?” These must be the same people who attacked Mia. “Nothing personal. Pure payback, if you want someone to blame, take it to your boyfriend.” The younger voice says, then the door cracks open with a pair of red heels right in front of you. “Hi, ready to play?” She asks with a camera in her hand and devilish grin on her scar face.

4th week Monday afternoon

Eisuke wastes no time to yell at Soryu, “Find her.” is all he says before he hangs up and hops on his private jet. Ota and Baba tracks your phone and latest whereabouts while Mamoru speaks to your colleagues for information, Soryu heads to the security room.

Your phone’s been off since Sunday morning and your last known location is right at the hotel, the empty dorm room suggests that you most probably never make it back there. No one seems to remember in great details as they’re all busy with preparation for the IVC. Soryu watches hours of footage and finds a senior staff who walks you out from the corridor. He quickly gathers her address and heads to the dorm, “I’ve got a lead, tell Eisuke if he’s back before me. Tell him I’ll find her.” That’s all he says before Mamoru can ask anything.

“Sorry to bother you.” Soryu greets as the door cracks open, a slender and tiny lady with a surgical mask on her face. (Yes, it’s an actual thing in Asia. Ever since multiple flu outbreaks, people wear mask to prevent the spread of germs) “Sorry..” *Cough cough* “I’ve come down with a flu, pardon me.” *Cough cough* “Come in.” Soryu enters the room few doors down from yours, the flat is slightly bigger but messier.

The lady has gone to make some tea, Soryu sits on the carpet floor and takes a brief scan around the flat. Everything’s kept to minimal, nothing extra or unnecessary, the only decoration is a small photo frame by the nightstand. “That’s my younger sister.” She quietly says, “Here, have some tea, it’ll warm you up.”

A nice cup of tea helps with the cold temperature but not to ease his anxiety. He asks directly about you which she explains seeing you walking wobbly down the corridor so she helps and walks you out to the back door exit where most employees use. A dead end, this doesn’t help with your current whereabouts, he should call the Ice Dragons and gets them to widen the search. He apologizes once again before getting up on his feet, “Sorry to bother you Ms. Akiya.”

Bowing her head, she smirks at him, “Oh, no bother at all, dearie. The more the merrier.” His vision becomes hazy and that’s the last thing Soryu sees right before he collapses.


“If you want revenge, you should go to Eisuke.” Staring at the scar woman across, you quietly study her, her profile, her gesture. “What better way to hurt him than to hurt you?” Her grin sends shivers to your spine, “What has he done to you?” Touching her mark lightly on her cheek, she inhales deeply. “This? Oh it’s my husband.” Time seems to have stood still as she beings telling her story, how handsome Eisuke was and how they hit it off quickly. “I wanted some good sex, he wanted trade secrets, we both delivered until the day my husband offered him a better deal so he sold me out with evidence. My husband divorced me without paying me a single dime, he also gave me this parting gift so I’d remember for the rest of my life. So… I have Eisuke to thank for, don’t you think?” She smiles, brushing that long scar of hers.

“Well, my story is boring, isn’t it? ” Wrapping your hands around your shoulders from your shivering body, you suggest. “Maybe you can give me my clothes back?” Playing with a cigarette in her hand, she chuckles darkly. “But you won’t be needing them.” You swallow, there’s only one door and you’ve no idea what’s outside or how many accomplices are behind that door. “What about you?” Looking up at the cameras, she must be watching. “Oh hi dearie, you want a bedtime story?”

They don’t hesitate on sharing their stories, either they plan to kill you or believe that they won’t get caught. Both reasons are not comforting either, you can’t tell how long you’ve been captured but both the bidders and the team will know you’re missing, will they know where to find you, that’s the question.

“Eisuke owes me a life.” The older voice says as the scar face leaves the two of you “alone”, “My sister’s life, she was young, beautiful, cheerful and hopeful then one day, everything changed.” Another victim of Eisuke, just how many women did he hurt? Was he that good of an actor or were they too blind to care that the guy is an asshole? Why on earth would they fall for someone like him? Yeah, why? Your very own sister has made the exact same mistake, paying the price and lying unconscious at the hospital. “He dumped her like a piece of garbage and worst of all….. He doesn’t even remember her. No big deal, I will make him remember forever.”

She sounds confident and clam but unable to hide the pain and bitterness in her thick voice. The younger woman returns with another cup in her hand, “Here, this will make you feel better.” She says, suddenly sounding creepily sweet. “How do I know there’s no poison in the drink?” Pushing the cup towards you, she stares right into your eyes, “Oh I have no intention to kill you if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Wrapping both palms around the small cup, you gulp down the tea and feel the quick warmth in need. “There’s something far worse than death itself.” She says, tilting and resting her head in one palm and watches you, you try to speak but your eyelids get heavier and heavier till they are completely closed.

Chapter 15

Writer’s note:
I know I am not the best fanfic writer but thanks for everyone who put up with my writing and continue following this series, turning something from stress release to something I look forward to doing. Just wanna say thank you and again, happy new year ;)

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I want to personally thank riichany for her kind words and giving me the encouragement to try and continue making these voltage inc smses T_T;; this is my first attempt in a longest time so I hope this is…good. I also wanna dedicate to xetijelut and commanderrin because mainly these two people have really kept me sane for some time when I’ve been on hiatus (as well as off hiatus) on tumblr and they’ve been there for me in, out and throughout ;___; I’m having such a horrible time with my intern and I hope it ends really soon because *cryyyyyyyy* So I hope this attempt of my…2nd? BMP sms cheers them up too XD 

I dunno how I got this inspiration but I was playing through Claude’s route in ‘June Bride’ special when I got off work and this came up XD random lol. Stopped by at the mall to get my hot cafe latte and had to put this to act so XD hee~ Hope you guys enjoy this! 

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Can you please do a text where the guys from LLFTX are trying to ask MC to have a 'fun' night???? PLEAASSEEE!! I will love you forever if you do!!

Sure. Here it goes. Hope you like it.

PS: @Sunnydewdew, I’ve taken the ideas of Takkun’s sms from your last text if you don’t mind.

Needless to say that the boys really regret that!!! XD


Later Roberto found out that Raine knew all along it was just a silly prank made by the gang of princes XD but she decided to play along until it got way too far… Poor Roberto XD oh well 

P/S: ;_; sorry this took so long, bubu. I really was hitting writer’s block too hard but I didn’t wanna let you wait too long so I decided I’ll just come up with anything randomly so here it is ;_; I’m sorry if it’s so lame…Meeep. *hides* Still, Enjoy!


Part 1: Riki & Takuto 

XD lol typical of the two I think…

P/S: Part 2 coming up for Hiro and Kenshi! I decided to break into 3 parts so that it won’t seem too long ><; Plus I didn’t wanna take too long to post this up (and recovered from writer’s block to do with voltage smses) so here it is! Enjoy and sorry for taking too long! I’ll post up the rest later!