Homeless (Soryu x Mamoru)

Okay, this randomly popped into my head, and I initially wanted to do MC x (one of the guys) but HOW COULD WE FORGET ABOUT MAMOYU?! I haven’t done anything about them for ages, and I decided, let’s write something! This is not gonna be funny or anything (I’m hoping) and I wanted to do more of a sad one. This based upon the song ‘Secret Love Song’ by Little Mix and Jason Derulo. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you do. It’s a beautiful song with a different meaning. Tagging the usual - @otomeden and @nitelotus! Hope this came out okay!

Mamoru watched Soryu place on his tie, and slick back his already perfect hair. Soryu was meeting some important mob boss, and he had to look professional and formal. He was never one to get nervous, but when it came to expanding the Ice Dragons, Soryu had to leap at every chance.

“Do I look okay?” Soryu asked Mamoru as he buttoned up the cuffs on his sleeves. Mamoru, who was laying down on the sofa, grunted in reply, earning an eye roll from Soryu.

“Can I have a proper answer?”

Mamoru sat up, and looked at Soryu, his lips twisting into a small smile. “Ya look fine.”

Soryu smiled back, before looking at his watch. “I have to go.”

“Ya go. Maybe I could get some rest while you’re off trying to impress some old guy.”

Soryu glared at him, but it was gone as he broke into a laugh. “I’m leaving.”

Mamoru stood up, and Soryu pressed his lips against his briefly.

“See ya.” Mamoru stood at the doorway, as Soryu rushed out. He carried on watching until he was out of sight.


“Kishi, there is a company dinner at a small restaurant. You will need to be there.” A co worker was on the phone to Mamoru.

“I don’t need to go, do I?”

“You do. Make sure you’re present.” The call disconnected, as Mamoru sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ‘What a pain in the ass…’

Dragging himself up, he was tempted to sit right back down. But he got his suit, his tie, his good shoes, and his razor out. He hated these sort of things.


Soryu was speaking with the mob boss in a restaurant. He was nice enough, an old, friendly man, but Soryu only had one aim. Do everything he can to expand the Ice Dragons.

When Mamoru was finally ready, he entered the restaurant from the details he was given. Sure enough, all his co workers were there, clearly waiting for him.

“Yay! Detective Kishi’s here!”

“Shut up, kid. You’re hurting my ears.”

“Oh. I’m just so happy you’re here!”

Mamoru rolled his eyes. It was gonna be a long night.


It was a few hours into the night, and Mamoru had a splitting headache. He’d only had two drinks, and he’d honestly have soba instead of whatever fancy crap they served in restaurant.

“Guys, I think I’m gonna get going.”

The others were upset, and some were calling him a buzzkill, but the Higher Ups could clearly see that he wasn’t feeling well.

“Alright, Kishi, start heading home.”

Mamoru stood, left some cash, and started walking towards the exit of the restaurant. From the corner of his eye, he noticed the same head of slicked, dark black hair he was so familiar with. He saw Soryu, talking with the mob boss.

He didn’t care how creepy he looked, but Mamoru watched the table from a distance, before coming closer to hear what they were talking about. Only to tease Soryu for later.

“I’ve been wondering, Oh, have you got anyone special in your life?” The mob boss asked Soryu, who got flustered for a split second.

Mamoru listened closer, wanting to hear his reply.

“N-no. I’m too busy for a relationship right now.”

Mamoru’s breath caught in his throat, as he heard what Soryu had to say. He knew that they couldn’t reveal that they were in a relationship, but it hurt so bad to hear it from Soryu’s very own mouth. He wanted to scream. He wanted to let the world know. But he couldn’t do that. He simply couldn’t.

As Mamoru started to walk away from the restaurant, a miserable look overtook his features. He headed for a dark alleyway. What he wanted was to be alone right now.

Why can’t you hold me in the streets? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? I wish that we could be like that, why can’t we be like that? Because I’m yours…

Mamoru sighed, as he knew there was nothing he could do. And when he knew he was helpless, he would take out a cigarette, lift it up to his lips, and take a smoke. Right now, he knew he was helpless. He knew that Soryu and him… their love was homeless.

Hope everyone likes this Mamoyu fic! Player pt 3 is coming very soon! Thank you for reading x


• he originally had never considered himself perfect. it was anything but that. if anything,he had a lot of flaws. yet he had decided to hide that. he wanted to come across as flawless. he convinced himself he was flawless. if deceiving the world and himself meant establishing dominance, then so be it. yet…a certain somebody destroyed through that. they made him realize he had flaws, but they also made him accept them.

• his puns used to be unpredictable to her, but they came around. sooner or later, mc was able to predict whenever he was going to make one. it became easy to tell when you figured out his pausing and facial expressions before telling one. however, there are moments where he’ll tell the worst pun with a straight face.

• he occasionally had romantic feelings for people before, but he never desired for them to be returned. he was fine with just having them. the only time he ever wanted them to be was when they had a strong bond with them.

• tsumugu never really has a high view of most people unless he sees something they do that proves them capable.

• he absolutely loves being with mc. being with other people he’s not close with is a tire, but if mc’s going to be there, he’ll consider it. just being with her makes him happy.
he loves the way she’ll take him seriously, but be able to have fun with him at the same time. the way she’s able to have fun with him just by watching comedy, and the way she’s able to have a serious conversation about their feelings makes him go wild.

• tsumugu isn’t the particularly the best with affection. he’s fine with kisses, hugs, and flirting with puns, but when it comes to other things, he’s not exactly comfortable with them. not that mc minds of course. if he’s not comfortable with heavy kissing or subtle, sexual touches, then that’s fine with her. although, he’s absolutely fine with bare skin to skin touching. if it’s just taking a mere shower or bath together, or sleeping next to each other bare, he’s fine.