Silence - Eisuke Ichinomiya

What started out as a reserved whimper morphed into a pleasure filled moan from Eisuke as you circled your hips against his own – your hands running through your own hair as your back arched; your own lips parting to pant as his fingers dug deep into the soft curves of your hips. You weren’t exactly keen on having everyone else know what you were up to in the penthouse – not that they didn’t have some kind of idea already; the thought of privacy constantly crossing your mind although you knew the man beneath you couldn’t care less.

Reaching back, you scoop into your grip the discarded lace panties he peeled off you before keener than usual and rolled them into a lazy ball, leaning forward to kiss him; to force your tongue between his lips and pry them apart before stuffing the material in – his eyes opening wide, looking up surprised at you and your makeshift gag.

The next thrust of his hips was harder than you’d imagined and that he probably intended. You swore you felt his nails start to claw at your skin with the intention of painting your curves with bruises; the flutter of his eyes shut and rise of his chest indicated that for what you’d just done – Eisuke had nothing against it.

“You need to learn to keep your mouth shut baby”, you explained with hot breath teasing to brush across his ear, “….I don’t need anyone downstairs to know what we’re doing – nor the hotel. If you can’t keep quiet, I’ve got no option but to force you to be.”

Whilst a small, coy smirk twists up at the corners of his lips; you continue to grind down against him, your hands flat against his chest to keep you upright and stable as he manages to let a groan around the makeshift gag. Mhmm; you’d need to find another way of keeping him quiet.



I wonder which game is gonna get anime adaption first?!
I bet my money on Kissed By The Baddest Bidder, but there’s also possibilty that My Forged Wedding is gonna be first too
It is the oldest game that’s still popular locally and internationally
Star Crossed Myth can also be a possibilty!
I dont care anymore! As long as its Voltage, I can scream happily


The next coming app character profile has been released. The title is “大正ロマン、運命の人” (temporary translate as “Taisho romance, the man of destiny”) image below

Currently voltage is running a campaign to vote for 1 poster you like the most (image above)

Please do not re-post my translation elsewhere, thanks


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