volt tackle

#2886. The Hands intended for Smash Balls to appear in battles since the first game, but had to wait until Brawl simply because they were dangerously unstable and prone to blowing up parts of stages. The “finalized” Smash Balls only operate at about one-third of their maximum power capacity. Smash Balls that have been “charged” to over half of their maximum capacity have been known to turn some Final Smashes (such as P.K. Starstorm and Volt Tackle) into stage destroying superweapons and have thus been banned. Further research has suggested that a Smasher who wields a fully charged Smash Ball could cause serious harm to the space-time continuum.

Shane’s 2016 Sketchbook, Entry 13 - “Let me show you a REAL Volt Tackle!”

I love Pokken Tournament, but after a while it’s easy to grow tired of the same 16 fighters. It might be a bit much to expect from this first-attempt crossover release so soon, but I feel the game would really benefit from some fighter and stage DLC.

Plus I’m tired of my favorite Pokemon getting shafted. Come on, Nintendo and GameFreak, it evolves from the mascot for crying out loud. Give it a Mega too while you’re at it. ;P