four scenes that were implied to have happened off camera that we didn’t get to see

one, keith cradling injured lance in his arms

two, keith standing in front of lance’s cryopod for a moment longer than the others, just before the ‘clock party’

three, lance being unchained from that tree (by someone) (likely keith, bc even though keith joked he couldn’t hear him, lance did ask him specifically)

and four, keith and lance running around the castle together, looking for the others, after keith rescues lance from a corrupted airlock

what the fuck

wait oh my god

i just realized why lance was all “nope. don’t remember, didn’t happen” when keith brought up the whole ‘i cradled you in my arms’ thing

lance was getting revenge on keith for saying he didn’t remember their time together at the garrison. he was probably really hurt by the way keith was like “who are you” after not seeing him for a while, especially since lance never forgot about keith. in fact, he could spot keith from a distance by his hair style alone

lance literally took the first opportunity he had to do exactly what keith did to him

keith essentially asks him ‘don’t you remember the bonding moment we just shared?’ and lance is like ‘nope! sorry! i don’t recall. and since i can’t remember it, i guess it never happened.’

asdfgk, oh my g od

keith: *injured, laying on the ground, losing consciousness* 

lance: keith! *runs over to him, cradles his body*

keith: come … closer … 

keith: … i need … i need … *gasps for air*

lance: *wiping tears* what do you need 

keith: *pulls lance closer by his collar* … a tailor 


keith: *grins* you know, someone who can really thread the needle