ML: Scarlet Lady au: Volpina Part 3

(Part 1) and (Part 2)

(Inspired by  @zoe-oneesama Kwami swap au)


“This is it..” Adrien said as he approached the door. The ancient tome in hand.

“Why so nervous Adrien? You already met the guy before.” The black Kwami pointed out.

“Yea… but I wasn’t aware of who he even was.” The blond model defended. He took a calming breath before opening the door.

 There he saw a small room with a few antiques, but surprisingly spacious. In the center of the room was an old man meditating.

“I have been expecting you, Chat noir.” The old man spoke. He looked up and smiled softly at the young man.

Adrien closed the door behind him. He walked up to the old man and handed him the book.

“Here, Plagg said you would know what to do with it.” Adrien said as he prepared to hand the old man the book.

“Yes, I know what this book is. the tale of the miraculous.” The old man took the book and looked through it. After a few minutes he closed the book.

“I have a few questions. Mr.Fu sir.” Adrien blurted out.

“Fu is fine child. Speak.”

“Why is Hawkmoth in that book of heroes?”

“The book details the exploits of some of the wielders of the miraculous, not all those who wield a miraculous use them for good.”

“So Hawkmoth has a miraculous… which means there are more then just the ladybug and cat miraculous.” Adrien articulated as he processed that information.

“Is hawkmoth after the other miraculous aside from Scarlet’s and my own?”

“I do not know his objectives, but he is likely after your and Scarlet lady’s miraculous because of the power they have when together.”

“What… what kind of power?” Adrien questioned nervously.

“A power that could reshape the world in the wrong hands. That is why you and Scarlet were chosen to fight against Hawkmoth. For when you two work together, you are a mighty force… at least, that was the initial plan.”

Adrien saw the old man’s expression change. He was showing remorse.

“I could swear I was a better judge of character. But, this wielder of the Ladybug miraculous is… not what I envisioned.”

Adrien could tell that the old man held regret over picking Scarlet.

“She appeared far more kind and pure hearted when I met her… But I suppose appearances can be deceptive.”

Adrien patted the Fu’s shoulder.

“Hey, I didn’t turn out so bad, maybe you aren’t completely bad at picking chosen.” 

Fu smiled a bit at the kind boy’s words. He knew Adrien’s heart well. He was taking this burden, despite everything.

Chat noir looked out the window and noticed a ball of fire in the sky, that seemed to be heading closer by the second.

“I am sorry Fu, we will have to talk more another time.” The model ran to open the window. “Plagg, Claws out.”

The blond model transformed into Chat noir. and jumped out the window to get to where the meteor was heading.

Fu watched as the young hero left.  A green Kwami appeared from the back.

“Master, the tea is ready.” The turtle kwami notified the Old man.

“Wayzz, we need to get that boy a new partner.”


“That was very cruel of you Chloé!” a red kwami stated harshly to her blonde partner. They were back in Chloé room and the Ladybug kwami was seething with rage.

“Not only did you leave the book, the book which was absolutely crucial that we got, but you flung that poor girl into a fountain!”

“Okay, I am sorry about the book.” The blonde dismissed as she looked at her phone. “Looks like Lila’s interview got taken off of the Scarblog. Good.”

Tikki groaned. This girl was getting on her last nerve. What could Fu have seen in this girl? Tikki hated to admit it, but she was starting to think Chloé was not worthy of being a miraculous holder. But Chloé would never willingly give up her miraculous, She sighed as she floated away from Chloé, before noticing what was on the muted screen.

“Umm… Chloé, there is trouble. We need to go.” 

Chloé looked up for a second and saw the Tv screen.

“Well, time to show how a real hero does things. Tikki Spots on!”


Chat noir raced to the direction he saw the meteor is was heading. The thing was Huge! He needed to hurry

‘one good cataclysm should take care of it’ He thought as he dashed faster. He suddenly noticed an orange flash moving to meet the meteor.

“What the…”

He stopped in his tracks as he watched the orange flash stop in front of the meteor and try to slow it down.

Chat noir looked closer, it was a superhero! He moved a few rooftops closer as the superhero slowed the meteor down on top of the Louvre. Before lifting it and flying upwards to fling it back into space. The heroine looked at the crowd and slowly landed on a building below her. Chat noir couldn’t help but be impressed.

He watched as the super heroine walked out to the front ledge of the building she had landed on to greet the cheering people.

“I am Volpina! The only Superhero Paris needs.” The fox themed super heroine flaunted. The crowd was eating it up.

Chat noir rolled his eyes, another egotistical heroine. At least this one seems more useful.

“Volpina?” a familiar voice spat in disgust and confusion.

The black cat hero turned to see Scarlet lady land next to him. Chat noir turned away from Scarlet lady. He still knows about how cruel she was earlier.

“Who the heck is this girl? And how come she has flight? I want Flight.”

Chat noir rolled his eyes.

“How about we go see whether she is actually friend or foe.” Chat noir stated as he started heading towards her.

Scarlet lady puffed her cheeks and followed the cat hero.

“I could have stopped that meteor by myself if I wanted to…”

The two land on the rooftop where the fox hero was.

“Hey guys. Glad you dropped in. I could use a hand.” She said before moving past them. She went flying off as an orange blur having the two heroes following. She lead them to a rooftop several buildings away before landing.

The two catch up and look in the direction she is looking.

“Wait.. isnt that Hawkmoth?!” The red clad heroine exclaimed. The three heroes duck down to hide from the super villain who was looking away from where they were.

“Something is up, he isnt the type to show his face.” Chat noir said as he felt something was definitely not right.

“We can take him down, but is is gonna take all the three of us. We better make the most of our Individual talents.” Volpina stated.

“You can count on me” Chat noir answered. knowing that at least he can do it.

“Very nice to meet you by the way Chat noir. Very cool outfit.” Volpina flirted.

“Thanks, you too Volpin…”

“Easy there Volpo. Who made you in charge? And what exactly is your Miraculous anyway?  Scarlet Lady question coldly.

Volpina stood up and met Scarlet Lady’s burning gaze

“My necklace.”

“And what does that tacky miraculous even give you in terms of powers?” The red clad Heroine spat.

“The power of Flight and super strength.” Volpina shot back with a smug look.

Chat noir rolled his eyes.

“Could you two stop knocking egos? Hawkmoth just vanished.” Chat noir pointed out.

The two look and notice Hawkmoth fly off in a purple blur heading to a different building.

“Right, He is getting away!” Volpina said as she started to fly after him. Chat noir and Scarlet Lady followed close behind


Fu walked out of the building and found himself almost colliding with a black haired teen. Thankfully the teen stopped.

“Woah! I am so sorry I didn’t see you there.” The black haired girl appologized.

“That is alright dear, it is a good thing you stopped.” The old man smiled as he looked at the girl. He suddenly did a double take. When he was looking out the window, he could of sworn he saw Scarlet lady dash to where that meteor was heading only a bit behind Chat noir. But… that can’t be.

The old man looked closer at the girls ears. She wasn’t wearing earrings.

“You.. aren’t wearing earrings…” Fu spoke aloud. He quickly realized, she wasn’t Scarlet Lady. The ladybug miraculous went to the wrong person.

“Oh, I didn’t really feel like wearing them today. Sorry again for almost hitting you.” The black haired girl apologized getting ready to leave.

The girl was getting ready to walk off. Fu realized he had made a grave mistake, and he needed to fix it.

“Marinette wait.” Fu called.

The girl paused, she turned to the old man.

“How did you know my name?” Marinette asked with clear surprise.

“We have met before, and I am in great need of your help.” Fu answered with a serious face.

“My help?”


(And that is Part three, Stay tuned for the next part. Please let me know your thoughts. on this. It is longer then intended, because I have heard your comments and I am bringing Marigold into the story. So this is gonna have quite the divergence from the initial plot.)

It took like a slight turn in the plot of Catalyst when Volpina made an illusion of an evil Ladybug destroying Chat Noir with his cataclysm. A bit unexpected there. I never imagined them actually adding that in an episode, but I guess that just proves that we have no clue what they’ll do. But I think this scene proved that the show won’t be overplayed and stereotypical lessons of shows meant for seven year olds. It has potential and they might surprise us with something like this more.



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I just imagine them on a double date and an akuma appears making the gang have to leave, leaving nino all alone. RIP NINO.

insp from @thelastpilot and @illustraice snapchat thingies [here]


  • Alya: Volpina is way better than Queen Bee.
  • Chloe: Please, if Ladybug is the first best, then Queen Bee is the second best hero of Paris.
  • Alya: Lets ask to the second expert of superheroes. Marinette could you please tell Chloe who is the second best hero of Paris?
  • Marinette: Well of course, thats Chat Noir.
  • Alya/Chloe: 😲
  • Adrien: 😻


Ladybug knows who Rena Rouge is

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Chloe figures out Ladybug because she saw Tikki

And Chat learns who Queen Bee is from this script piece

And then Rena Rouge finds out who Chat Noir is and then it’s a circle of each idiot only knowing who one other is