Awww @yankasmiles the stickers came in, so I’m all ready to make myself a new phone cover for my new phone (finally)!!
These stickers are all the perfect size for making my own tsukkiyama-centric phone case and I love them so much~~

i couldn’t quite understand why people thought what they were thinking, until i realized that i was seeing this part from a MANGA-fan’s point of view. if you were seeing THIS and had been an ANIME-only fan, it freakin looks like tsukishima is actively ignoring yamaguchi, his best friend

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Word spread like wildfire through the entire school campus, a rumor of a so-called foreign exchange student attending this high school, though details were still murky.

That, however, did not quell the gossip that buzzed through the halls, did not quiet the back and forth questions of what the exchange student would be like, did not silence the hushed whispers of whether the student will be male or female, if the student could speak their language or if they’d struggle with that barrier, or if the student was attractive.

Above all, it definitely did not halt the one thought every mind of these students shared - if the student was aware of the species that was, thus far, only notoriously known in Japan.

The Volleybirbs.

It was already widely known that this species wasn’t of any threat at all to humankind - until, of course, you provoke one to some degree. But no one in their right minds would do so… Unless they had a death wish.

Golden hues narrowed, pale fingers grasping the muffs of white headphones, movements halted as sharp hearing picked up on irritating giggles from nearby. Brow twitching, the blonde snapped his headphones over his ears and turned up the volume, thus blocking out the agitating topic that has been poking and prodding away at his patience.

So what if they were getting an exchange student? So what if it was a he or a she, if they could understand their language or not, if they were attractive or not. He couldn’t see why this was so interesting.

It was just an exchange student. Not a celebrity. So what was their deal?

His jaw clenched and he forced himself to refocus his attention on his notes.

If only they’d all just shut up already…

You Know Me (a mix made for @camotechips) / {listen}

1. Something More Aly & AJ / 2. Safe Britt Nicole / 3. If I Only Had The Heart The Maine / 4. Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra / 5. Boats & Birds Gregory and the Hawk / 6. In A Second Aly & AJ / 7. You Know Me Air Traffic Controller / 8. I Wouldn’t Mind He is We / 9. Flaws Bastille / 10. idfc (Tarro Remix) Blackbear / 11. I Love (More Than Alive) Luke Conard / 12. Even Though Darren Criss

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On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me

(a) six foot tall russian

five volleyballsfour seijou darlings, three ugly sweaters, two stupid volleybirbs & the greatest brotp

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