• Somi: You're completely literal. Methaphors go right over your head, don't they?
  • Sohye: Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.
minhyun!volleyball player au

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  • the star setter on the varsity team
  • is still better than basically everyone at playing every other position
  • constantly has scouts at his team’s games
  • expected to go to the best university in the country with a scholarship
  • has one of the biggest fan clubs tbh
  • has been mistaken for an idol both because of how attractive he is and the herd of fans behind him 
  • seems cold because he doesn’t have very many people he talks to since he sacrifices a lot of time for volleyball
  • actually the nicest person alive
  • really caring towards his teammates (especially jinyoung but no one needs to know that)
  • also the tallest person alive (as sworn by sungwoon)
  • never does a day go by that he doesn’t compare sungwoon’s height to the net
  • or himself
  • “minhyun shut up”
  • “but you’re so small-”
  • once daniel asked him to help him practice his receives
  • but then he almost broke daniel’s arm with a serve so daniel never asked for his help ever again
  • always tries to pair up with guanlin during blocking drills so they can high five over the net
  • the biggest nerd
  • can recite to you the entire “volleyball handbook” in the coach’s office word for word if you asked
  • can’t jump that high but his height makes up for it
  • jihoon always tries to challenge him to a jumping battle
  • but he always wins
  • “it’s not fair, you’re taller”
  • “you’re the one that wanted to do this”
  • “that’s not the point hyung”
  • “but it’s the 5th time this week”
  • likes setting to seongwoo and jaehwan the most
  • seongwoo because he looks the best while spiking
  • he can’t give you a reason for jaehwan even if he wanted to
  • you can find him shouting at jaehwan to shut up during practice
  • takes care of the others really well
  • is really protective once someone gets hurt
  • doesn’t realize when he gets hurt sometimes so needs jisung to take care of him too
  • seonho, a 1st year from the basketball team, has the biggest crush on him
  • told him once he was gonna drop basketball to join volleybal to spend a lot of time with him
  • he was joking (at least minhyun hoped)
  • didn’t end up dropping the basketball team but stuck to minhyun when he visited practices
  • kinda sucks at studying and spends so much time on practicing but still somehow one of the best students
  • best friends with jonghyun, minki, aaron and dongho from the badminton and tennis teams
  • dongho never stops making volleyball puns
  • “I guess that serves you right”
  • “you get 2 more warnings before I kick you out”
  • the rest of his teammates and even players from rival schools look up to him a lot (literally and metaphorically asjsdgf)
  • both in skill and character
  • despite being extremely talented in his trade, he never used that to hurt anyone
  • has stayed extremely humble and continues to stay humble
  • just a Good Person and an amazing volleyball player tbh
  • gets really serious when it comes to volleyball
  • games with him are intense
  • is really passionate about the sport and would do anything to continue playing it for the rest of his life

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Bokuakakurotsuki fic recs? I've stalked topf and zanimes fics and I need more! Send help pls

for the purpose of being thorough, i’m still gonna include them on this list

although fair warning: some of these will lean more on the akaashi/bokuto & kuroo/tsukishima side


To continue:

Wakatoshi Nice Kill. 

Kageyama that’s not what he ment. He was not complimenting you. He was merely stating that both of you are volleybal obsessed dickheads without realising it.


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Het wordt warm... het is bijna zomer!

Any of you who are in the Netherlands right now are probably enjoying the glorious weather. And good news! It’s supposedly getting even hotter this week! So in light of the summery weather, I thought I would share with you some summery Dutch vocabulary to express your delight for the incoming summer months and the summery activities that you may be up to.

zon sun
droog dry
vochtig humid/moist
warm hot
graden degrees

zonnebaden sunbathe
Edit: zonnescherm sunscreen/sun cream sun canopy
looien to tan
bruine lijnen tan lines
zonnebrand sunburn :(
Edit: zonnebrand suncream for sunburn, please check below

zonnebril sunglasses
hoed hat
badkleding swimwear

strand beach
meer lake
zand sand
feest party

zwemmen to swim
surfen to surf
windsurfen to windsurf
volleybal volleyball
tennis tennis
fietsen to bike

Edit: ijs icecream/ice
Edit: ijsje ice lolly
vers fruit fresh fruit
ijsblokjes ice cubes

Edit: Ik fiets naar de het strand. I am biking to the beach.
Edit: Wil je een ijs? Do you want an ice cream?/Do you want some ice?
Edit: Ik kan zien jouw bruine lijnen zien! I can see your tan lines!
Edit: Ze heeft een slechte zonnebrand. She has a bad sunburn.
Hij houdt van volleybal op het strand. He loves volleyball on the beach.
Zij kopen kleurrijke zonnebrillen. They are buying colourful sunglasses.
Het is te warm. Meer ijsblokjes alsjeblift! It is too hot. More ice please!
Edit: Ik ben verbrand I have sunburn/I am burnt.

If there are any mistakes (or if you have any suggestions!) don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know!

Edit: I have added some corrections to some of the mistakes made!

I present to you one of my favourite shots of my Oikawa cosplay! hope you like it too 👽

Oikawa: me
📷: @thealienatedluna

The resilient glass heart

Oh Asahi, you big doofus.

This guy looks like he belongs in an action movie as the stoic rōnin, but he is so very sensitive, with such a big heart and ugh…. what is it with sports anime characters?

As far as characters go, Asahi gets a really big development arc. Certainly for a third year. Psychologically, he evolves at a rate that almost rivals Kageyama. I blame that for making this profile so stupidly long that it needs to be hidden behind a cut.

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