volleyball meet

C-ute as girlfriends

Yajima Maimi: Will be the one to ask you out first. Willing to keep the relationship going and isn’t all that protective and nosy. Trusts you and when you ever betray her, BYE. The very sporty girlfriend and will ask you to go to her basketball games, track meets, and volleyball games.

Suzuki Airi: Always a happy and positive beam of energy. There to help you on the hard days, always understanding. She’ll goof around a lot to make you smile. When she’s sad, she’ll be happy when she sees you. 

Nakajima Saki: Your quietly cute girlfriend. Likes to take photos, a lot. Documents every single one of your dates with her camera and puts it into an album. Her favorite pictures are pictures of you. She likes to cheer you up with funny accidental photos of you. 

Okai Chisato: The funny and fun to hangout with girlfriend. Invites you to dates at a baseball game sometimes. Doesn’t text often, but when she does it’s when you’re sad and need memes. She’s your go-to meme bank, the meme enthusiast. Likes to meme every single thing in your photos. Is good with your friends and doesn’t get jealous easily. 

Hagiwara Mai: The fabulously fashionable. Takes you on shopping dates. Picks out some new clothes for you, that actually suit you. Clings onto your arm as soon as she sees you. Takes lots of selfies with you, LOTS. None of them get deleted.  


Carmilla Volleyball/Haikyuu!! AU Part I


  • Laura-Middle Blocker/Decoy
  • Carmilla-Setter
  • LaFontaine-Libero
  • Perry-Wing Spiker/Captain
  • Danny-Middle Blocker/Ace
  • Kirsch-Wing Spiker
  • Will-Opponent Setter/Captain

Haikyuu!!, here’s the trailer

I do not play volleyball, I just learned it from anime..

A Sin Meets....Volleyball? //Closed Rp//


Envy sat quietly on his own, staring into the waters of the river. He wished that for just once, someone, somewhere, could look past what he was, and maybe even like him for who he was. “Yeah, right….” He muttered to himself, a heavy sigh leaving his lips as he tossed a small skipping stone across the water, watching it ripple. 

Tooru is an expert at flirting. Really, he is. He’s been charming women and girls since elementary school, and he’s good at it. Being cute helps, though, and Tooru is adorable, okay? Extremely, absolutely adorable

But Tooru is also a giant idiot, because he’s fallen in love with the only person who is immune against all of his weapons. It’s a boy. It’s his best friend. And suddenly, Tooru is lying on his bed, clutching his phone tightly and typing a message that he knows he’s gonna regret. But you know - desperate times… Okay. He’s just gonna ask him to come over. They rarely meet outside volleyball anymore - and hey, why not throw in a little teasing? Iwa won’t get it, anyways.

[to: Iwa-chan ♥]
wanna come over for volleyball and chill? <3 

He’s done it. He really just sent this message. Tooru closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, trying to hold in the helpless squeal that builds in his throat. Then, his phone vibrates. 

[from: Iwa-chan ♥]
We already had practice today. And I know what x and chill means, idiot.

Tooru forgets how to breathe. He’s fucked up. Oh - oh God - another message?

[from: Iwa-chan ♥]
On the other hand, I’m down for kiss and chill. If that gets you to finally make a move on me and stop staring like a lovesick puppy. 

The noise that comes out of Tooru’s mouth is terrible close to those little squeaks that girls make when they spot him on the court. And when Tooru’s mother opens the front door to Iwa, barely ten minutes later, Tooru greets him with a gleaming smile and an imprint of the pillow on his cheek - where he’s pressed his face into the soft fabric and screamed his happiness into it, before he’d sent a message back. 

[to: Iwa-chan ♥]
forget chill. I only want the first part, every day from now on. and come over now!


HAIKYU!! Volleyball Club Joint Practice Meeting in TOKYO!!



すごく楽しいイベントだった♡ また来年も参加しようっと♪