volleyball joke


I thought to myself “What if I draw the volleyball captains?” and then I thought “ok but what if they’re all sea captains??” and then I thought “Why not Pirates???” and I think you can tell from there how we got to this point.

ok but let’s be honest kenma would take a picture of a trashcan at school and would text kuroo it saying “i thought i saw you before fourth period but i guess i was wrong”

and kuroo would reply “i’m offended! i have more class than that” and would send a picture of a recycling bin

bokuto would run a shitty meme blog with stupid ass volleyball jokes and tons of owl photos

akaashi would run a hipster photography blog with lots of indie music and the occasional owl photo

kuroo would run a band blog with shitty sarcastic text posts and random pictures/vines of cats

kenma would run a gaming blog and would probably reblog some of akaashi’s indie music and lot of kuroo’s shitty sarcastic text posts and sometimes he’d tag kuroo in a picture of a cat

(kenma would also run a kawaii pastel aesthetic sideblog that only kuroo knows about)

oikawa would be tumblr famous and would reblog pretty outfits and constantly post selfies and tag iwa-chan in all of his posts

iwa-chan would inadvertently be tumblr famous thanks to dumb ass oikawa even tho the only time he ever checks his damn account is when oikawa makes him

No but think about socially inept Kageyama, just wants to play volleyball, has no interest in being interviewed whatsoever no matter what level he plays. He has no idea what to fucking say. How do you get better? You practice alone and with your team. Full stop. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about him and if they don’t know how practicing works they’re beyond his help. So for his entire career, until he retires, every question about his performance he ever gets he credits to Suga, because why not? Suga-san was a good senpai. Also he told him to. And so Suga, who is now happily living as a teacher, or a nurse, or a fucking assassin who knows, gets fanmail every time Kageyama does something amazing because he must have been one hell of a good senpai.