volleyball joke

  • Bokuto: Akaashiiiii!!!
  • Akaashi: yes bokuto-san?
  • Bokuto: you know how the body is made up of 70% water?
  • Akaashi: yes??
  • Bokuto: if i stand on someone does that make me 70% jesus?
  • Kuroo: bro thats amazing!
  • Bokuto: bro i know!
  • Kenma: *scowls* fucking idiots
  • Akaashi: bokuto-san please never speak to me again

I thought to myself “What if I draw the volleyball captains?” and then I thought “ok but what if they’re all sea captains??” and then I thought “Why not Pirates???” and I think you can tell from there how we got to this point.

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Ah, hey, I'm sort of new on here... can you please do headcannon of Izaya playing basketball and volleyball against his s/o? Thank you^^~☆

Time to put my sports anime knowledge to use lol



- Izaya? Running after someone? For a ball? Think again.

- he halfasses everything so playing with him isn’t really fun

- not to mention he will provoke you a lot when he’s “marking” you, and you have to resist the urge to throw the ball straight into his face

- he is very skilled in making points tho, he easily throws the ball into the basket without having to try hard at all

- unless he tries to showcase how cool he is, then he fails miserably


- can’t do it, receiving the ball is painful, hitting the ball is painful, everything hurts

- also, throwing the ball back and forth gets boring really fast for him

- tries to hit the ball really hard sometimes to scare you but his arms are stick thin for a reason (no muscles cough cough)

- receives the ball with his face a la hinata more often than not

- a better choice than basketball tbh

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I love 2seok and their relationship is so cute in this AU but I'm lowkey sad about yoonjin. They're one of my fave ships. How did they break up?? Are they awkward with eachother at all? Especially since yoongles said he was mostly straight now?

YG: we broke up the day after that happened… we realized we didn’t really like eachother in… y’know… that way

((reference to this post and this post!!!!!))

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.02

Picture mine

{ pt.03 }

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smutty plot

Word count: 6,512

~ Sorry I took so long to update and it’s not much but here is part two! I’ve been a bit busy these past two weeks but hope you enjoy ♡

it’s roughly edited sorry

   “I’m going! I’m going!”

I dabbed the liquid product against the side of my neck, blending it with my finger. I pushed my hair away from my shoulders, making sure I didn’t forget any spots. The weather was extremely hot so I couldn’t exactly go out with a turtleneck on. I moved my hair over my neck just as an extra precaution before opening the door, seeing Coco standing on the other side of it. She raised her eyebrow suspiciously at me and I just smiled at her like nothing was happening.

    “Breakfast is getting cold.” She said looking past me into the bathroom, as if to find somebody in there. I gave her a small ‘okay’ and followed her out of my room and into the kitchen where everyone was at. They all looked up from their plates as we walked in and I took the empty seat next to Emi at the island table. I greeted them all a good morning as I poured myself a glass of orange juice from the vase in the center.

     “You look well rested (Y/n).” Mina said speaking up with a bit of food still in her mouth. The other girls giggled under their breaths as I eyed them, with the edge of the glass against my lips. Bitsy nudged my arm with her elbow before passing me a plate of food Coco had served for me.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said simply with a shrug from my shoulder, setting the glass down in front of me.

     “Come on guys. We all know (Y/n) isn’t the type to kiss and tell.” Emi said settling everyone down. “Or should I say fuck and tell.” I gasped as everyone busted out laughing again. So much for her being the innocent one of the group. Bitsy reached in front of me to give her a high five for the clever comment.

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YG: I will gladly tell that story to anyone anywhere, exposing Jin is my favorite thing to do~

J. ;^( my ex is so mean to me


Time: Yoonji in 3rd year of high school; Jin, Joon, and Yoongi in 1st year of high school; Army in 2nd year of middle school
Place: Min household
Context: After practice, playing never have I ever ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Monsta X | Reaction to playing Cards Against Humanity for the first time *NSFW*

Now if you haven’t played the game (which I highly recommend you do), it’s a card game that let’s you release your sickest sense of humor possible ever. A black card is read by one person and the other people choose a white card(s) from their hand to finish the black card and the person who read the black card chooses the winner of that round and you do that until all the cards are gone or you’re just done playing if you’re like me and have a shit ton of expansions. <— I really hope that all made sense.

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My Asanoya headcanons

These are my headcanons, but idc who uses them lmao.

  • Asahi gives Noya piggy-back rides and then gets worn out by all the enthusiasm and loudness Noya creates. However, this is always a great confidence boost, because Noya cheers him on. 
  • When Noya feels short spurts of energy or when he’s been away for a while, he leaps onto Asahi and hugs him. 
  • When Noya calls out taunts to larger and taller guys, he instantly hides behind Asahi, to initially make it look like he said it. 
  • Noya watches hair tutorials just so he can fidget with Asahi’s “glorious” hair. Asahi enjoys the attention and it’s another confidence booster. At least someone appreciates his long hair… 
  • During practice, Noya makes corny jokes about volleyball as a way to flirt with Asahi. 
  • Because Noya isn’t an offensive player, Asahi will sometimes allow him to sit on his shoulders and help him block/spike during practice. Bonus: Hinata will always complain about how unfair it is and yells at Kageyama for not thinking of that idea for them when practicing. 
  •  When going to theme parks and riding amusement rides, Asahi is basically Noya’s “parent” and chaperone. This is because Noya is always too short to ride and cannot ride unless he has an adult with him. This is sometimes very unfavorable for Asahi , because he is ironically afraid of heights. 
  • Whenever exhausted after a game, Asahi will let Noya rest his head on his lap on the bus ride home. Noya basically uses him as a pillow, and if he gets cold, Asahi will give him his hoodies. 
  •  During sleepovers, Noya will choose a horror movie to watch. Asahi hates horror movies and usually jumps over the couch and stays there for the remainder of the movie, if he’s really spooked. This leads to Noya, coaxing him out and calling him names like “doofus” or ‘wuss”. (You ultimately decide what he calls Asahi) 
  • In addition to the sleepover, sometimes Noya will have nightmares and crawl onto the floor to sleep with Asahi in the middle of the night. If the nightmares are terribly bad, he’ll wake Asahi up. Being used to this, Asahi will make sure Noya is comfortable and waits til he falls asleep first. 
  • Noya purposefully tells dirty jokes or takes things out of context, to trigger an annoyed or squeamish response from Asahi. Also, he resorts to gestures… a lot. 
  • Being the worry-wart he is, Asahi will demand that Noya sends him a text when he arrives home. This is to make sure Noya got home safely, due to his size and walking home alone after practice. 
  • Noya shows up to school and practice with bruises on his elbows, knees, and wrists due to heavy practicing. This bugs the shit out of Asahi and he always feels guilty about it. He tries to dissuade Noya from staying after to practice extra. He also makes efforts to better his spiking, so Noya doesn’t have to throw himself to the ground to retrieve the ball. 
  • Asahi NEVER leaves his hair down during a game or practice, due to a past experience. The story goes that when he was spiking the ball, his bun broke loose and the ball was stuffed. In the meantime, Noya was too busy staring at how glorious Asahi’s hair was, he forgot that the ball was coming right towards him. In the end, Noya was smacked in the face by the forceful hit of the volleyball. Thus, Asahi prevented these measures by triple tying his hair up.