volleyball banquet

April 12, 2012 - I have to say, honestly, it’s been a really long time ever since I’ve felt this good feeling. I’ve never been proud of myself in such a long time and tonight was the night I actually felt good for once for something I did all on my own. It was the Volleyball Banquet tonight and I received the award for “Most Inspirational” out of the Frosh/Soph team and I was one of the Scholar Athletes for my 3.5 GPA for Fall Semester. I didn’t know I had it in me, I really didn’t. I was so hesitant of joining Volleyball, but look at me now. I’m progressing more and more every time I play, my Coach said, “This girl would be the last one on the court trying to get something down and would always ask me if she’s doing it correctly and she’ll keep doing it until she gets it down”. I’d trip and fall, basically, however I never gave up. I’ve never thought I would actually get through this year of Volleyball, even though I barely made it onto the “Frosh/Soph” team, I still feel this joy in my heart that I’ve done something well for once. I haven’t felt this in so long and I have to say that I’m really really super proud of myself right now. Plus for my GPA Award? I’ve never been the one to be good in school. 

This is just a really important night for me, because while I was at the verge of losing hope in everything.. I needed this night, to remind me that I am made of something, that I do have a capability of doing so much, I have lots of potential; I guess I just really needed a reminder.. that’s all.