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reaction from Suga, Noya, Kuroo, Kageyama, Oikawa, Bokuto and Iwaizumi when they're at a volleyball banquet, all dressed up formally with their s/o, dancing and they get named "cutest couple" from the DJ with spot lights on them ^.^ ???

SUGAWARA is blushing once the words ‘cutest couple’ had been heard. He’d look at you with a shy smile and offer his hand to you. The DJ just had to pick out the cheesiest love song he had in his possession but Suga couldn’t complain, afterall, it was your favorite song. He’d be the smoothest dancer as he twirls you a few times and even dip you during the chorus. The crowd you guys attracted did make him nervous, causing him to almost drop you during a dip once. “Sorry, I got a little nervous.” The sheepish smile and laugh he gave you was enough for you to forgive him. 

NISHINOYA would definitely be proud from being crowned the ‘cutest couple’ and maybe go a little overboard when you guys dance. It wouldn’t even be the cliche ballads that the DJ had prepared for your couple dance because in one way or another, Nishinoya would definitely convince him to put on a more upbeat song. He’d make you dance along with him as everyone watched, much to your chagrin, but you couldn’t help but smile and laugh when doing so. “Come on _____! Let’s show everyone that we can kill it on the dance floor!” Sadly, you guys didn’t because Bokuto slays all.

KAGEYAMA was sweating bullets the minute he realized that the spotlight was on the two of you. He was starting to get even more tense when everyone present in the room started to gather around, watching you slow dance to the song that the DJ had picked out. “Tobio, relax. Just keep your eyes on me,” you would say, flashing him a soft smile. It didn’t really work since he started getting even more nervous and tense from looking at you. “I thought that was supposed to help me, dumbass,” he’d mumble, hiding his face into your shoulder from embarrassment.

OIKAWA felt a sense of pride and delight when the spotlight shone on the two of you. Like Suga, he would offer his hand to you, even kneeling down in front of you as he asks you to dance. You hated how you were the only one blushing but you took his hand nevertheless. Seeing you look so anxious and red made him smile, and he couldn’t stop the slight blush forming on his cheeks from how adorable you are. He would lean in real close to your ear and grin when he feels you tense a bit. “_____-chan, your face looks like a tomato!” He was lucky that everyone’s eyes were on you or else he would have been head butted to the floor.

IWAIZUMI isn’t the most charming dancer, but that’s only because he can’t coordinate his feet and hands well whenever he’s with you. His thoughts are so distracted from you that he wouldn’t even notice that the spotlight was on the two of you. The only hint he got was Oikawa’s screams of anguish for not being picked as the ‘cutest couple’ by the DJ. His hands were clammy as you led him to the middle of the dance floor, flashing him one of your grins. “Don’t tell me you’re getting all shy on me now, Hajime. You weren’t so embarrassed last night when we–” You weren’t able to finish your sentence as Iwaizumi shut you up with a chaste kiss, his cheeks blazing red.

KUROO wouldn’t admit it, but he’s a horrible dancer when it came to slow dancing. When the spotlight shone on you two, he couldn’t swallow down the feelings of dread when a slow song came on. He was sure glad that Bokuto and his own partner were also present at the banquet as he mouthed the words ‘help me’ to his partner in crime. The Fukurodani captain gave him a thumbs up in return, grabbing his partner’s wrist and dragging them to the dance floor. Kuroo found himself copying the steps as everyone started joining them. “I didn’t know you were so good at dancing, Tetsurou.” If only you knew. 

BOKUTO couldn’t help the grin on his face when the banquet’s ‘cutest couple’ was announced. He’d drag them to the middle of the dance floor, but not before making everyone surround them in a circle. You would be embarrassed with everyone’s eyes on you, however, you were just as ecstatic as Bokuto was. Just when you were ready for a slow dance, the familiar tune of “Express Yourself” by Diplo played, catching you and the spectators off-guard. Bokuto was already in the middle of the dance floor, twerking his butt off to the rhythm. “Come on, _____! Join me!” You didn’t, Kuroo had already taken his place next to Bokuto instead.

April 12, 2012 - I have to say, honestly, it’s been a really long time ever since I’ve felt this good feeling. I’ve never been proud of myself in such a long time and tonight was the night I actually felt good for once for something I did all on my own. It was the Volleyball Banquet tonight and I received the award for “Most Inspirational” out of the Frosh/Soph team and I was one of the Scholar Athletes for my 3.5 GPA for Fall Semester. I didn’t know I had it in me, I really didn’t. I was so hesitant of joining Volleyball, but look at me now. I’m progressing more and more every time I play, my Coach said, “This girl would be the last one on the court trying to get something down and would always ask me if she’s doing it correctly and she’ll keep doing it until she gets it down”. I’d trip and fall, basically, however I never gave up. I’ve never thought I would actually get through this year of Volleyball, even though I barely made it onto the “Frosh/Soph” team, I still feel this joy in my heart that I’ve done something well for once. I haven’t felt this in so long and I have to say that I’m really really super proud of myself right now. Plus for my GPA Award? I’ve never been the one to be good in school. 

This is just a really important night for me, because while I was at the verge of losing hope in everything.. I needed this night, to remind me that I am made of something, that I do have a capability of doing so much, I have lots of potential; I guess I just really needed a reminder.. that’s all.