volleyball band

karasuno first year band headcanons, am i right?

okay, so i’ve been toying around with this idea for a while that the karasuno first years form a band as a bit of fun.

  • yachi is the lead vocalist because she has a surprisingly large vocal range and boy can she sing! she’s really good at harmonising too and her voice is suited to a lot of different music genres.
  • yamaguchi is the backup vocalist when they play acoustic songs bc his voice is pure heaven oh my god. he also plays the drums as he likes to be the dependant and reliable one who keeps time and tempo for the band. plus he likes to play loud and complicated fills when he thinks the others need a bit of a push as their music is lacking passion.
  • tsukishima plays the bass and sometimes piano/keyboard (if the song requires it) because his long fingers are excellent for plucking bass strings and he also has a good sense of rhythm. he and yamaguchi work together a lot to keep a steady rhythm going.
  • hinata is definitely the lead guitarist because he loves to play difficult riffs. he can do tons of them due to his boundless energy and he loves being the centre of attention, so he’ll try to add something in whenever he can. he originally wanted to play the drums but when he discovered the electric guitar he was awed by the different sounds and melodies he could create.
  • kageyama is the second guitarist bc he likes to keep hinata in check with the rhythm as hinata tends to speed up when he shouldn’t thanks to his enthusiasm and he also enjoys setting up introductions for cool riffs that hinata can launch into.

(the band started because hinata had recently picked up the guitar and wanted to play with others. yamaguchi and yachi needed no convincing and kageyama only joined because he wanted to prove that he was a better guitarist than hinata, dammit. tsukishima needed some persuading but he reluctantly joined because of his love of music and yamaguchi’s promise of cake afterwards. he ended up enjoying it though, not that he’d admit it.)


m e e t - t h e - a d m i n ~

name: kayla

height: 5'5.5

age: smol

personality traits: extroverted, outgoing, emotional, linguistic, bighearted, social as hell, loving, sensitive, carefree

loves: badminton, volleyball, band, writing, reading, socializing, dyed hair, animals, soda, chocolate, clothing, psychology

pet peeves: insensitivity, people being repetitive, those who don’t listen, blatant disrespect

favourite youtubers: markiplier, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, berleezy, connor franta, jenna marbles, jacksfilms, crankgameplays, kickthepj, robertidk, game theory, wiishu, planet peebles, matthias, mariza, natewantstobattle

fun facts:
•typically very good at writing an opinion or statement
•cares a lot about other people
•isn’t generally offended by literally anything
•loves music soso much and enjoys everything
•enjoys being around people more than anything
•is quick to either get angry or sad in an argument
•short temper in general
•loves her brother
•adores stuffed animals; also still sleeps with one
•lil shit 25/8
•either doesn’t stop talking or doesn’t talk
•loves asks but not messages bc feels bad for late answers to pm
•questions are her fave
•has two doggos


Warnings: Panic Attacks, 

Requested: Yes

Request: Can I have a request, where the reader comforts Cheryl after she has a breakdown and they cuddle all that cute fluffy goodness. Thank you if you can. ps I absolutely love your writing ohm Y

A/N: Okay first off thank you anon for requesting and the complement, secondly I really want to start putting some of my dc works on this blog what do you guys think? Also tagging @emmcfrxst  bc she loves Cheryl

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Haikyuu!'s Fabulous Hogwarts Adventures

Haikyuu!’s Fabulous Hogwarts Adventures:

Staring: Tsukishima Kei

In: Fuck Hufflepuffs … wait no, that’s not … don’t take it that way, not that I took it that way, I meant … shit

AKA: Tsukki’s in deep!

Haha, welcome to my fan fiction. It’s going to be a series of one shots (because I have no commitment to longer stories) about the Haikyuu! boys (and occasionally girls) and the stupid nonsense they get into at their magic school. Other pairs will probably be included later and the rating is subject to change. Right now it’s T for language and some suggestiveness, but this is really mostly fluffy stuff.

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Hey guys! I want to let you guys know that Cheer, Volleyball, Basketball, Dance, Band and Football Camp is around the corner. Friday at 10pm, the buses will be leaving. If you’re interested to join any of these camps, please like this post and remember to log on!

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So Many Stars (Ch. 4)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 6,359 words (!!!)
Warnings: More weird food? Sexual tension???
Description: Dan goes to a fireworks festival with his new co-worker, Phil, and friends.

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3

A/N: sorry for the delay on this one! omfg, though, i want to see them actually wear yukata someday. please, someone, make that happen. next chapter on sunday (jan. 12).


Despite the utter lack of actual work, Dan wasn’t bored once that entire week. In fact, he had a far more difficult time finding ways to stay occupied once he got home in the afternoons (other than tumblr, grocery shopping, and the occasional Skype session with someone back home) than when he

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anonymous asked:

I got this idea of Karasuno boys as bloggers today... any hc ideas on that? What types of blogs would they have? How'd they deal with haters? Would they rant online?



Thank you for sending this in~! Have a wonderful day~!


  • Sawamura would have a typical fandom blog! I could see him blogging about his favorite TV shows and movies, and even tips on exercising, along with cool facts about volleyball! If there were any haters on his blog? Block and ignore, Daichi would make sure to block out the haters man. As far as ranting goes? He’d only do when he needs to let out how he feels when no one else is around, or when he loses a match and reflects on what he could’ve done better. Blog url: murder-of-crows
  • Sugawara would have a photography blog! Anywhere between pale/pastel posts to grunge/dark photos. With his blog, he’d even reblog posts of healthy or sweet recipies to try out and make for himself or for the team. Haters? What haters? Suga wouldn’t pay haters any mind! They were probably jealous anyways. Suga wouldn’t really rant on his blog. He’d the kind to write down his problems and then destroy the paper. Blog url: second-in-line
  • Azumane would have a blog of quieter hobbies along with his favorite music! He’d have plenty of posts about flowers/gardening, cooking, even redesigning and interior decoration. Asahi would feel a bit wary after receiving a hate message, but after some consulting with Daichi and Suga and Nishinoya, he finally gained the courage to delete whatever message came his way that he didn’t like. Ranting? Nah. He’d rather think things over, or ask someone in person for help. Blog url: glass-kokoro
  • Nishinoya would have a very sports related blog! Even sports that he doesn’t play. I’d like to believe that along with volleyball that Nishinoya is also good at playing soccer, so there would be plenty of posts~! Haters on his blog? He used to answer them and instead of writing an actual response, he’d just put pictures of the sad frog meme and publish them. Those are the posts on his blog that get like 7000 notes. Rant? Oh yeah. Whenever he feels it’s okay to, he will. Blog url: rolling-thunder
  • Tanaka: Would have a very action based blog! Spy movies, racing, armor, cool historical facts, etc. He’d never be bored with as many action fans as he follows and it would make him happy to know he has something in common with them all. Haters? Bye. Deleted, blocked, swerved. And the only time he rants is when he feels he really really needs to. Blog url: eternal-strength
  • Ennoshita would have a normal fandom blog! He’d enjoy blogging about his favorite bands and volleyball tips, along with ways to stay in shape. Ocassionally he’ll reblog ask memes and watch his ask box blow up. Haters? Where did they come from?? *delete* Whoops where’d they go? Ranting wouldn’t really happen on his blog unless he needs to know something. Blog url: gone-and-back-again
  • Kinoshita would have a food blog! Like, that’s it. He’d maybe reblog certain things like volleyball tips or posts his friends make but it’s mainly food. When it comes to haters he’d be so confused, especially since his blog has nothing but photos of food on it, so he might answer with a confused emoji sometimes, but others, he ignores them. Never rants. N e v e r. Blog url: kinos-food-porn
  • Narita would have a volleyball blog, since he really wants to be on the court with everyone else! He knows that blogging might help him get some sort of help or tips on how to be better at volley ball. When haters come around he looks for a way to avoid them and comes across the trashcan icon, Jackpot. He only rants when he can’t find a certain article on tumblr that he needs. Blog url: volleyblog
  • Kageyama would have your typical band/indie blog! He’d also reblog volleyball stuff and interesting facts about anything. The main posts on his blog though concern his favorite groups and really indie artists, along with abstract art. Haters? He replied to one.. once. And then he found it a waste of his time and just got rid of them. Ranting isn’t a thing Kageyama does online, it doesn’t help him feel better. Blog url: kageyamas
  • Hinata would have a MEME comedy and volleyball blog! All those funny vines or those ridiculous text posts that almost made you piss yourself? They’re on his blog. Everywhere. There’s no such things as haters in Hinata’s world, especially online. He’d send them a meme just like Nishinoya and laugh it off. Hinata rants, oh yes he does. But it’s not as often as you would think! Blog url: decoy10
  • Tsukishima would also have band/indie blog. He’d blog about his favorite bands and a lot of indie/grunge photography. along with that, if information or photos of dinosaurs appeared on his dash it would soon be on his blog. Tsukishima laughs at haters. He l a u g h s. And then deletes their message and goes back to blogging. And when it comes to ranting he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t find the need to. Blog url: moons-of-hope
  • Yamaguchi would have a regular fandom blog for all of the shows he watches, and he keeps his tags and what not really organized! There would also be useful tips for exercise and volleyball which comes to his advantage. Haters make him a bit unhappy, simply because someone wasted their time to send him something like that, but he shrugs it off and deletes the messages. And ranting? nah. Blog url: freckled-warrior
Preference #75: Hospital (Requested)...

(This is for the anon who requested “you have to take him to the hospital”. I hope it is somewhat enjoyable?)

Louis: “Shit,” you heard Louis shout from the kitchen. He wanted to make you dinner tonight and you were secretly a little nervous. You ran in quickly to see what happened. He had his hand covered with a paper towel that was quickly turning red. “What the hell,” you panicked looking at the cutting board, which also was covered in blood. Then you saw it, a chunk of his thumb just sitting there with the rest of the vegetables. “Oh my…” you slapped your hand to your mouth unable to finish your sentence, “Is that?” He started running his hand under water, cringing and groaning at the pain. “What else could it be? A carrot,” he yelled, frustrated. You wanted to freak out but you knew he needed you. You went to the drawer and quickly took out a towel then went over and took his hand calmly with both of yours. “That’s enough now raise it,” you explained guiding him then laid the towel over his whole hand. “Put pressure on it,” you instructed and he listened seeming to settle down a little bit. You went over to your computer. “What are you doing, shouldn’t we go to the hospital?” You nodded, “I know, but what do we do with that,” you pointed to the finger. “Good point,” he agreed. You had Louis read the instruction, which said to put the finger in a plastic bag and then put that plastic bag in a bag with ice and a little water. You went over to grab it and decided to use the bag as a glove. “Will you just pick it up? It’s not poisonous,” Louis sassed. “It’s still nasty,” you continued not letting him faze you. “Grow a pair,” he added. You rolled your eyes, “No thank you. By the way how did you even do this,” you asked as you started filling the other bag with ice. He sighed, “I was watching TV,” he admitted. You scrunched your eyebrows and smiled analyzing him. “Come on hustle up, I’m starting to feel dizzy.” You shook your head as you finished zipping the bag, and then quickly grabbed the keys gesturing for him to follow. You opened the door for him as he got into the car and then buckled his seatbelt, which seemed to kind of annoy him that you had to treat him like a kid again. He was silent for the first few minutes of the car ride so you had to check on him to make sure he didn’t pass out. “They’re going to call me nubs. I would,” he finally spoke up. You giggled, “Then you own that name. We’ll see who’s laughing when all the interviewers want to know what happened to your thumb.” He laughed, “It’s still them babe, still them.”  

Harry: You quick went out to get a few things that Harry asked you for before you had to drive him to the hospital. He had overworked his voice too much and developed nodes that were making it really painful for him to sing. You came back expecting to find him waiting for you, but he wasn’t in any of the common areas. “Harry,” you shouted to no response. You started checking every room and door you could, and eventually got to one that was closed. You tried to open it, only to find it locked, which was odd because neither of you kept any doors locked. “I wonder what’s behind curtain number five,” you joked as you knocked trying to make him feel better. “I know you’re in there,” you yelled calmly. There was silence. “Are you going to let me in Harry,” you asked hopefully, but you couldn’t hear any reaction on the other side. You took the bobby pin out of your hair and started futzing with the lock. Eventually it clicked and you were in. Harry was lying under a blanket facing away from you, probably pretending to sleep. You laid behind him and scooted closer so you could rest your cheek on his. “What’s wrong?” you spoke quietly. You felt him sigh and he grabbed your hand. “I’m not going. I changed my mind. It’s really not that bad.” You rested your weight on your arm and looked down at him, “Not that bad,” you questioned amazed based off of what he’d been telling you for a long time now. He flipped to his back and nodded looking into your eyes. “What are you so afraid of? Don’t you want to feel better?” He looked down, “What if I don’t sound the same? What if I can’t sing? I’d rather suffer through it than lose my sound forever.” You bit you’re lip, knowing there was a good chance his voice wouldn’t have the same range. “What if it’s better?” you tried to be encouraging. “And if it’s worse I’m done. I love it, do you understand? What would you do if you physically couldn’t do one of things you love most in this world,” he questioned getting really upset. You gave yourself a second to think. “I’d find a way around it,” you answered honestly. He shook his head and looked to the side frustrated. You took the sides of his face and waited until he looked at you. “I mean it. You don’t sound good then you can write for other people. You don’t like writing as much as singing then you work on it, and if it doesn’t get better then you sing anyway. I’ll listen, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one. Your fans are very, very dedicated,” you smiled which made him smile a little two. “Now can we go,” he didn’t move so you nodded his head for him and when you let go he gave you a reluctant but real nod.  

Zayn: You and Zayn wanted to try a new restaurant that just moved into town. Before you could open the menu Zayn slammed yours shut. “I was thinking. Both of us have never seen these before, so we don’t know where anything is. What if we both pick something without looking, and we can’t change what we get? Either suffer through your choice or enjoy your happy surprise.” You smiled liking the impulsiveness, “Ok, but how about we choose each other’s?” You thought it would be fun to raise the stakes. He agreed, “Alright pick a page number.” You went with 3 and he flipped to the page closing his eyes then flipped it around to you and opened them. “Ah, ah, close your eyes,” he demanded pulling the menu close to him. You scrolled down slowly then flung your hand to the side for a surprise attack and then stopped. You landed on a seafood platter with a bunch of different meats that Zayn had never tried before. “Great,” he pressed his teeth together, seeming worried, “My turn,” he smiled. He scrolled his hand down picking a pasta and chicken dish for you, which you were happy with. Your meals came out and you easily dug into yours, but Zayn was a little more hesitant not even knowing what was under the breading. He cringed at a few, leaving them off to the side. Others he really liked. You tried a few on his plate and let him have some of your chicken. Out of nowhere you noticed his face was puffing up. You blinked hoping it was just your eyes, but it wasn’t. “Zayn stop eating. I think you’re allergic to something on your plate.” He looked confused, “How do you know,” he questioned not believing you. “Here, I’ll show you,” you took his hand leading him to a mirror. He took a quick look then yelled, “Check.” He paid the waitress and the plan was to go straight to the hospital. He got all the way to the door before stopping, “They’re going to take pictures,” he pressed his back to the door upset. “Doesn’t matter, people will understand it’s not your fault. You can’t control this,” you tried to comfort him. “I know but I don’t want everyone to own this view of me,” he explained putting his head down defeated. You understood, so you looked around for a solution. Then you spotted an opportunity. You walked up to a table. “Can I buy your sweater?” you asked a guy. He agreed and you brought it to Zayn. “Put it on backwards so you can cover your whole face,” you explained. “I’ll still look funny.” “But it will look like you are doing it on purpose. That way they don’t win,” you pointed to the paparazzi. “Thank you,” he said putting it on gratefully.

Liam: You were playing a game of beach volleyball with the band and some of their friends. Liam was really intense because of a bet between him and Louis on whether their own teams would win. After a while you realized he looked really tired and that wasn’t like him. You went up to him with the ball, “Do you need a break? You look a little off,” you asked quietly. He seemed thrown off by the question, “I’m fine. Don’t worry I’m just a little tired, but that’s understandable right.” You shrugged, “Can we at least take a water break.” He patted your back, “You can take one, but I’m good.” Louis interrupted, “You’re holding up the game,” he shouted. You scowled at him then turned back to look Liam in the eyes. “Taking more breaks than Louis doesn’t make you any less of a man,” you pointed out. He smiled, “I know. I’m not trying to prove anything to Louis just take your position, please,” he begged. You bit your lip, but trusted him so went back to your spot. Liam served the ball just fine and you got into a long rally until the ball flew behind your head. “That was clearly yours….LIAM,” you heard Harry shout in panic, so turned around. Liam had collapsed onto the sand. You quickly went down to him and flipped him over with a little help from Harry. You softly slapped his face and his eyes fluttered open, “What happened,” he asked looking around resting his head back into your hands. “I think you might have heat stroke,” you concluded remembering the symptoms. We need to get you to the hospital before we lose you again. He nodded weakly. “You’re driving,” you pointed to Louis, mad about the bet. “Don’t blame this on me,” he huffed. “I’m not, but can you help?” “Sure,” he agreed. Harry and Niall helped him to the car, and you crawled in next to him. You gave Liam his water bottle to drink along with yours and then looked for Louis’ first aid kit. You picked it up and quickly took out the emergency icepacks slapping each bag to activate it. “I’m going to put this one behind you back. I just need you to lean forward a little, ok,” you calmly instructed Liam. He could just barely muster the strength for a few seconds, but you slipped it quickly. “Can you hold this to your neck,” you questioned. He attempted to raise his hand, but only got halfway before it weakly fell. “That’s okay I got it,” you held it for him doing the best you could to cool him down and keep him awake the whole ride there. 

Niall: You had to bring Niall in for a knee surgery. “Nervous,” you asked on the car ride over. “I’m fine babe. I think you’re the nervous one,” he crawled his fingers up your shoulder until he got to your neck. “Niall I’m trying to drive,” you giggled. “Sorry, I’m just trying to calm you down,” he explained keeping his eyes on you. “Ok, maybe I’m a little worried,” you pinched air with your hand, “But I don’t like hospitals,” you explained. “I can tell, but it’s not going to be as bad as you think. I’ll be back in no time.” You nodded happy that he was putting your mind at ease a bit. You went inside and helped him out as he filled out paperwork and then waited for him to get changed. Then the nurses came in and started talking to both of you as they began preparing to put his IV in. “Let see where we can find the best vain,” she explained as she picked up his hand and then felt around. You watched her look at his inner elbow. “Do you think you can handle this one,” she asked the younger nurse behind her. “She’s an intern,” the nurse explained to him. “I don’t know. I really don’t want to hurt Niall Horan,” she tried to get out of it. “I can take a few misses, I’m tough,” Niall encouraged, “You’ve got to learn sometime don’t you?” The older nurse seemed surprised at his confidence, “Brave one, he’s all yours,” she moved out of the way and the younger nurse took over with a little more confidence. You loved that he was willing to put his own happiness aside for other people. He was always really caring and cheerful for everyone else. He had a big smiled on his face for the intern, and you were lost in it. “Sweetheart,” the nurse whispered in your ear. You looked back at her. She moved her head gesturing to Niall’s tapping fingers, “Better take care of that,” she advised wisely. You felt bad for missing it, and quickly followed her suggestion instantly grabbing his hand, trying to relax him. He didn’t look over to you still trying to help the nurse, but he squeezed it tightly, letting you know he needed it. After they took him away the only thing you could do was wait. You tried to distract yourself with different things when the older nurse came out to talk with you. “The surgery is going really well,” she encouraged. Before she could leave you stopped her, “How did you know,” you asked. “If there is one thing I’ve learned here it’s that most strong people don’t have much strength left. They forget to worry about themselves, so we can’t forget to worry about them,” she winked.